Name Country Genre Score
Dissection Sweden Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal 128
Sacramentum Sweden Melodic Black/Death Metal 89
Vinterland Sweden Melodic Black Metal 63
Unanimated Sweden Melodic Death/Black Metal 47
Cardinal Sin Sweden Melodic Death/Black Metal 31
Necrophobic Sweden Death/Black Metal 28
Thulcandra Germany Melodic Black/Death Metal 24
Eucharist Sweden Melodic Death Metal 24
Kvist Norway Melodic Black Metal 22
Mörk Gryning Sweden Black Metal 21
Bane Serbia Melodic Black/Death Metal 20
Sorhin Sweden Black Metal 20
Midvinter Sweden Black Metal 18
The Moaning Sweden Melodic Death/Black Metal 15
Naglfar Sweden Melodic Black Metal 13
A Canorous Quintet Sweden Melodic Death Metal 12
Lord Belial Sweden Black Metal 11
Uada United States Melodic Black Metal 11
Emperor Norway Black Metal 9
At the Gates Sweden Melodic Death Metal 7
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