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Will Mecca

Will Mecca

Real/full name:
Will Mecca
28 (born Jun 1993)
Place of origin:
United States (Gainesville, Texas)


Currently runs the label Left Hand Path Tapes (L.H.P.T.), which specializes in VHS releases but also releases cassettes from Punk, Black Metal and Noise artists.


Performed backing vocals live with Oil Spill on 2/14/20

Non Metal bands:
FxCxPx was a Noise Punk band that played three shows in 2012 before breaking up featuring members of Megatherian
H Cough Noise was a Sludge influenced Powerviolence band that formed from the ashes of FxCxPx, existed from October 2012 to April 2013. The project released one tape in spring of 2013 on Death Mask Tapes, a ...

Cancerian Moon

As Naag'Mal Slipskaar:
Keyboards, Vocals

2017 Demonstration of Alchemic Knowledge (Demo) Keyboards, Vocals (as "W.R.M.")
2017 Under Two Cusps: Collected Rituals (Compilation) Noise, Keyboards, Vocals
2018 Human Transmutation (Demo) Vocals, Noise, Keyboards
2018 What Lies Beyond (Demo) Keyboards
2018 The Cursed Valley of the DevilWitch (Single) Keyboards, Vocals

Infernal Legions of Mordor

As Infernal Commander, Lord Wurm:
Everything (2018-2019), Vocals, Bass (2020-present)

Reeking Nightshade

As Lord Wurm:

2020 Within the Effulgence of the Moon (Demo) Vocals
2020 Cerulean Abstrusity (Demo) Vocals


Noise (2016-present)

Baja & The Blasters

Vocals (2015)


Vocals (2011-2012)

H Cough Noise

Vocals (2012-2013)


Vocals, Noise (2018)

Black Kruud

As Lord Wurm:

2019 Into the Cobwebs of Abysmal Torment (Demo) Vocals (tracks 5, 6)


2021 Sudden Deluge Vocals (backing) (track 6)

Oil Spill

2020 Night Of Death Volume 5 (Split video) Vocals (Infernal Legions of Mordor), Bass
2020 Ashlands (EP) Vocals (backing) (as "W.R.M.")


2019 Arbys (Demo) Artwork


2011 Demo (Demo) Artwork


2018 Demo II (Demo) Logo


2021 Sanguine Tongue of Lucifer (Demo) Photography

Cancerian Moon

2017 Demonstration of Alchemic Knowledge (Demo) Artwork, Layout (as "W.R.M.")
2018 Human Transmutation (Demo) Photography (as "W.R.M.")
2018 What Lies Beyond (Demo) Recording, Artwork (as "Lord W.R.M.")
2018 Collected Rituals (Compilation) Artwork, Photography (as "Lord W.R.M.")
2018 The Cursed Valley of the DevilWitch (Single) Artwork (as "W.R.M.")
2020 Under Two Cusps; Collected Rituals (Compilation) Photography, Layout (as "W.R.M.")

Cerebral Mass

2020 Blue Moon (Demo) Logo

Dreaming Machine

2021 A Dull Ache You Call Existence (Demo) Artwork (as "W.R.M.")


2018 When Light Fades, Life Decays Layout, Artwork (as "Lord W.R.M.")

Fierce Band!

2011 Mom, the Bananas Were Green (Single) Artwork
2012 2012 Demos (Demo) Photography (cover)

Frozen Soul

2019 Encased in Ice (Demo) Photography
2021 Wrecking Ball Metal Madness (Split video) Filmed By


2019 Alive at Andy's (Live album) Logo, Layout, Recording, Photography
2020 New Dimensions of Pain (EP) Logo
2020 New Dimensions of Pain (EP) Layout, Photography
2020 New Dimensions of Pain (EP) Design

Mater Immortalibus

2020 Passage (Demo) Photography, Layout, Artwork


2011 The Rough Recordings (Demo) Recording (tracks 2, 3)
2018 Summit Penitentiary (Single) Logo, Artwork
2020 Shitsongs: The Story of a Band (Compilation) Photography, Recording (B2 to B5), Artwork


2019 Reaping Light from the Northstar (Demo) Photography (as "Master W.R.M.")

Near Neptune

2018 Dare To Soar (EP) Artwork (as "William Mecca")

Oil Spill

2020 Night Of Death Volume 5 (Split video) Editing, Layout, Photography, Artwork, Filmed By
2020 Ashlands (EP) Photography, Layout (as "W.R.M.")


2015 Plunge (Demo) Layout, Photography
2015 Live Document-2/6/15 (Demo) Recording, Photography, Layout

Reeking Nightshade

2020 Within the Effulgence of the Moon (Demo) Photography, Layout (as "W.R.M.")
2020 Cerulean Abstrusity (Demo) Layout, Photography (as "W.R.M.")


2021 Tortured Whole Photography

Steel Bearing Hand

2010 Demo (Demo) Cover art

Stone Chamber

2020 Disinter (Demo) Photography

Terminator 2

2015 Final Show (Video) Film Editor, Photography, Layout (as "William Mecca")

The Great Hanging

2012 Live @ Oriley's 7/6/12 (Live album) Artwork

Vernal Tombs

2017 Her Shield Is Thunder (Demo) Artwork, Layout


2018 Wadj / Osokori (Split) Photography, Artwork (as "W. R. Mecca")
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