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Real/full name:
Вадим Москаленко (Vadim Moskalenko)
29 (born Sep 5th, 1993)
Place of birth:
Russia (Omsk, Omsk Oblast)

Cranial Osteotomy

Vocals, Guitars (2009-present)

2011 Two Pre Album Songs (Demo) Vocals
2011 Victim of Wicked Sickness Vocals
2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2019 Hideous Monument of Ambrosial Pulchritude (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Music, Lyrics


Bass, Vocals (2014-present)

2014 Demo (Demo) Bass, Vocals

Gorged Bile

Vocals (2014)

2015 Absterged from Hominal Patterns Vocals


As Vadim Moskalenko:
Vocals (2012-2013)

2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Vocals
2013 Geriatric Coprophilia Vocals
2017 Rarities of Fetishism (Compilation) Vocals

Hymen Decency

2021 Leftovers (Demo) Vocals (choirs)

7 H.Target

2017 Promotional Disc '17 (Demo) Layout, Design
2017 Electric Tools for Electric Human / Japan Body Hammer (Compilation) Layout
2023 Yantra Creating Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2018 Stages of Infection (Split) Design (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Architectural Genocide

2020 Cordyceptic Anthropomorph Logo, title logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2018 Those Who Dominate (Single) Cover art, layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Blasted Pancreas

2022 Pathogenic Organisms in Blood Cover art (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Bowel Stew

2020 Putridarium Layout


2019 Instruments of Torture Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2015 Human Jigsaw Puzzle (Single) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2017 Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions Layout, Design (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Cerebral Depravity

2021 Decades of Suffering Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Cerebral Paralysis

2013 Promo 2013 (Demo) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2014 Cycles of Evisceration Logo, Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2021 Delta Killer Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Corpse Worship

2022 Necroresonance Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2013 Tattooed by a Blowtorch Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2019 Rearranged with a 12 Gauge Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2018 Hymns of Violence Cover art, Layout
2020 Revelation (Single) Cover art (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2020 In the Domain of Misery Layout, Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2016 The Prophet Revenge Logo (revamping), Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2021 Confessed to Denounce (EP) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Death Struggle

2021 Beyond the Wail of Arctic Winds Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Defecate Organs

2014 Beyond the Shattered Cortex (EP) Layout, Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2015 Above the Unworthy Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Disfigurement of Flesh

2012 Psychotonic Abnormal Dismemberment Cover art, Layout (as "Space Visual Design Studio")
2013 Promotional CD 2013 (Demo) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2014 Herbarium with Grotesque Necrotic Malformations Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2016 Intracellular Impious Metamorphosis (Split) Logo (Disfigurement of Flesh) (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2016 Deity of Hideous Fertility Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2020 Fragments of Abhorrent (Compilation) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2020 Putrescent Omniscience (EP) Layout, Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Dynamite Abortion

2014 Born to Slam (EP) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2020 Bloody Pathology (Demo) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2022 Kyr'am Beskar (EP) Layout (as "Vadim")


2014 Demo (Demo) Logo, Cover art

Eminent Terror

2014 Möbius Dick (Single) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2014 The Illusion of Choice Logo, Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Enemy Crucifixion

2021 No Future Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Entrenched in Epidermal Slippage

2017 Entrenched in Epidermal Slippage (EP) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2017 Demo 2017 (Demo) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Epileptic Shit

2019 Toxic Slam Overdose (EP) Layout, Logo


2021 Pervert Slave Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2013 Condemnation to Eternal Punishment (EP) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2014 Domain of Perverted Pleasures (EP) Logo, Layout


2013 Unstable Mentality and Theoretical Convulsion Cover art, Logo, Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2018 Decomposition of Existence Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Fermented Masturbation

2014 Perverted Slamicide (EP) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Fetal Decay

2014 You Have No Choice Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2020 You Have No Choice Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2023 You Have No Choice Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Funeral Tears

2021 The Last God on the Earth Cover art, Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2013 The Taste of Putrefaction (Compilation) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2018 Realm Savagery Decimation Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2020 Paradise of the Flies Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Gorged Bile

2015 Absterged from Hominal Patterns Layout, Logo
2016 Origin of Contempt Layout, Logo


2021 Algoritma Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Hate Icon

2021 Submerged in Immoral Effluence (EP) Album title (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Heavy Lies the Crown

2020 Gears of Inhumanity (EP) Logo, Layout
2020 Gears of Inhumanity (EP) Logo, Layout

Hell Skuad

2012 Knife of Perfect Mutilation Logo, Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2014 Tortured Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Human Decomposition

2015 Wormhole Prototype (EP) Cover art (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Human Prey

2014 Human Prey Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2016 Eradication (EP) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Illinois' Love for Carnage

2015 Rocking Buffalo Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2013 Rectificate Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2023 Враг не дремлет Design (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Impulsive Gluttony

2018 Enlightenment Through Narcotic Dissolution (EP) Logo, Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Impure Violation

2015 Lust in a Vulgar Display of Violence Logo, Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2022 Knee Deep in the Dead Layout

Interminable Corruptions

2021 Abysmal Revelation Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Jaga-Jaga Massacre

2012 Purulent Tits and Bacterial Dicks Logo (as "Vad (Space Visual Studio)")


2016 Societal Demise Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2018 Promo 2018 (Demo) Mixing, Mastering

Logistic Slaughter

2016 Corrosive Ethics Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Malignant Rot

2021 Planetary Assimilation Design (additional) (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2014 Escalation (EP) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2022 Unspeakable Acts of an Indifferent God Artwork (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2013 Geriatric Coprophilia Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2013 Defying Temporal Limits of Existence Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2013 Sculptures of Malignancy (EP) Logo (as "Vad Cox")

Orgiastic Rebirth

2013 Corridors of Repugnant Suffering Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Ossuary Anex

2018 Holy Blasphemition (EP) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2020 Obscurantism Apogee Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Ovarian Despoilment

2017 Ustulate Monuments Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2023 Alternance Layout (as "Vad, Ungodly Graphics")


2015 Half Decay Period (Demo) Cover art, Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Post Mortal Possession

2021 Valley of the Starving Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Posthumous Blasphemer

2014 Exhumation of Sacred Impunity Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2018 Phases Layout

Putreseminal Viscosity

2020 Spectral Rituals of Malignancy Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Putrified J

2022 Annihilating the Weak Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2021 Pathopsychology Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Sanguinary Execution

2022 Slowly Torment Towards Death Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2013 Sorrow and Skin Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2014 Crawling Through the Morgue Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2016 Slam Overdose Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Slaves of Suffering

2016 Advent of Despair Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Sovereign Impiety

2021 Decay of the Blessed Ones (Single) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Spawning Abhorrence

2016 The Sleepless One Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Spilling Entrails

2015 Humanity's Final Hour Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2013 Seven Voices Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Texas Murder Crew

2020 Everyone's Last Breath (EP) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2018 Manzanar (Single) Cover art, Layout, Design
2020 Ashes Where They Stood Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2019 Cephalopodic Transmutual Contamination Title (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2012 Promotional CD (Demo) Logo, Cover art (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2013 Transformation into a Putrid Mass (EP) Logo, Layout (as "Vad CxOx")
2013 Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts Logo, Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2014 Guttural Carnival (Split) Logo (Traumatomy), Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2014 Beneficial Amputation of Excessive Limbs (EP) Logo, layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2014 Four Formidable Forms (Split) Logo (Traumatomy) (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2015 Realm of Endless Massacre (Split) Logo (Traumatomy, Cerebral Paralysis) (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2015 Monolith of Absolute Suffering Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2016 Transmutative Necromorphic Singularity (Demo) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2016 Chapters of Grotesque Torments (Compilation) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2017 Hysteric Decapitation (Demo) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2017 Embodiment of Excruciation (EP) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2018 Rampage (Split) Logo (Traumatomy) (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2020 Feeding Organism (Single) Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2021 Extirpation Paradigms Logo (as "Ungodly Graphics")
(show all)


2015 Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom Logo, Layout (additional) (as "Ungodly Graphics")

Visceral Decay

2015 Implosion Psychosis Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
2019 Carnivore Psilocybin Layout


2019 The Realms of Fancy Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")


2020 Ostriched Existence (EP) Layout (as "Ungodly Graphics")
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