Name Country Genre Score
Agalloch United States Atmospheric Folk/Doom Metal, Post-Rock/Metal 124
Type O Negative United States Gothic/Doom Metal 106
Katatonia Sweden Doom/Death Metal (early), Depressive Rock/Metal (later) 68
My Dying Bride United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 51
Thrawsunblat Canada Melodic/Folk Black Metal, Folk 45
A Pale Horse Named Death United States Doom/Gothic Metal 44
Swallow the Sun Finland Melodic Doom/Death Metal 40
Paradise Lost United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal, Gothic Metal/Rock 38
The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society Canada Black Metal 32
Altars of Grief Canada Black/Funeral Doom Metal 25
Sólstafir Iceland Viking/Black Metal (early), Post-Metal/Rock (later) 23
Wolves in the Throne Room United States Black Metal, Ambient 15
Sentenced Finland Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (mid), Gothic Metal (later) 15
Adora Vivos United States Progressive Doom Metal 15
Enslaved Norway Progressive Black/Viking Metal 13
Moonspell Portugal Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later) 12
Ulver Norway Black/Folk Metal (early), Ambient/Avant-garde/Electronica (later) 12
Ghost Brigade Finland Melodic Death/Doom Metal, Depressive Rock, Post-Metal 12
Shores of Null Italy Melodic Black/Doom Metal 11
Novembers Doom United States Death/Doom Metal 10
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