Name Country Genre Score
Metallica United States Thrash Metal (early), Hard Rock/Heavy/Thrash Metal (later) 361
Annihilator Canada Technical Speed/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Thrash Metal (later) 181
Testament United States Thrash Metal 171
Anthrax United States Speed/Thrash Metal, Groove Metal 100
Exodus United States Thrash Metal 100
Death Angel United States Thrash Metal 92
Overkill United States Thrash Metal, Thrash/Groove Metal 91
Heathen United States Technical Speed/Thrash Metal 91
Artillery Denmark Thrash Metal 84
Toxik United States Technical Speed/Thrash Metal 55
Metal Church United States Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal 48
MD.45 United States Heavy/Thrash Metal/Punk Rock 44
Havok United States Thrash Metal 43
Xentrix United Kingdom Thrash Metal 38
Vio-lence United States Thrash Metal 34
Forbidden United States Thrash Metal 33
Angelus Apatrida Spain Thrash Metal 30
David Ellefson United States Thrash/Speed Metal 29
Realm United States Technical Thrash/Power Metal 29
Evile United Kingdom Thrash Metal 26
Coroner Switzerland Technical Thrash Metal 25
Newsted United States Heavy/Thrash Metal 20
Slayer United States Thrash Metal 19
Flotsam and Jetsam United States Power/Thrash Metal 17
Lost Society Finland Thrash Metal 16
Atrophy United States Thrash Metal 16
Onslaught United Kingdom Hardcore Punk (early), Thrash Metal (later) 16
Kreator Germany Thrash Metal 15
Whiplash United States Speed/Thrash Metal 15
Tankard Germany Thrash Metal 14
Dead On United States Power/Thrash Metal 14
Dark Angel United States Thrash Metal 13
Evildead United States Thrash Metal 13
Iced Earth United States Power/Thrash Metal 12
Voivod Canada Thrash Metal (1982-87), Progressive Metal (1988-) 12
Paradox Germany Power/Thrash/Speed Metal 12
DeadXheaD Russia Thrash/Progressive Metal 12
Razor Canada Speed/Thrash Metal 12
Tourniquet United States Thrash/Heavy Metal 12
Metal Allegiance United States Thrash/Groove Metal 12
Woslom Brazil Thrash Metal 12
Suicidal Tendencies United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 10
Rage Germany Heavy/Speed/Power Metal 10
Act of Defiance United States Thrash Metal 10
Living Death Germany Thrash/Speed Metal 9
Bitter End United States Thrash Metal 9
Lääz Rockit United States Power/Thrash Metal 9
Vindicator United States Thrash Metal 9
Lich King United States Thrash Metal 9
Sanctuary United States Heavy/Power Metal (early), Groove/Progressive Metal (later) 8
Rezet Germany Thrash Metal 8
Dyoxen Canada Thrash Metal 8
Nevermore United States Power/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Progressive Metal (later) 8
Kublai Khan United States Thrash Metal 8
Memorain Greece Groove/Thrash/Speed Metal 8
Skid Row United States Heavy Metal, Hard Rock 8
Nuclear Assault United States Thrash Metal 7
Pantera United States Glam/Heavy Metal (early), Groove Metal (later) 7
Defiance United States Thrash Metal 7
Elm Street Australia Heavy Metal 7
Reign of Fury United Kingdom Melodic Thrash Metal 7
Mutant United Kingdom Thrash Metal 7
Game Over Italy Thrash Metal 7
Bad Blood United Kingdom Heavy/Thrash Metal 7
Sepultura Brazil Death/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Thrash Metal, Nu-Metal (later) 6
Alexander Palitsin Russia Progressive Thrash Metal 6
Hazmat Australia Thrash Metal 6
Hirax United States Thrash/Speed Metal/Crossover 6
Mechanix Germany Heavy/Thrash Metal 6
Rattlehead United States Speed/Thrash Metal 6
Savage Messiah United Kingdom Thrash/Power Metal 6
Sufosia Croatia Thrash Metal 6
Stone Finland Speed/Thrash Metal 6
Fatal Opera United States Technical Thrash/Speed Metal 6
Watchtower United States Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal 5
Hades United States Heavy/Power Metal (early), Thrash Metal (later) 5
Holy Moses Germany Speed/Thrash Metal 5
Mortal Sin Australia Thrash Metal 5
Running Death Germany Thrash Metal 5
Wrath United States Thrash Metal 5
Eruption Slovenia Thrash Metal 5
Horcas Argentina Heavy/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Thrash Metal (later) 5
Brian Czech Republic Thrash Metal 5
King Diamond Denmark Heavy Metal 4
Marty Friedman United States Progressive Rock/Metal, Shred 4
Симфония Разрушения Russia Gothic/Thrash Metal 4
DBC Canada Thrash/Speed Metal 4
Racer X United States Heavy Metal/Shred 4
Viking United States Thrash Metal 4
Channel Zero Belgium Thrash/Groove Metal 4
Four Sweaty Dudes in a Room United States Thrash/Death Metal/Grindcore 4
Holy Terror United States Thrash/Speed Metal 4
Indestroy United States Thrash Metal 4
Korzus Brazil Thrash Metal 4
Panic United States Thrash Metal 4
Sacrifice Canada Thrash Metal 4
Blackened Brazil Thrash/Heavy Metal 4
Grinder Germany Speed/Thrash Metal 4
Thicket United States Thrash Metal 4
Hexen United States Melodic Thrash Metal with Progressive Influences 4
Vanquisher Sweden Power/Thrash Metal 4
Polaris Slovakia Heavy/Thrash metal 4
Sabotage Italy Heavy/Thrash Metal 4
Vektor United States Progressive Thrash Metal 3
D.R.I. United States Hardcore Punk, Thrash Metal/Crossover 3
The Worshyp Canada Heavy Metal 3
Killers France Heavy Metal 3
White Zombie United States Noise Rock/Heavy Metal (early), Groove Metal/Industrial Rock (later) 3
Chris Poland United States Heavy/Progressive Metal, Shred 3
Altitudes & Attitude United States Heavy Metal 3
Anacrusis United States Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 3
Attomica Brazil Thrash Metal 3
Nuclear Terror Greece Thrash Metal 3
Re-Animator United Kingdom Thrash Metal 3
Soldier Spain Thrash/Southern Metal 3
Thrashsteel Mexico Thrash Metal 3
Warhead United States Thrash Metal 3
Zoetrope United States Speed/Thrash Metal 3
Alcoholator Canada Thrash Metal 3
Anger as Art United States Thrash Metal 3
Blood Exile Mexico Thrash Metal 3
Detritus United Kingdom Thrash Metal 3
Ekhymosis Colombia Heavy/Thrash Metal (early, later), Pop/Rock (mid) 3
North Syndrom Russia Thrash Metal 3
Outrage Japan Speed/Thrash Metal 3
Shredhead Israel Thrash Metal 3
Dust Bolt Germany Thrash Metal 3
Kiko Loureiro Brazil Melodic Progressive Metal/Shred 3
Third Reich Mexico Thrash Metal/Crossover 3
Warpath Chile Thrash Metal 3
Wrathchild America United States Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal 3
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