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Real/full name:
Christopher Harris
47 (born Apr 1st, 1972)
Place of origin:
United States


An American record producer, engineer and mixer who specializes in hard rock, metal and hardcore albums. He is based in Hadley, Massachusetts and he owns and operates Planet-Z recording.

Zeuss started his music career playing in metal and hardcore bands, the best known being Doom Nation, before taking on music production full time. He has worked with many bands including The Acacia Strain, ...

Autumns Bleeding

As Chris (Zuess) Harris:
Guitars (1999-2000)

Doom Nation



2015 Condition Hüman Programming
2019 The Verdict Keyboards

Thy Will Be Done

2009 In Ancient of Days Guitar solo (Track 8)

Act of Defiance

2015 Birth and the Burial Engineering (drums), Mastering, Producer (drums), Mixing (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")

All That Remains

2002 Behind Silence and Solitude Producer (as "Zeuss B. Held")

And Utero Dominae

2014 Thermobaric Waker (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering (tracks 1, 2)


2017 Dawn of Ages Mastering
2017 Dawn of Ages Mastering


2008 We Are the Nightmare Engineering, Producer, Mixing (as "Zuess")
2010 Starve for the Devil Engineering, Mastering, Producer, Mixing
2012 Lepers Caress (EP) Mixing
2013 Unwelcome Mixing (tracks 12-17)

Baptized in Blood

2010 Baptized in Blood Producer, Engineering, Mixing


2009 Sonic Revelations Mastering, Mixing

Bleeding Through

2010 Bleeding Through Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2010 Revolving Hype Machines (Single) Producer, Mixing


2007 Dead in My Arms Producer
2008 The Diseased and the Poisoned Producer, Mixing, Engineering


2009 The Infection Mixing (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")
2011 The Age of Hell Mastering, Mixing


2010 Let Me Mourn (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2011 Sever the Wicked Hand Mixing, Mastering
2011 Isolation (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2014 Symmetry in Black Mastering


2006 One (Hellbound) Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Dogma Inc.

2017 Blacksun Flowers Mastering


2017 Escape Reality (EP) Mastering

Fierce Allegiance

2011 A Season in Hell (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Chris “Zeuss” Harris")

Final Drive

2017 Dig Deeper Mastering


2015 Perfidy Mastering, Mixing

Forgotten Tomb

2017 We Owe You Nothing Mixing, Mastering (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")

Freedom of Fear

2015 Kingdom of Ashes (EP) Mastering (as "Christopher Harris")

Full Blown Chaos

2004 Wake the Demons Producer, Mixing

God Forbid

2001 Determination Engineering, Producer


2014 Steelcrusher Mastering, Mixing (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")


2016 The Grey Mastering

Hidden Intent

2016 Addicted to Thrash (Single) Mastering


2013 Starbound Beast Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2004 Inertia (EP) Producer

Iced Earth

2017 Incorruptible Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Impending Doom

2009 The Serpent Servant Mixing, Mastering


2019 Built to Destroy Mastering


2013 Waiting for the End to Come Mixing, Mastering

Kingdom of Sorrow

2008 Kingdom of Sorrow Mixing, Engineering, Producer (as "Zeuss B. Held")
2010 Behind the Blackest Tears Mixing, Mastering

Marc Rizzo

2012 Downside Up (Single) Producer
2013 Wicked Shattered (Single) Producer
2018 Rotation Engineering, Producer, Mixing

Marty Friedman

2014 Inferno Engineering (additional) (as "Chris Harris")

Municipal Waste

2007 The Art of Partying Producer, Mixing, Recording
2009 Massive Aggressive Producer, Recording (as "Chris Harris")


2009 Omnicide - Creation Unleashed Mixing, Mastering

No Raza

2014 When Chaos Reigns Mixing, Mastering (as "Chris Zeuss")


2019 The Wings of War Mixing, Mastering (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")

Piercing Immortality

2018 Systematic Global Poisoning (EP) Mastering (as "Chris Zeuss Harris")


2014 Corrupting Influence Mastering (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")

Primal Age

2017 A Silent Wound (EP) Mastering


2018 Purgatory (EP) Mastering


2013 Feast of Iniquity Mixing, Mastering (as "Zeus")


2015 Condition Hüman Engineering, Mastering, Producer, Mixing (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")
2019 The Verdict Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Producer, Programming


2012 Teratogenesis (EP) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2014 Deathless Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2016 Great Is Our Sin Recording, Mastering, Producer, Mixing
2018 The Outer Ones Recording, Mastering, Producer, Mixing


2014 The Year the Sun Died Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
2017 Inception (Compilation) Remastering, Remixing (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")

Shadows Fall

2000 Of One Blood Producer
2001 Deadworld (EP) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2002 Fear Will Drag You Down (Compilation) Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2002 The Art of Balance Producer
2004 The War Within Producer
2004 Live in Japan (EP) Mixing (tracks 3, 4, 5)
2006 Fallout from the War (Compilation) Producer, Mixing
2007 Threads of Life Mixing
2007 Another Hero Lost (Single) Mixing
2008 Of One Blood Remixing
2009 Retribution Producer, Mixing, Engineering
(show all)

Six Feet Under

2013 Unborn Mixing, Mastering
2017 Torment Mixing, Mastering


2012 World Scum (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2012 Enslaved Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering


2013 Pinnacle of Bedlam Mixing, Mastering
2017 Return to the Abyss (Single) Mixing
2017 ...of the Dark Light Mixing, Mastering

Sworn Enemy

2002 Integrity Defines Strength (EP) Engineering, Mixing
2003 As Real as It Gets Producer
2006 The Beginning of the End Mixing

The Red Chord

2005 Clients Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2009 Fed Through the Teeth Machine Mixing, Mastering

Threat Signal

2011 Threat Signal Producer (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")

Through the Discipline

2017 5 Ronin (EP) Mastering


2005 Vendetta Engineering, Producer, Mixing
2009 Deathless Mixing (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")
2014 Intolerance Mastering, Mixing

Thy Will Be Done

2009 In Ancient of Days Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
2012 Temple (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mixing


2018 Barricade Mixing, Mastering (as "Chris "Zuess" Harris")


2015 Diseased Deity Mastering (as "Chris 'Zeuss' Harris")


2011 Hypersleep Producer


2013 Sword Meet Skull, Skull Meet Sword (Single) Mixing, Mastering


2008 This Is Exile Mixing, Mastering


2017 Nocturnes and Requiems Mixing, Mastering (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")
2018 A Prelude to Sorrow Mixing, Mastering
2019 Vintage (EP) Mixing, Mastering (as "Chris "Zeuss" Harris")


2010 Congregation Mixing, Mastering
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