Name Country Genre Score
Pantera United States Glam/Heavy Metal (early), Groove Metal (later) 26
Throwdown United States Metalcore/Hardcore (early), Groove Metal (later) 17
Suicidal Tendencies United States Thrash Metal/Crossover, Hardcore Punk 15
Helmet United States Heavy/Groove Metal, Alternative Rock 15
Life of Agony United States Crossover/Thrash/Sludge Metal (early), Alternative Metal/Rock (later) 13
Kingdom of Sorrow United States Sludge Metal/Metalcore 12
Born from Pain Netherlands Thrash Metal/Hardcore 12
Prong United States Crossover/Thrash Metal (early, later), Groove/Industrial Metal (mid) 11
Ringworm United States Thrash Metal, Hardcore 11
M.O.D. United States Thrash Metal/Hardcore/Crossover 11
Merauder United States Thrash/Groove Metal, Hardcore 11
White Zombie United States Noise Rock/Heavy Metal (early), Groove Metal/Industrial Rock (later) 10
Machine Head United States Groove/Thrash Metal, Nu-Metal 9
Crumbsuckers United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 9
D.R.I. United States Hardcore Punk, Thrash Metal/Crossover 9
Generation Kill United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 7
A Perfect Murder Canada Metalcore/Groove Metal 6
Solitude United States Heavy/Thrash Metal 6
Flapjack Poland Hardcore/Crossover/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Alternative/Nu-Metal (later) 5
Gurd Switzerland Thrash/Groove Metal 5
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