Name Country Genre Score
P.H.O.B.O.S. France Industrial Doom Metal 11
Gorgonea Prima Czechia Industrial Black Metal 7
Black Mass of Absu United States Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal 6
Blacklodge France Industrial Black Metal 6
Senthil United States Black/Funeral Doom Metal 6
Dolorian Finland Black/Doom Metal, Ritual Ambient 6
An Axis of Perdition United Kingdom Industrial Black Metal/Dark Ambient 5
Traumatic Voyage Germany Avant-garde/Progressive Death/Black Metal 5
Blut aus Nord France Atmospheric Black Metal, Avant-garde/Black/Industrial Metal/Dark Ambient 4
Abruptum Sweden Death Metal (early); Black Metal/Noise/Power Electronics (later) 4
Bethlehem Germany Black/Doom Metal, Experimental Rock/Metal 4
Cruento United States Industrial Black/Doom Metal/Ambient 3
Halo Australia Industrial Sludge/Doom Metal 3
Mordor Switzerland Black/Funeral Doom Metal, Industrial/Ambient 3