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Yulian Mytsyk

Yulian Mytsyk

Real/full name:
Yulian Mytsyk / Юліан Мицик
Place of origin:


Julian Mytsyk is the owner of Gallicia Distribution label.


Vocals, Folk instruments (2010-present), Guitars, Bass (2010)

2010 Dzherelo (EP) Vocals, Folk instruments, Bass, Guitars (as "Viterzgir")
2011 Diva Ruzha (Collaboration) Vocals, Folk instruments
2012 Wool Fish Love (Single) Vocals, Folk Instruments
2012 The Night Is So Moonlit (Single) Vocals, Folk Instruments
2012 Marichka (Single) Vocals, Folk Instruments
2012 Diving Deep (Single) Vocals, Folk Instruments
2012 For the Fire (Single) Vocals, Folk Instruments
2012 Cold and Frozen (Single) Vocals, Folk Instruments
2012 Viter (Single) Folk Instruments, Vocals
2012 Day Eats Day (Single) Folk Instruments, Vocals
2012 Two Colors (Single) Folk Instruments, Vocals
2012 Springtime Vocals, Folk Instruments
2013 Весна (Single) Folk instruments, Vocals
2013 Глибоко пірнати (Single) Vocals, Folk Instruments
2013 Вовча я любов (Single) Vocals, Folk Instruments
2013 Вітер (Single) Vocals, Folk Instruments
2013 День з'їв день (Single) Folk Instruments, Vocals
2013 Два кольори (Single) Folk Instruments, Vocals
2013 Крига (Single) Folk Instruments, Vocals
2013 Для вогню (легка версія) (Single) Bass, Guitars, Folk Instruments, Vocals
2013 Ми є Ukraine (Single) Vocals
2013 Весна Folk Instruments, Vocals
2017 Instrumental demo 2009 (Demo) All instruments (as "Viterzgir")
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As Julian Mytsyk:
Guitars (1999-2001)


As St. Julius:
All instruments (2000-2006), Vocals (2000-2008), Bass (2006-2008)

2002 Undivine Antipathy (EP) Everything
2004 Symphony of Possession Everything
2004 Seraphim's Lair Everything
2006 Engraved Fear Everything
2008 Bloodfall of Flesh Bass, Vocals


As Synevir:
Everything (2004-2011)

2006 Scripture of the Woods Instruments, Music
2008 And Mountains Openeth Eyes... Vocals, Instruments
2010 Fra myrer taake Instruments
2011 WhisperHerbs Everything


As Viterzgir:
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum programming, Vocals (additional) (2003-2010), Pipe, Sopilka, Drymba, Trembita, Telenka, Ocarina, Percussion (2003-2010)

2004 Поплач мені, річко... Guitars, Keyboards, Pipe, Percussion, Programming
2005 Legend / Волчья верность (Split) Guitars, Keyboards, Sopilka, Vocals (backing)
2005 До небокраю життя... Guitars, Keyboards, Sopilka, Trembita, Drum programming, Songwriting
2006 Молотом духу та єдністю крові / Молотом духа и крови единством (Split) All instruments
2007 Похорон сонця (Fimbulvinter) All instruments
2008 Live in Lemberg (Live album) Guitars, Sopilka, Vocals (additional)
2009 Fünf Jahre Kulturkampf Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drymba, Trembita, Telenka, Ocarina, Percussion, Vocals (backing)
2009 Ghosts of Birds (Video) Guitars, Bass, Folk instruments, Keyboards, Drum programming, Vocals (additional)


As V.:
Everything (2006-2008)

2008 Black Water Path Everything

Liturgy for Nosferatu



As St. Julius:
Bass (1998, 1999-2000)

2000 Karpathia Bass


Guitars, Vocals (2006-2008)

2007 Дерево роду гниє (Demo) Guitars, Vocals (as "Viterzgir")
2007 Allegiance of the Profane Pack (Split) Guitars, Vocals (as "Viterzgir")
2008 Ukruina Vocals, Guitars (as "Viterzgir")


2019 Sic Luceat Lux​!​!​! Trembita (Track 6)

Polynove Pole

As Viterzgir:

2009 На семи вітрах Sopilka


2004 Symphony of Possession Cover art, Logo, Lyrics (as "St. Julius")
2004 Seraphim's Lair Cover art, Logo, Photography, Lyrics (as "St. Julius")
2006 Engraved Fear Cover art, Logo, Photography, Lyrics (as "St. Julius")
2008 Bloodfall of Flesh Layout, Logo, Artwork, Producer, Design, Photography (as "St. Julius")


2006 Scripture of the Woods Design, Photography, Logo (as "Synevir")
2008 And Mountains Openeth Eyes... Design, Photography (as "Synevir")
2010 Fra myrer taake Layout (as "Synevir")


2004 Поплач мені, річко... Design, Photography (as "Viterzgir")
2005 Legend / Волчья верность (Split) Artwork, Photography (as "Viterzgir")
2005 До небокраю життя... Artwork, Photography (as "Viterzgir")
2006 Молотом духу та єдністю крові / Молотом духа и крови единством (Split) Design, Photography (as "Viterzgir")
2007 Похорон сонця (Fimbulvinter) Design, Photography (as "Viterzgir")


2008 Black Water Path Cover art


2008 Ukruina Design (as "Viterzgir")


2006 The Day of the Rope Cover art design (as "Viterzgir")
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