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Wened Wilk Sławibor

Wened Wilk Sławibor

Real/full name:
Rafał Foltyn
44 (born Dec 28th, 1978)
Place of birth:
Poland (Bytów, Pomerania)


Owner of ex-Huragan Records and Czertog Promotion and editor of Quercus Zine and co-editor of Głos Antychrysta (The Antichrist's Voice) Zine.

Wened is also a doctor of humanities in the field of literary studies.


Father of Tymon Czcibor.

Barbarous Pomerania

Drums (2015-present)

2016 Ashes of Retra and Arkona Drums
2016 Knights of the Most Serene Drums
2017 Popioły Retry i Arkony (Split) Drums

Cmentarny Zew

Drums, Guitars (2001-present)

2017 W posępnych mogił kręgu (Demo) Drums, Guitars
2019 Winter Ruins in Howling Mist (Split) Drums, Guitars
2019 W wiecznych ducha głębinach (EP) Drums, Guitars
2021 Wyżyny siedmiu samotności (Split) Drums, Guitars


As Cmentarna Dusza:
Drums, Lyrics (2016-present)

2016 Demo I (Demo) Drums, Lyrics, Vocals (track 1)
2016 Hymns of Sorrow and Fear (Split) Drums
2016 Songs for the Sleeping Dead (EP) Drums
2017 In the Darkness I Shall Dwell (EP) Drums
2017 Sounds of Endless Mourning (Split) Drums, Lyrics

Cthulhu Rites

As R.F. Ghatanoth:
Vocals, Drums (2012-?)

2012 Ku chwale mrocznych eonów I (Demo) Lyrics, Vocals, Drums
2013 Acheront bezkształtnego diabelstwa (EP) Vocals, Drums
2014 Pośród misteriów koszmaru Vocals, Drums
2015 Visions of Nameless Horror (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2018 Black Oath Rites (Split) Vocals, Drums


Drums, Vocals (2016-present)

Duch Czerni

Vocals, Drums (2013-present)

2013 Promo Tape MMXIII (Demo) Vocals, Drums (as "Wened")
2014 Grobowce lunarnych nocy (Split) Vocals, Drums (as "W.W.S.")
2014 Szaruga (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2015 The Fragments of Wandering Souls (Split) Vocals, Drums
2015 Cienie wiecznego zmierzchu (EP) Vocals, Drums (as "W.W.S.")
2016 Widma czarnych dusz (EP) Vocals, Drums
2016 Reality of Black Spirits (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2016 Bezdnia (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2017 Sleepless Temple (EP) Vocals, Drums
2019 Wskrzeszony krwawymi czerniami (Compilation) Vocals, Drums

Exercitus Septentrionale

Vocals, Drums (2021-present)

2022 Darkness Archaic Cult (Demo) Vocals, Drums (as "Wened")


Drums, Vocals (2022-present)

Faustian Funeral

Drums (2010-present)

2012 Winter Split (Split) Drums
2013 Demo (Demo) Drums
2015 Allied in Wolfish Blood (Split) Drums


Drums, Guitars, Vocals

2020 Spectral Army of Ancient Obscurity (Split) Drums, Guitars, Vocals
2021 Envoys of Nocturnal Chasms (Demo) Drums, Guitars, Vocals

Guild of Shadows

As Raphael Wintershade:

2017 Keepers of the Night Souls (EP) Drums


As Wilcinus:
Drums, Vocals

1997 Thunderwind... (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1998 White Power Black Metal (Demo) Drums
1999 Pomeranian Stronghold of Blackness (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2000 Path of Misanthropy (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2001 Werewolfspectre / Revelation (Split) Drums, Vocals
2004 Black Metal War (Compilation) Vocals, Drums
2005 Winter War Misanthropy (EP) Vocals, Drums
2007 Dark Pagan Triumph (Split) Drums, Vocals
2013 War Flames of Revenge (Demo) Vocals, Drums, Guitars
2020 Nienawistne cienie zemsty (Compilation) Vocals, Drums


Vocals, Drums (2020-present)

Krypta Nicestwa

As V.:

2018 Krypta nicestwa (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2019 Dziedzictwo zamarłych ciemności (Demo) Drums, Vocals

Lunar Tyrant

Drums (2015-present)

2015 A Gathering in Heresy and Blood (Split) Drums
2016 Gusła (Demo) Drums


Drums (2022-present)


As Wolfvamphyr:
Vocals, Drums, Guitars

2010 Rehearsal 2010 (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2011 Promo Tape 2011 a.y.p.s. (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2011 Ognie diabelskiej krwi (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2011 Hosts of Fullmoon Forces (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2011 Maligni Spiritus Manifestationes (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2011 Relics of Blood Rites Sorcery (EP) Vocals, Drums
2012 Swamps Cult and Lunar Necromancy (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2012 Krwawy strach (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2012 The Forgotten Demons of Ancient Glory (Split) Vocals, Drums
2012 The Dark Regions of Witchkvlt (EP) Vocals, Drums
2012 Gloria - Haxan - Kvlt (Split) Vocals, Drums
2013 Winter Darkness Storm (Split) Vocals, Drums
2013 Wilkołaki księżycowego pentagramu Vocals, Drums, Lyrics
2013 Blackness Fullmoon Blood (EP) Vocals, Drums
2013 Night Forest Death - Warriors of TTF (EP) Vocals, Drums
2013 Triumfalny blask czerni (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2013 Odwieczna potęga podziemi (EP) Vocals, Drums
2013 Wyznawcy pierwotnego mroku (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2014 Sinister Fire's Rituals (EP) Vocals, Drums
2014 ...zza grobu (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2015 Relikty kultu czerni (Compilation) Drums, Lyrics, Vocals
2015 Dziedzictwo wilczej krwi (EP) Vocals, Drums
2015 Nightwinds of Necrolatry (Split) Vocals, Drums, Guitars
2015 Amongst Primordial Ruins (Split) Vocals, Drums
2016 Archaiczna moc zaświatów (Compilation) Vocals, Drums, Guitars
2016 Ûri Vâ Kyatten / Ostrza wyjącej otchłani (Split) Vocals, Drums
2018 Frozen Graves Triumphant Blaze (Split) Vocals, Drums
2020 W mrokach roziskrzonych mrozem (Split) Vocals, Drums, Guitars
2020 From Bleak Cavernous Chambers (Compilation) Vocals, Drums, Guitars
(show all)


Drums, Vocals (2019-present)

2021 Primeval Scarlet Flood (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2021 The Spirit of Primordial Fire Drums, Vocals

Nocturnal Werewolf

Drums (2006-present)

2016 Howl of Frozen Graves (Demo) Drums
2018 Frozen Graves Triumphant Blaze (Split) Drums
2019 Caverns of Devilish Wraiths (Split) Drums


As Wened:

2015 Nyja (Demo) Drums
2017 Popioły Retry i Arkony (Split) Drums


Vocals, Drums (2019-present)

Ordo Sanguinis Noctis

Drums, Vocals (2015-present)

2015 Archaic Blackness Prophecy (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2015 In the Black Tomb of Time Drums, Vocals
2015 Nightwinds of Necrolatry (Split) Drums, Vocals
2015 Religia chtonicznych sfer (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2017 Bloody Aeon of Fullmoon Sacrifices (EP) Drums, Vocals
2018 Insatiabilis Tenebrarum Sitis (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Wened")
2019 Winter Ruins in Howling Mist (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Wened")
2019 Splamieni krwią ciemności (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2019 Chthonic Blood Mysteries Drums, Vocals
2020 Infamous / Ordo Sanguinis Noctis (Split) Drums, Vocals
2020 Spectral Army of Ancient Obscurity (Split) Drums, Vocals
2021 Wyżyny siedmiu samotności (Split) Drums, Vocals
(show all)


Drums (2015-present)


Drums (2021-present)

Ravenmoon Sanctuary

As Wened:
Drums, Vocals

2011 Czernią spowity prastary duch... (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2012 The Frozen Path of Nostalgia (EP) Drums, Vocals, Lyrics
2012 W czarnym zamku duszy (EP) Drums, Vocals
2013 Tren grudniowej melancholii (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2013 Winter Desolation of Death Drums, Vocals, Lyrics
2019 Boreal Blackness Spirituality (Compilation) Drums, Vocals

Sit Finis Hominum

As Wened:
Vocals, Drums (2018-present)

2018 Demo 2018 (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2021 Wyżyny siedmiu samotności (Split) Vocals, Drums

Starlit Woods

Drums, Vocals (2015-present)

2016 From Eternal Winter Trails (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2016 Zamarznięte cienie nocy (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2017 The Darkening Moon's Nightmares (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Wened")
2019 Płonące sarkofagi gwiazd (Demo) Drums, Vocals

Stodor Wilzorum

Vocals (2020-present)

2021 Stodor Wilzorum (Demo) Vocals

Templum Umbrae


2019 Caverns of Devilish Wraiths (Split) Drums (as "Wened")


Drums (2021-present)


Drums (2021-present)


Drums (2015-present)

2018 Manes Abyssum Irent (Demo) Drums
2019 Mausoleum of Eternal Damnation (Demo) Drums
2020 Spectral Army of Ancient Obscurity (Split) Drums


Drums, Vocals (2012-present)

2013 Conjuration of the Wargods (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2015 Merciless Night Evil (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2018 Black Oath Rites (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Wened")
2020 Infernal Tortures Blades Drums, Vocals


Vocals (2023-present)


Vocals (2022-present)

Zakon Wilczej Krwi

Drums, Vocals (2012-present)

2012 Wilkołacki zew aryjskiej krwi (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2013 Zew wilkołackiej krwi (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2015 Allied in Wolfish Blood (Split) Drums, Vocals


Drums, Vocals

2008 Malum Necessarium (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2008 Autumnal Equinox 3508 (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2008 Autumnights in the Devil's Forest of Witchcraft (Demo) Vocals, Drums (as "Wened Wilkinus")
2009 Castrum Doloris (Demo) Drums, Vocals (as "Wened Wilkinus")
2009 Wilcza noc czarciej przysięgi (Demo) Drums, Vocals (as "Wened Wilkinus Sławibor")
2010 Rytuały widm podziemi (Demo) Vocals, Drums (as "Wened Wilkinus")
2014 Grobowce lunarnych nocy (Split) Drums, Vocals, Guitars


As Krew:
Vocals, Drums, Kettles

2011 Pogańskie płomienie zaświatów (Demo) Vocals, Drums, Kettles
2012 Whispering Swords in the Forest's Darkness (Split) Vocals, Drums, Kettles
2014 Under the Banners of Firely Wings / Pod stanicami ognistych skrzydeł (EP) Vocals, Drums, Kettles



2000 Promo (Demo) Drums
2000 Aetheres (Demo) Drums
2001 Łaknienie misterium nocy Drums (as "Wened Wilkinus Sławibor")
2007 Fires in Darkness (Split) Drums (as "Wened Wilkinus Sławibor")


Drums (1994-1995)



2006 Angrenost / Stary Las (Split) Drums



2002 Archandrja (Demo) Drums
2004 Zimowy brzask zwycięstwa Drums
2004 Strażnicy aryjskiej krwi (Split) Drums
2007 Miecze Rujewita ponad falami Bałtyku (Split) Drums (as "Wened Wilkinus Sławibor")


Drums (1995-2000)

Blood Stronghold

As Krew:

2014 The Immortal Past (Demo) Drums, Kettles
2014 Blood Spilt in the Earth's Viscera (EP) Drums, Kettles
2014 From Sepulchral Remains... Drums, Kettledrums
2015 The March of Apparitions (EP) Drums
2015 The Fragments of Wandering Souls (Split) Drums
2016 Vengeance in Sacrificial Blood (Compilation) Drums
2017 The Triumph of Wolfish Destiny Drums
2018 Immemorial Nightly Paths (Demo) Drums
2019 Heritage in Ancient Shadows (EP) Drums, Vocals
2020 Spectres of Bloodshed Drums, Vocals
2021 Twilight Ceremonies (EP) Drums
(show all)

Cryptal Spectres

As Skowyt Wilcinus:

2007 Walpurgia MMVII (Demo) Drums
2007 Reh. Samhain Night MMVII a.y.p.s. (Demo) Drums
2007 Reh. December Fullmoon MMVII (Demo) Drums
2008 Ancient Chthonic Union (Split) Drums
2008 Night Fear from Ritual Krypt (Demo) Drums
2010 Ravnheim / Cryptal Spectres (Split) Drums
2011 Stary Las / Cryptal Spectres (Split) Drums

Cursed Coven

As Pontifex Idolorum XXXVI:

2016 On the Altars of Ancestral Worship (Demo) Drums
2017 Cursed Coven / Molde (Split) Drums
2017 Sub terra demonibus immolabant (EP) Vocals, Drums
2018 Insatiabilis Tenebrarum Sitis (Split) Drums, Vocals
2020 Execranda Gentilitas Ibi Veneraretur Drums, Vocals




As Wened:
Drums (2016-2019)

2017 The Oath of Fire Drums
2017 Voices from the Vast Void (EP) Drums
2018 Insatiabilis Tenebrarum Sitis (Split) Drums

Demiurg Błyskawicy


Gontyna Kry

As Skowyt Wilcinus:
Drums (1999-2003)

2001 Krew naszych ojców Drums
2004 Kawaleria Swaroga (Demo) Drums



2000 Pomorski orzeł (Demo) Drums
2001 Lechicki heros (Demo) Drums
2003 Lechia (Demo) Drums
2004 Strażnicy aryjskiej krwi (Split) Drums
2006 Warriors of Pagan Victory (Split) Drums

Maze of Darkness

Drums (2014-2016)


As Agaliarept:

1995 Midnight (Demo) Vocals

Night's Blood

Drums, Vocals

2012 Into the Infinity of Grim Night (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2013 Słowiańskie miecze gromu (Split) Drums, Vocals


As Wintershade:
Drums (2017-2018)

2017 Miasmatic Exhalations (Demo) Drums
2019 Lunar Emanations of Haunted Shrines (Split) Drums

Pomeranian Warriors



Drums, Vocals (1997-?)

2013 United in Dark Slavic Blood (Split) Drums, Vocals


As Agaliarept:
Drums (1993-1995)

1994 Wojownicy Ciemności (Demo) Drums
1995 ...from the Dungeons (Demo) Drums


Drums (2016-2017)


Drums (1992-1993)


Drums, Vocals

1996 Promo Winter 1996 Anno Pagan War (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1997 Tęsknota... (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1997 Milczące głazy Drums, Vocals
1998 Venedae Drums, Vocals
1998 Diabol sive zcerneboh (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1999 Czerń wilczej natury Drums, Vocals
1999 Promo '99 (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2000 Kaszubia Live '98 (Live album) Drums
2000 The Silenced Boulders Drums, Percussion, Vocals
2000 Pod znakiem ognia / Сын старого леса (Split) Drums, Vocals
2000 Stanice Świętowita (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2002 Siedem kamiennych oblicz Drums, Vocals
2004 Dekada słowiańskiej supremacji (1993-2003) (Compilation) Drums
2007 Miecze Rujewita ponad falami Bałtyku (Split) Drums, Vocals
2015 Allied in Wolfish Blood (Split) Drums, Vocals
2020 Pod znakiem ognia (EP) Drums, Vocals
(show all)



Wilczy Demon


2009 Ukryte królestwo wilczych demonów (Demo) Drums
2011 Advance EP 2011 (Demo) Guitars



2013 United in Dark Slavic Blood (Split) Drums

Lord Wind

Bass drum (2019-present)

Dark Fury

2018 Furor Slavica (Split) Drums


As Wened:

2019 Muttos pro s'aristocratzia Vocals (tracks 2-5)


2021 Ad Astra (EP) Drums

Czarna Trumna

2013 Kongregacja trupiego tronu (Demo) Mixing, Mastering (as "Wened")


2013 War Flames of Revenge (Demo) Mixing, Mastering (as "Wened")


1998 Blask pioruna (Demo) Cover art


2020 Krwiożercze bestie (EP) Lyrics

Zakon Wilczej Krwi

2013 Zew wilkołackiej krwi (Demo) Mixing (track 2) (as "Wened")
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