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Real/full name:
46 (born Jun 12th, 1976)
Place of birth:
Denmark (KrusÄ, Syddanmark)


Azter's brother.


Astro Zombies was a Misfits tribute band.

Publisher of Tornado Magazine, a metal fanzine published between 1998 and 2017. Also author of author The Reel Ghoul book series.

30 Silver Coins

Vocals, Lyrics

Denial of God

Vocals (1991-present)

1992 Oscularium Infame (Demo) Vocals
1993 The Dawn of Aemizaez (Demo) Vocals
1995 The Statues Are Watching (EP) Vocals
1996 The Ghouls of DOG (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
1999 The Curse of the Witch (EP) Vocals
1999 Klabautermanden (EP) Vocals
2000 The Crypt Has Eyes (EP) Vocals
2001 Robbing the Grave of the Priest (EP) Vocals
2006 A Night in Transylvania (EP) Vocals
2006 The Horrors of Satan Vocals, Lyrics
2007 The Book of Oiufael (Single) Vocals
2009 Advance Demo 2009 (Demo) Vocals
2009 Incubus (EP) Vocals
2009 Resurrection of the Damned / Brides of the Goat (Split) Vocals
2011 The Red Terror (EP) Vocals
2012 Death and the Beyond Vocals, Lyrics
2019 Rehearsal of Horror 1999-2001 (Compilation) Vocals
2019 The Hallow Mass Vocals, Lyrics
(show all)


Vocals, Programming (2016-present)

The Rite

Vocals (2017-present)

2018 The Brocken Fires (EP) Vocals
2019 The First Sin (Demo) Vocals
2020 Liturgy of the Black Vocals
2021 The Rite / Coven of Impurity (Split) Vocals

Astro Zombies


Gigim Xul




Black Oath

2009 Black Oath (EP) Lyrics (track 2)
2013 Black Oath (EP) Vocals (track 5), Lyrics (track 5)
2022 Emeth Truth and Death Vocals (track 6)

Church Bizarre

2005 Evoked or Not - Evil Will Come (EP) Vocals (track 5)
2006 Sinister Glorification Vocals (track 8)


2002 Kaos Kommand 696 Vocals (track 5)


2003 Communist Crusher (EP) Opening screams (track 2)
2007 The Final Assault Vocals (additional)


2008 Demo Oct 08 (Demo) Logo
2009 Born in a Beaker (Demo) Logo
2011 Nuke (Demo) Logo
2012 Mental Pollution (EP) Logo
2014 Armed with Rage Logo
2016 Martial Law Logo (as "Ustu Mallagam")

Death Rides a Horse

2012 Tree of Woe (EP) Logo
2017 More God than Man Logo (as "Ustu Mallagam")

Denial of God

1993 The Dawn of Aemizaez (Demo) Cover art
1995 The Statues Are Watching (EP) Lyrics, Logo
1996 The Ghouls of DOG (EP) Artwork, Logo, Photography
1999 The Curse of the Witch (EP) Layout, Logo
2006 A Night in Transylvania (EP) Artwork
2006 The Horrors of Satan Logo, Artwork
2009 Klabautermanden (EP) Logo
2012 Death and the Beyond Logo

Evil Spirit

2012 Sempiternal Punishment (Demo) Logo (as "Ustumallagam Exmortis")

Lords of Triumph

2015 Reaching the End (EP) Logo
2022 Lost Times (EP) Logo

Road Warrior

2016 Ignition (Demo) Logo


2003 Communist Crusher (EP) Logo
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