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Real/full name:
林 佳樹 (Hayashi Yoshiki)
51 (born Nov 20th, 1965)
Place of origin:
Japan (Tateyama, Chiba)


In 1977, Yoshiki and Toshi formed a band called Dynamite when they were just 11 years old. Dynamite changed its name to Noise in 1978, while they were still in high school. In 1982, Noise disbanded and Yoshiki and Toshi formed a new band, they named it X while they tried to think of another name, but the name stuck.


His solo project under the name Yoshiki was to release classic recordings.

V2 was a rock band.

Globe was a Japanese pop band.

S.K.I.N. was a one time live performance of four Japanese rock musicians.

Yoshiki also contributed some tracks to Violet UK which once contained Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls.

Violet UK

Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano

X Japan

Drums, Piano (1982-1997, 2007-present)

1984 I'll Kill You (Demo) Drums, Piano
1985 Feel Me Tonight (2) (Demo) Piano, Drums
1985 Feel Me Tonight (Demo) Vocals (track 1)
1985 Sexy Scandal Love Violence (Demo) Drums, Piano
1985 I'll Kill You (EP) Piano, Drums
1986 Kurenai (Demo) Drums, Piano
1986 Sexy Scandal Love Violence (Demo) Drums, Piano
1986 オルガスム (EP) Drums, Piano
1987 CBS / SONY Audition (Video) Drums, Piano
1987 Skull Thrash Zone Volume I (Split) Drums, Piano
1987 紅 (Kurenai) (Demo) Drums
1987 Xclamation (Video) Drums, Piano
1988 Xclamation 88 (Video) Piano, Drums
1988 Vanishing Vision Drums, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals (additional)
1988 紅 (Kurenai) Sonic Sheet (Demo) Drums, Piano
1988 Stab Me in the Back (Single) Drums, Piano
1989 Blue Blood Piano, Drums
1989 Blue Blood Tour Bakuhatsu Sunzen Gig (Video) Drums, Piano
1989 紅 ~ Kurenai (Single) Drums, Piano
1989 Endless Rain (Single) Drums, Piano
1990 Week End (Single) Piano, Drums
1991 Jealousy Drums, Piano
1991 Silent Jealousy (Single) Piano, Drums
1991 Standing Sex (Single) Piano, Drums
1991 Say Anything (Single) Piano, Drums
1992 On the Verge of Destruction (Video) Drums, Piano
1993 Art of Life Piano, Drums, Synthesizer
1993 Tears (Single) Drums, Piano
1994 Rusty Nail (Single) Drums, Piano
1995 On the Verge of Destruction (Live album) Drums, Piano
1995 Longing ~跡切れた Melody~ (Single) Drums, Piano
1995 Longing ~切望の夜~ (Single) Vocalson track 3, Drums, Piano
1996 Dahlia (Single) Piano, Drums
1996 Forever Love (Single) Piano, Drums
1996 Crucify My Love (Single) Piano, Drums
1996 Dahlia Drums, Piano
1996 Scars (Single) Drums, Piano
1997 Live Live Live (Tokyo Dome 1993-1996) (Live album) Drums, Piano
1997 Dahlia Tour Final 1996 (Video) Piano, Drums
1997 Live Live Live Extra (Live album) Drums, Piano
1997 Forever Love (Last Mix) (Single) Drums, Piano
1998 Live in Hokkaido 1995.12.4 Bootleg (Live album) Piano, Drums
1998 Art of Life Live (Live album) Piano, Drums
1998 The Last Song (Single) Drums, Piano
2001 The Last Live (Live album) Piano, Drums
2001 Forever Love (Reissue) (Single) Drums, Piano
2001 X Japan Clips II (Video) Drums, Piano
2002 The Last Live Video (Video) Drums, Piano
2003 Art of Life - Tokyo Dome (Video) Drums, Piano
2007 白い夜 (Video) Piano, Drums
2007 青い夜 (Video) Piano, Drums
2008 I.V. (Single) Drums, Piano
2010 X Japan Showcase in L.A. Premium Prototype (Video) Piano, Drums
2011 Scarlet Love Song -Buddha Mix- (Single) Piano, Drums
2011 Jade (Single) Piano, Drums
2011 The Last Live (Video) Drums, Piano
2011 X Japan Dahlia Tour Final (Video) Drums, Piano
2015 Born to Be Free (Single) Drums, Piano
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Piano, Keyboards (2002-2005)




Drums, Piano (2007)



X Japan

1986 Kurenai (Demo) Producer
1987 Skull Thrash Zone Volume I (Split) Producer
1988 Kurenai Original Japanese Version (Single) Producer
1989 紅 ~ Kurenai (Single) Producer
1991 Silent Jealousy (Demo) Producer
1991 Jealousy Artwork
1991 Silent Jealousy (Single) Producer
1993 Art of Life Producer
1993 Tears (Single) Producer
1994 Rusty Nail (Single) Producer
1995 Longing ~跡切れた Melody~ (Single) Orchestra arrangements, Producer
1995 Longing ~切望の夜~ (Single) Producer
1996 Dahlia (Single) Producer
1996 Forever Love (Single) Producer
1996 Crucify My Love (Single) Producer
1996 Dahlia Producer
1996 Scars (Single) Producer
1997 Live Live Live Extra (Live album) Producer
1997 Forever Love (Last Mix) (Single) Producer
2002 Trance X (Compilation) Executive producer
2008 I.V. (Single) Producer
2011 Scarlet Love Song -Buddha Mix- (Single) Producer
2011 Jade (Single) Producer, Orchestration
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