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Vlad Blasphemer

Vlad Blasphemer

Real/full name:
Vladimír Dědek
41 (born Jan 14th, 1974)
Aug 4th, 2015
Place of birth:
Czechia (Žatec)


Michal's brother and Vlad Necromaniac's father.


Guitars (2004-2006)

2004 Dethroned Guitars

Černý Kov

Drums (?-2015)

Dark Storm

All instruments

1994 In Nomine Dark Storm (Demo) Drums (as "Blasphemer")
1995 Black Horns of Bohemia (Split) Drums (as "Blasphemer")
1996 Four Lučan Emperors (EP) Drums
1997 Arrival of the Evil (Demo) Drums
2000 Possessed by Satan (Demo) Drums
2001 In Ceremonial Circles / Kult Satan (Split) Guitars (as "Blasphemer")
2002 Black Metal Endsieg III (Split) Guitars, Songwriting (as "Blasphemer")
2005 Infernal Tyrant Guitars
2006 Hell Satan Blasphemy Guitars, Bass, Drums (track 4)


Guitars (?-2015)

2004 At the Dawn of Sadistic Infernal Holocaust Guitars, Bass
2004 Cultus / Detonator 666 (Split) Guitars
2008 Supremacy & Tyranny Guitars
2012 The Hammer of Antichristian Detonation (Split) Guitars
2012 The Hammer of Antichristian Detonation (Split) Guitars (as "The Blasphemer")


Guitars (2007-2015)

2009 Bestial Thrash Attack Guitars
2013 Underground Elite 2013 (Split) Guitars
2016 In Memory of Vlad Blasphemer (EP) Vocals, Guitars

Infernal Imperator


Iron Fist


2002 Metal Ages (EP) Drums (as "Blasphemer")

Maniac Butcher

Guitars (1992-2015), Bass, Drums (1997-1998)

1993 Immortal Death (Demo) Guitars, Songwriting
1994 The Incapable Carrion (Demo) Guitars, Songwriting (as "Vald Dedecksson")
1995 Black Horns of Bohemia (Split) Guitars, Songwriting
1995 Black Horns of Saaz (Split) Songwriting (tracks 1-3), Drums (tracks 2-3), Guitars (track 1)
1995 Barbarians Guitars, Songwriting
1996 Lučan-antikrist Guitars, Songwriting (as "Vlad Rouhač")
1997 Live in Annaberg (Live album) Guitars
1997 Krvestřeb Guitars, Bass, Drums, Songwriting
1998 Černá krev All instruments, Songwriting
1999 Live in Open Hell (Live album) Guitars
1999 Proti všem... (Split) Guitars
1999 Metal from Hell / Chrám Nenávisti (Split) Guitars
1999 Invaze Guitars, Songwriting
2000 Epitaph - The Final Onslaught of Maniac Butcher Guitars, Songwriting (as "Blasphemer")
2003 Live in Germany (Live album) Guitars
2003 The Best Of / A Tribute to Maniac Butcher (Compilation) All instruments
2005 Dead but Live - '92-01 (Video) Guitars
2006 The Beast / Dva tisice let (EP) Guitars, Songwriting
2010 Masakr Guitars, Songwriting
2012 Metal from Hell (EP) Guitars, Bass (as "Blasphemer")
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As Blasphemer:
Guitars, Bass

1998 Kings of Czech Black Metal (Demo) Drums, Guitars, Bass
1999 Determination, Detestation, Devastation / Dawn of a New Order (Split) All instruments
1999 Nhaavah (Compilation) Bass, Guitars


Drums (?-2015)

2005 Die kalte Klinge (Demo) Drums
2005 Black Hate and Doom Drums
2009 End of All Times (Split) Drums



2006 Evangelium 666 (Demo) Drums, Guitars (lead) (as "Blasphemer")
2010 Signum Diabolicum Drums


2009 United in Hell (Split) Guitars (lead) (track 4)

The Law

2013 Sahelanthropus ​/ ​The Law ​/​ Mhnunrrn (Split) Guitar solo (Track 7)

Dark Storm

2006 Hell Satan Blasphemy Producer, Layout (as "Blasphemer")


2004 At the Dawn of Sadistic Infernal Holocaust Music, Cover
2012 The Hammer of Antichristian Detonation (Split) Songwriting (as "Blasphemer")

Maniac Butcher

1993 Immortal Death (Demo) Producer
1994 The Incapable Carrion (Demo) Producer
1995 Barbarians Producer (as "Vlad")
1996 Lučan-antikrist Producer (as "Vlad")
1997 Krvestřeb Producer (as "Vlad")
1998 Černá krev Producer (as "Blasphemer")


1998 Kings of Czech Black Metal (Demo) Producer (as "Vlad")
2019 Nhaavah (Compilation) Producer (as "Blasphemer")
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