Name Country Genre Score
Angelcorpse United States Blackened Death Metal 27
Impiety Singapore Death/Black/Thrash Metal 16
Azarath Poland Death/Black Metal 9
Goatwhore United States Black/Death/Thrash Metal 8
Perdition Temple United States Black/Death Metal 7
Nox Netherlands Death Metal 6
Stillborn Poland Death/Black Metal 6
Bolt Thrower United Kingdom Death Metal 5
Axis of Advance Canada Black/Death Metal 5
Temple of Baal France Black Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later) 5
Infernal War Poland Black Metal 4
Mor Dagor Germany Black Metal 4
Lvcifyre United Kingdom Black/Death Metal 3
Ritualization France Blackened Death Metal 3
Auroch Canada Thrash Metal (early), Blackened Death Metal (later) 3
Sanguis Imperem United States Death Metal 3