Name Country Genre Score
Reverend Bizarre Finland Doom Metal 48
Candlemass Sweden Epic Doom Metal 25
Trouble United States Doom Metal (early), Psychedelic/Stoner Metal (later) 18
Grand Magus Sweden Heavy/Doom Metal 15
Black Sabbath United Kingdom Heavy/Doom Metal 14
Minotauri Finland Doom Metal 13
Iron Man United States Doom Metal 11
Cardinals Folly Finland Doom Metal 9
Nomad Son Malta Doom Metal 9
The Lamp of Thoth United Kingdom Doom Metal 8
Sinister Realm United States Heavy/Doom Metal 7
Count Raven Sweden Doom Metal 6
Lord Vicar Finland Doom Metal 5
DoomSword Italy Epic Heavy/Doom Metal 5
Count Absurdo Finland Doom/Heavy Metal 5
Pentagram United States Doom Metal 4
Dantesco Puerto Rico Epic Heavy/Doom Metal 3