Name Country Genre Score
Children of Bodom Finland Melodic Death/Power Metal 17
Wintersun Finland Symphonic Melodic Death Metal 16
Kalmah Finland Melodic Death/Power Metal 14
In Flames Sweden Melodic Death Metal (early); Melodic Groove Metal/Metalcore/Alternative Rock (later) 13
Insomnium Finland Melodic Death Metal 13
Dark Tranquillity Sweden Melodic Death Metal 12
Norther Finland Melodic Death/Power Metal 9
Omnium Gatherum Finland Melodic Death Metal 6
Suotana Finland Melodic Black/Death Metal 6
Hypocrisy Sweden Death Metal (early); Melodic Death Metal (later) 4
Sentenced Finland Death Metal (early); Melodic Death Metal (mid); Gothic Metal (later) 4
Indominus United Kingdom Death Metal 4
Rancorous Thailand Neoclassical/Death Metal 4
Soul Embraced United States Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal 4
Sympathy Canada Technical Death/Symphonic Metal 3
Extol Norway Technical Death Metal (early); Progressive Death/Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal/Alternative Rock 3
World to Ashes Germany Melodic Death Metal 3