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Ulf Horbelt

Real/full name:
Ulf Horbelt
Place of birth:


Mastering engineer & editor working for DMS, Marl, Germany.

...and Oceans

2001 A.M.G.O.D. Mastering
2002 Cypher Mastering


1999 Profondo Rosso (EP) Mastering


1996 Absolut 100% Mastering


2008 Nuclear Rodeo Mastering


2001 Unity Mastering


1998 Metal or Bust Mastering


1992 The Truth Mastering

Arch Enemy

2009 Stigmata Remastering
2009 Burning Bridges Remastering
2009 Stigmata Remastering
2009 Burning Bridges Remastering
2011 Stigmata Remastering
2023 Burning Bridges Remastering


2000 On the Wings of Inferno Remastering
2009 Depths of Eternity (Compilation) Remastering

Axel Rudi Pell

1992 Eternal Prisoner Mastering
1993 Forever Young (Single) Mastering
1993 The Ballads (Compilation) Mastering
1994 Between the Walls Mastering
1995 Made in Germany (Live album) Mastering
1996 Black Moon Pyramid Mastering
1998 Oceans of Time Mastering
1999 The Ballads II (Compilation) Mastering
2002 Shadow Zone Mastering
2004 Kings and Queens Mastering
2004 The Ballads III (Compilation) Mastering
2006 Mystica Mastering
2007 Diamonds Unlocked Mastering
2008 Tales of the Crown Mastering
2010 The Crest Mastering
2011 Hallelujah (Single) Mastering
2011 The Ballads IV (Compilation) Mastering
2012 Circle of the Oath Mastering
2014 Into the Storm Mastering
2015 Magic Moments (25th Anniversary Special Show) (Video) Mastering (2.0)
2015 Magic Moments (25th Anniversary Special Show) (Live album) Mastering (2.0)
2015 The King of Fools (Single) Mastering
2016 Game of Sins Mastering
2017 Love's Holding On (Single) Mastering
2017 The Ballads V (Compilation) Mastering
2019 Only The Strong Will Survive (live) (Single) Mastering
2019 XXX Anniversary Live (Live album) Mastering
2020 Gunfire (Single) Mastering
2020 Wings of the Storm (Single) Mastering
2020 Sign of the Times Mastering
2020 Bad Reputation (Single) Mastering
2021 There’s Only One Way to Rock (Single) Mastering
2021 She's a Lady (Single) Mastering
2021 Diamonds Unlocked II Mastering
2022 Survive (Single) Mastering
2022 Down On The Streets (Single) Mastering
2022 Gone with the Wind (Single) Mastering
2022 Lost XXIII Mastering
2023 The Ballads VI (Compilation) Mastering
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Blood Red Angel

1999 Blood Red Angel (Demo) Mastering
2000 The Language of Hate Mastering
2001 The State of Insanity Mastering
2004 Crime Entertainment Mastering

Carnal Forge

2000 Firedemon Mastering
2001 Please... Die! Mastering
2003 The More You Suffer Mastering


1997 Immortal Silent Heaven (Demo) Mastering

Dark Tranquillity

2009 Projector Remastering
2009 Haven Remastering
2009 Haven Remastering
2009 Projector Remastering
2009 Yesterworlds (Compilation) Remastering
2009 Damage Done Remastering
2009 Haven Remastering
2009 Projector Remastering
2019 Projector Remastering


2000 The Dawn of Dying Mastering

Enola Gay

1996 Pressure Mastering
1999 Strange Encounter Mastering


2004 No Inch Back Mastering


2003 Diseased Mastering

Interitus Dei

2009 In Motion... Mastering
2012 Occult Mastering

Jack Slater

2004 Metzgore Mastering


2000 Conquerors of Armageddon Mastering
2013 Black Force Domain Remastering

Lacuna Coil

2006 Our Truth (Single) Mastering (track 4)

Madder Mortem

2001 All Flesh Is Grass Mastering
2002 Deadlands Mastering


2013 Day of the Massacra (Compilation) Mastering


2007 Wolfheart Remastering


2011 Year of the Goat (Compilation) Remastering

Mourning Caress

2008 Inner Exile Mastering
2011 Deep Wounds, Bright Scars Mastering


2001 Cosmovision Mastering


2002 Demigod Mastering

Nocturnal Rites

2002 Shadowland Mastering


2001 Borknagar / Novembre (Split) Mastering (tracks 3-4)
2001 Novembrine Waltz Mastering

Old Man's Child

2003 In Defiance of Existence Mastering
2005 Vermin Mastering

Paradise Lost

2009 Drown in Darkness - The Early Demos (Compilation) Mastering
2013 Tragic Illusion 25 (Compilation) Mastering


2003 Escapexstacy Mastering
2008 Bear the Cross (Single) Mastering (additional)
2008 A Dead Heavy Day Mastering (additional, DVD tracks 2-7)


2007 Eternal Remastering
2007 Eternal Remastering
2007 Passage Remastering


1995 Mental Reservation Mastering
1996 Ball of the Damned Mastering


2004 An Elixir for Existence Mastering
2004 Sirenian Shores (EP) Mastering


1995 Masquerade in Blood Mastering
2003 One Night in Bangkok (Live album) Mastering

Soul Cages

1996 Moments Mastering


2004 Stormgarde (Demo) Mastering
2008 The Answer Mastering


2001 Cold Desert Moon Mastering


2002 Emprise to Avalon Mastering

Sun of Sadness

2003 Forest Mastering

Tad Morose

2000 Undead Mastering
2002 Matters of the Dark Mastering
2003 Modus Vivendi Mastering

The Claymore

2005 Monument Mastering
2008 Sygn Mastering
2010 Damnation Reigns Mastering

The Forsaken

2001 Manifest of Hate Mastering
2002 Arts of Desolation Mastering
2003 Traces of the Past Mastering

The Gathering

2005 Accessories: Rarities & B-Sides (Compilation) Remastering, Compiling


1994 Wildhoney Mastering (as "DMS")


2017 Time to Die (EP) Mastering


2012 Dawn Mastering


2004 Battle Metal Mastering


2001 Where No Life Dwells / And the Laughter Has Died... (Compilation) Remastering
2001 Where No Life Dwells / And the Laughter Has Died... (Compilation) Remastering
2005 Where No Life Dwells Remastering
2008 Where No Life Dwells Remastering
2008 Immortal Glory (Boxed set) Remastering
2010 Where No Life Dwells / And the Laughter Has Died... (Compilation) Remastering
2011 Where No Life Dwells Remastering
2018 Where No Life Dwells Remastering


2001 Reality Mastering
2002 Buried Alive Mastering
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