Name Country Genre Score
Dead Infection Poland Goregrind 19
Porky Vagina Poland Goregrind/Experimental 12
The Day Everything Became Nothing Australia Goregrind 11
Lividity United States Brutal Death Metal 8
Dead Germany Death Metal/Grindcore 8
Rectal Smegma Netherlands Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind 8
5 Stabbed 4 Corpses Germany Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind 7
Squash Bowels Poland Goregrind 7
Cock and Ball Torture Germany Goregrind/Death Metal 6
Holocausto Canibal Portugal Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore 6
The Anal Treatment XXXperience Greece Death Metal/Grindcore 4
Torsofuck Finland Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind 3