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Wattie Buchan

Wattie Buchan

Real/full name:
Walter David Buchan
62 (born Jul 24th, 1956)
Place of origin:
United Kingdom (Edinburgh, Scotland)


Brother of Wullie Buchan and Terry Buchan.

Before joining The Exploited he served the British Army as soldier.

Suffered a heart attack on stage in February 2014 during a performance in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Exploited

Vocals (1979-present)

1980 Army Life (Single) Vocals
1980 Exploited Barmy Army (Single) Vocals
1981 Dogs of War (Single) Vocals
1981 Punks Not Dead Vocals
1981 Dead Cities (Single) Vocals
1981 Don't Let 'Em Grind You Down (Split) Vocals
1981 On Stage (Live album) Vocals
1982 Britannia Waives the Rules (Split) Vocals
1982 Attack / Alternative (Single) Vocals
1982 Troops of Tomorrow Vocals (as "Wattie")
1982 Computers Don't Blunder (Single) Vocals
1982 Troops of Tomorrow (Single) Vocals
1983 Live at the Palm Cove (Video) Bass on Tracks 14 & 15, Vocals
1983 Rival Leaders EP (EP) Vocals
1983 Let's Start a War... ...Said Maggie One Day Vocals
1985 Horror Epics Vocals
1985 Live at the Whitehouse (Live album) Vocals
1986 Jesus Is Dead EP (EP) Vocals
1987 Live and Loud!! (Live album) Vocals, Bass (track 7)
1987 Death Before Dishonour Vocals
1987 Sexual Favours (Video) Vocals
1988 War Now (EP) Vocals
1989 Live Lewd Lust (Live album) Vocals, Bass on Track 14
1990 The Massacre Vocals (as "Wattie")
1991 Live in Japan (Live album) Bass on Track 18, Vocals (as "Wattie")
1991 On Stage / Live at the Whitehouse (Compilation) Vocals
1991 Let's Start a War / Live and Loud!! (Compilation) Vocals
1991 Let's Start a War / Horror Epics (Compilation) Vocals
1992 Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 (Split) Vocals
1992 Don't Forget the Chaos (Live album) Vocals
1993 Live in Japan (Video) Bass on Tracks 13 & 18, Vocals
1993 1983-87 (Video) Vocals, Bass on Track 18
1995 Rock & Roll Outlaws (Video) Vocals
1996 Buenos Aires 93 (Video) Bass on Tracks 7 & 9, Vocals
1996 Beat the Bastards Vocals
2001 Rock & Roll Outlaws Plus Sexual Favours (Video) Vocals
2003 Fuck the System Vocals
2004 Live at the Palm Cove & 83-87 (Video) Vocals, Bass on Tracks 14 & 15
2004 Beat 'Em All (Video) Vocals (as "Wattie")
2006 Live in Japan & Argentina (Video) Vocals, Bass on Tracks 13 & 18
2007 Live @ Leeds '83 (Live album) Vocals
2007 Race Against Time - Sex & Violence (Single) Vocals
2008 Punks Not Dead / On Stage (Compilation) Vocals
2008 Troops of Tomorrow / Apocalypse Tour 1981 (Compilation) Vocals (as "Wattie")
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The Exploited

1982 Computers Don't Blunder (Single) Remixing
1983 Let's Start a War... ...Said Maggie One Day Producer
1985 Horror Epics Producer
1987 Death Before Dishonour Producer
1990 The Massacre Producer
1991 Let's Start a War / Live and Loud!! (Compilation) Producer
1991 Let's Start a War / Horror Epics (Compilation) Producer
1996 Beat the Bastards Producer
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