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Warrel Dane

Warrel Dane

Real/full name:
Warrel George Baker
56 (born Mar 7th, 1961)
Dec 13th, 2017
Died of:
Heart attack
Place of birth:
United States (Seattle, Washington)


Warrel worked as a chef in an Italian restaurant in Seattle, until a few years into Nevermore's career, when he quit to concentrate fully on music.

He co-owned a restaurant in Seattle with fellow Sanctuary/Nevermore musician (and long-time friend) Jim Sheppard.

Contributed vocals on a cover of Black Sabbath's "Solitude" for Moran Magal's 2016 album "Shades of Metal (Private Collection)".


Vocals (lead) (1992-2011)

1992 Utopia (Demo) Vocals
1994 1994 Demo (Demo) Vocals
1995 Nevermore Lyrics, Vocals
1996 In Memory (EP) Lyrics, Vocals
1996 The Politics of Ecstasy Lyrics, Vocals
1999 Diversity in Extremes (Split) Vocals (lead)
1999 Dreaming Neon Black Vocals
2000 In Memory / Dreaming Neon Black (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2000 Dead Heart in a Dead World Vocals
2001 Nevermore / The Politics of Ecstasy (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2001 Believe in Nothing (Single) Vocals
2002 Century Media 10th Anniversary Party - Live (Split video) Vocals
2003 Enemies of Reality / Anthems of Rebellion (Split) Vocals
2003 Enemies of Reality Vocals
2005 Doomsday Machine / This Godless Endeavor (Split) Vocals
2005 This Godless Endeavor Vocals
2008 The Year of the Voyager (Live album) Vocals
2008 The Year of the Voyager (Video) Vocals
2009 Manifesto of Nevermore (Compilation) Vocals
2010 The Obsidian Conspiracy Vocals
(show all)


Vocals (1985-1992, 2010-2017)

1986 Sanctuary (Demo) Vocals
1987 Refuge Denied promo (Demo) Vocals
1987 Megahurtz (Split) Vocals
1988 Refuge Denied Vocals
1988 Interchords - Words and Music (Split) Vocals
1990 Into the Mirror Black Vocals
1990 Into the Mirror Live / Black Reflections (EP) Vocals
2010 Refuge Denied / Into the Mirror Black (Compilation) Vocals
2014 The Year the Sun Died Vocals
2017 Inception (Compilation) Vocals

Serpent's Knight

Vocals (1983-1985)

1985 Demo (Demo) Vocals
2003 Released from the Crypt (Compilation) Vocals
2010 Silent Knight ...of Myth and Destiny (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 1-12, 15)


Guitars, Vocals (?-1983)

Warrel Dane

Vocals (2007-2017)

2008 Praises to the War Machine / The Premonition (Split) Vocals
2008 Praises to the War Machine Vocals
2018 Disconnection System (Single) Vocals
2018 As Fast as the Others (Single) Vocals
2018 Shadow Work Vocals


2007 The Apostasy Vocals (track 9)


2018 Liberation's Fall Vocals (track 8)


2010 25 Years in Rock... and Still Going Strong (Video) Vocals (DVD1 track 24), Vocals (backing) (DVD1 track 27)
2018 All for Metal (Single) Vocals (additional) (track 1)
2018 Forever Warriors, Forever United Vocals (CD1 track 1)


2013 The End of Time Vocals (track 2)
2015 The End of Time Vocals (track 10)

Lady Catman

2018 Eyes Wide Open Vocals (lead) (track 3)

One Arm Away

2016 Carpe Ludus Vocals (track 5)

Shaded Enmity

2013 Forsaken and Forgotten Vocals (track 6)

Warrel Dane

2018 Shadow Work Art concept
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