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Wes Benscoter

Wes Benscoter

Real/full name:
Wesley Benscoter
Place of birth:
United States


1994 Black Winter Day (EP) Cover art


2011 Macabre Eternal Cover art
2014 Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves Artwork
2015 Skull Grinder Artwork
2020 Live in Chicago (Live album) Artwork
2022 Morbidity Triumphant Cover art
2023 Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts Cover art

Black Sabbath

2007 The Dio Years (Compilation) Artwork

Broken Hope

1997 Loathing Cover art
2013 Omen of Disease Cover art
2017 Mutilated and Assimilated Artwork

Cattle Decapitation

2002 To Serve Man Cover art
2004 Humanure Cover art
2006 Karma.Bloody.Karma Cover art
2009 The Harvest Floor Artwork
2012 Monolith of Inhumanity Artwork
2015 The Anthropocene Extinction Artwork
2018 Medium Rarities (Compilation) Cover art
2019 Death Atlas Artwork, Photography
2023 Terrasite Artwork


2021 Echoes of the Soul Cover art


1998 Promo Tape 1998 (Demo) Cover art
1999 Erupted Wrath Cover art
2001 Ugliness Revealed Cover art
2003 Divination Cover art
2011 In Crisis Cover art
2016 Towards Inevitable Ruin Artwork
2020 Infinite Regress Artwork
2023 The Highest Level Artwork


1995 There Was Blood Everywhere (EP) Artwork
1997 There Was Blood Everywhere (Compilation) Artwork


1995 ...Just a Few More Hits (EP) Cover art
1996 Smoking Songs Cover art


2021 Hideous Entity Cover art


1993 Osculum Obscenum Cover art
1995 Carved Up (Single) Artwork
2013 End of Disclosure Artwork


1994 Mortal Throne of Nazarene Artwork (booklet, tray)
1995 Upon the Throne of Apocalypse Cover art
2022 Tricennial of Blasphemy (Compilation) Artwork


2012 Phantom Antichrist (Single) Cover art
2012 Phantom Antichrist Cover art

Legion of the Damned

2013 Summon All Hate (Single) Cover art
2014 Ravenous Plague Cover art


2021 Resurgence Cover art


1995 House by the Cemetery (EP) Artwork
1997 Hacked Up for Barbecue Cover art
1998 Zombie Apocalypse (EP) Cover art
1999 Chainsaw Dismemberment Cover art
2001 Domain of Death Cover art
2003 Darkest Day of Horror Cover art
2004 Hacked Up for Barbecue / Zombie Apocalypse (Compilation) Artwork
2004 House by the Cemetery / Mortal Massacre (Compilation) Illustrations
2007 Darkest Day of Horror Cover art


2000 Black Seeds of Vengeance Cover art
2007 Legacy of the Catacombs (Compilation) Cover art

Ritual Carnage

1998 The Highest Law Cover art
2000 Every Nerve Alive Cover art
2002 The Birth of Tragedy Artwork


2010 Origin of Seed Cover art


2011 Sentinel (EP) Artwork


1993 Diabolical Summoning Cover art
1995 Hate Cover art
1996 Where Dead Angels Lie / Bastard Saints (Split) Cover art, Artwork
1996 Bastard Saints (EP) Artwork, Cover art


1994 Divine Intervention Cover art
1995 Live Intrusion (Video) Cover art
1996 Undisputed Attitude Illustration
2010 The Vinyl Conflict (Boxed set) Artwork


2000 Further Cover art


2006 Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare Cover art

Torture Killer

2006 Swarm! Cover art
2009 Sewers Logo
2022 Dead Inside (EP) Artwork


1995 De Profundis Cover art
2019 Thy Messenger (EP) Artwork
2020 Shock and Awe (Single) Cover art
2020 Solitude in Madness Cover art
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