Name Country Genre Score
Mekong Delta Germany Progressive Thrash Metal 26
Realm United States Technical Thrash/Power Metal 20
Voivod Canada Thrash Metal (1982-87), Progressive Metal (1988-) 16
Toxik United States Technical Speed/Thrash Metal 14
Deathrow Germany Thrash Metal 9
Flotsam and Jetsam United States Power/Thrash Metal 9
Metal Church United States Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal 8
Coroner Switzerland Technical Thrash Metal 8
Lääz Rockit United States Power/Thrash Metal 8
Unleashed Power United States Progressive Thrash/Power Metal 8
Watchtower United States Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal 7
S.D.I. Germany Speed/Thrash Metal 7
Metallica United States Thrash Metal (early), Hard Rock/Heavy/Thrash Metal (later) 6
Death Angel United States Thrash Metal 6
Blind Illusion United States Heavy Metal (early), Progressive Thrash Metal (later) 6
Despair Germany Technical Thrash/Speed Metal 6
Donor Netherlands Progressive Thrash Metal 6
Hexenhaus Sweden Technical Thrash/Speed Metal 6
Paralysis Netherlands Technical Melodic Thrash Metal with Progressive elements 5
Sieges Even Germany Progressive Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 4
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