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Real/full name:
Youhei Ono
Place of birth:


Drums (1992-1993, 1995-present)

1992 Demo 1 (Demo) Drums (as "Y. Ono")
1993 Blasphemy Night (Demo) Drums (as "Y. Ono")
1995 Promo 1995 (Demo) Drums
1995 Screaming for Grace / Abigail (Split) Drums
1996 Intercourse & Lust Drums
1996 Confound Eternal (EP) Drums
2001 Welcome All Hell Fuckers (EP) Drums
2001 The Bulldozer Armageddon Volume 2 (Split) Drums
2002 Intercourse & Lust Drums
2002 Witchburner / Abigail (Split) Drums
2002 Sexual Metal Holocaust (Split) Drums
2003 The Gig of Wrath (Live album) Drums
2003 Kamikaze Splitting Roar (Split) Drums
2003 Forever Street Metal Bitch Drums
2003 Diabolical Nights of Infernal Destruction (Live album) Drums
2003 Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers (Split) Drums
2004 Spell of the Pentagram (Live album) Drums
2004 Fucking Louder than Hell Drums
2004 Evilized Japan (Split) Drums
2005 Posesion Demoniaca (Live album) Drums
2005 Outbreak of Evil Vol. 2 (Split) Drums
2005 Alive... in Italy (Live album) Drums
2005 Hexenkreis / Live in Germany 2004 (Split) Drums
2005 Ultimate Unholy Death Drums
2005 Eastern Force of Evil: Abigail's Tribute to Sigh (EP) Drums
2006 Alive... in Thailand (Live album) Drums
2006 Satan's Revenge Live!!! (Split) Drums
2006 Tribute to Acid - Acidiehardmaniaxe Far East EP (Split) Drums (as "Yohei Ono")
2006 Alive... in USA (Live album) Drums
2006 Morbid Upheaval / Abigail (Split) Drums
2007 The Early Black Years (1992-1995) (Compilation) Drums
2007 Thrash Revenge on Skull Island (Split) Drums
2007 Apocalyptic Ningtmare Continues (Split) Drums
2007 A Celtic / Japanese Alliance (Split) Drums
2007 Abigail's Tribute to NME (EP) Drums
2007 Far East Necromancers (Split) Drums
2007 Street War Metal Kommand (Split) Drums
2007 Speed Metal Motherfuckers (Split) Drums
2008 Street Metal Alcoholocaust (Split) Drums
2008 Speed n' Spikes Vol. III (Split) Drums
2008 The Eastern Desekratorz (Split) Drums
2008 Alive... in Singapore (Live album) Drums
2008 Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters (Split) Drums
2008 Kamikaze Metal Attack over Finland (Video) Drums
2008 Apocalyptic Necroholocaust (Split) Drums
2008 Alive... in Tokyo (Live album) Drums
2009 Forever Street Metal Bitch Drums
2009 Syphilitic Vaginas / Abigail (Split) Drums
2009 Sweet Baby Metal Slut Drums
2009 Raw Black Thrashing Madness (Split) Drums
2009 Alive in... Osaka (Live album) Drums
2009 Satan Plays Speed Metal (Split) Drums
2009 Live 2002 (Live album) Drums
2010 Welcome All Hell Fuckers (EP) Drums
2010 Nuke 'n' Puke (Split) Drums
2010 Russo-Japanese Metal War 2010 (Split) Drums
2010 Farewell to Metal Slut (Split) Drums
2010 Alive in... Germany (Live album) Drums
2010 Alive... in Tokyo Part 2 (Live album) Drums
2010 Thrash Metal Superstars (Split) Drums
2010 United Alkoholic Speed War Metal (Split) Drums
2010 Pictavian Samurais (Split) Drums
2010 Tribute to Gorgon (EP) Drums
2011 Reaper's Night (Split) Drums
2011 Camlann / Retaliation / Abigail (Split) Drums
2011 Drink Beer. Listen Hell Metal! (Split) Drums
2011 Fucking Satan (Split) Drums
2011 Alive in Nagoya (Live album) Drums
2011 The Lord of Satan (Compilation) Drums (tracks 11-12)
2011 United Metal Massacre (Split) Drums
2011 The Lord of Satan (Compilation) Drums (Tracks 11-12)
2011 Tribute to Gorgon Part 2 (EP) Drums
2011 Hellbastards of the Underground (Split) Drums
2012 Evil Metal Massacre (Live album) Drums
2012 Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos (Split) Drums
2012 Alive in... Bangladesh (Live album) Drums
2012 Alive in... India (Live album) Drums
2012 Alive in Sappolo (Live album) Drums
2013 Ultimate Unholy Death Drums
2013 Abigail / Hell's Bomber (Split) Drums
2013 Axis of Evil (Split) Drums
2013 Metal Punk L.A. Tokyo Yankees! (Split) Drums
2013 Tribute to Gorgon Part 3 (EP) Drums
2013 Tribute to Gorgon the Bootleg (EP) Drums
2013 Tribute to Gorgon the Live (EP) Drums
2013 Live at Road to Hell Vol 3 (Live album) Drums
2014 Black Mass Prayer (EP) Drums
2014 Region of the Underworld (Split) Drums
2014 Live at El Puente, Yokohama (Live album) Drums
2014 Farewell to Metal Slut in Nagoya (Live album) Drums
2014 We Are Ugly Motherfuckers... Fuck You!!! (Split) Drums
2015 Alive in... Thailand (We're the Pussy Hunter) (EP) Drums
2015 Abigail / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium (Split) Drums
2015 Live at Grind Freaks in Nagoya (Live album) Drums
2015 The Best of Black Metal Yakuza (Compilation) Drums
2015 Bloody Your Lovely Pussy! (Split) Drums
2015 Massive Kamikaze Attack (Live album) Drums
2016 Sweet Baby Metal Slut Gig (Live album) Drums
2016 Satan, Bitches & Rock 'n' Roll (Split) Drums
2016 The Final Damnation Drums
2016 Alive... in France (Live album) Drums
2016 Sacrilegious Fornication Masscare... Filthy Desekrators! (Split) Drums
2016 Too Wild for the Crowd (Split) Drums
2016 Live Yakuza (Live album) Drums
2017 Abigail / Black Knife (Split) Drums
2017 Live Crescendo 97 (Live album) Drums
2017 Abigail / Vuil (Split) Drums
2017 Ananda (Split) Drums
2017 Live at Antiknock Tokyo (Single) Drums
2017 Necro Romantic / Sex & Metal (Split) Drums
2017 Demon / Cadaver Synod (Split) Drums
2017 Satanik Rock 'n' Roll Fucking Hell (Split) Drums
2017 Sons of Satan / Agmina Impius (Split) Drums
2017 The Goat Samurai Alliance (Split) Drums
2017 Magnificence in Luciferian Fierceness (Split) Drums
2017 Blasphemy Night in Beijing - 垂死邪典金属の夜 (Live album) Drums
2017 Blitzkrieg Satan (Split) Drums
2018 Necromantic Command (Split) Drums
2018 Live, Fire and Blasphemy (Split) Drums
2018 乱心肉獄 (Split) Drums
2018 Sordid Dogs / Abigail (Split) Drums
2018 Far East Black Metal Onslaught (EP) Drums
2018 Alive... in Chicago (Live album) Drums
2018 Fucking Louder than Hell Drums
2018 Possessed by Heavy Metal (Split) Drums
2019 Alive... in Quebec (Live album) Drums
2019 Burning Kamikaze / Eternal Curse (Split) Drums
2019 The Best of Black Metal Yakuza (Compilation) Drums
2019 Abigail / Compulsion to Kill (Split) Drums
2019 Abigail / Stupid Babies Go Mad (Split) Drums
2019 Conqueror of the Golden Horde / Metal Bitch Violator (Split) Drums
2020 Alive... in Poland (Live album) Drums
2020 Alive... in Poland Part 2 (Live album) Drums
2020 Abigail / Vulcan Tyrant (Split) Drums
2020 Satanik for Slaughter (Single) Drums
2020 German-Japanese Warfare (Split) Drums
2020 Blasphemy Night (Compilation) Drums
2020 Abigail / Whipstriker / Germ Bomb / Repugnatory (Split) Drums
2021 Malvento / Abigail / Malauriu (Split) Drums
2021 Grotesque Nightmare (Compilation) Drums
2021 実況録音八九三大虐殺 (EP) Drums
2021 Live Yakuza Holocaust (Live album) Drums
2022 Alive… In Parma (Live album) Drums
2022 Tribute to Bulldozer (EP) Drums
2022 Satan Power! Unholy War! (EP) Drums
2022 Japan Ukraine Devil's Worshipers (Split) Drums
2023 Belligerent (Split) Drums
2023 Sex & Metal (Single) Drums
2023 Sacrificial Black Metal Bitch (Split) Drums
2023 Fuck in Hell's Evil Bitches (Split) Drums
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Spiral Wheel

Drums (2021-present)

Cut Throat

Drums (1998-2014)

1999 Live Promo Tape 99 (Demo) Drums
2000 Rape Rape Rape Drums
2002 Please Show Me Your Pussy (EP) Drums
2003 Thrash Metal Slaughter (Compilation) Drums
2003 Evilive (Compilation) Drums
2005 Branded Then Whipped (EP) Drums
2005 Anal Electrocution (EP) Drums
2008 Thrash Metal Crazy Night (EP) Drums




1998 The Road to Stalingrad 1942 (Demo) Drums
1999 We Are Legion (Split) Drums
2003 Rocking Metal Motherfucker Drums (as "Zombie Attack")
2004 Drunk Punk Metal Night of Cuntcert (Live album) Drums
2005 Fury and Fear, Flesh and Bone Drums
2006 Let's Fucking Die! Drums (as "Youhei Ono")
2008 Baptized by Beers (Split) Drums
2010 Live in Alcoholic Downtown (Live album) Drums
2012 Street Metal Gig in Ikebukuro! (Live album) Drums
2015 Straight Metal War Drums (as "Youhei Ono")
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