Name Country Genre Score
Autumnia Ukraine Melodic Doom/Death Metal 15
Sacratus Russia Doom/Death Metal 10
My Dying Bride United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal (early); Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 8
St. Valentine's Day Ukraine Doom/Death Metal (early); Doom/Post-Metal/Electronic (later) 8
When Nothing Remains Sweden Gothic/Doom/Death Metal 8
Wine from Tears Russia Melodic Doom/Death Metal 8
Tears of Mankind Russia Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal 6
Thorns of the Carrion United States Atmospheric Gothic/Doom/Death Metal 6
Before the Rain Portugal Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal 5
Doom:VS Sweden Funeral Doom/Death Metal 4
Helevorn Spain Gothic/Doom/Death Metal 4
Mourning Beloveth Ireland Doom/Death Metal 4
Ablaze in Hatred Finland Melodic Death/Doom Metal 3
All Dies Ukraine Doom/Death Metal 3
Depressed Mode Finland Symphonic Death/Doom Metal 3
Forest of Shadows Sweden Gothic/Doom/Death Metal 3
Forest Stream Russia Black/Gothic/Doom Metal 3
Funeral Norway Funeral Doom/Death Metal (early); Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 3
I Miss My Death Ukraine Gothic/Doom/Death Metal (early); Symphonic Metal (later) 3
Inborn Suffering France Melodic Doom/Death Metal 3
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