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Real/full name:
Memos Vlachos / Μέμος Βλάχος
Place of birth:
Greece (Naousa, Central Macedonia)


Founder of Shub Niggurath Productions.

Arcane Dread

All instruments (2018-present), Vocals (2018-present)

2019 Mist & Marshes All instruments, Vocals
2021 A Path Befouled All instruments, Vocals

Dismal Sleep

All instruments (2021-present)


All instruments (2004-present), Vocals (2018, 2019-present)

2004 The Maggot Tide (EP) Drums, Bass
2017 It Came from Beyond the Observable All instruments
2018 The Nameless Void All instruments, Vocals
2018 Constellation All instruments
2019 The Caverns of Kalte All instruments, Vocals
2019 Art and Terror in the Arctic All instruments, Vocals
2020 Clearly Seen in the Night Sky All instruments, Vocals
2021 Tentacled Divinity All instruments, Vocals


Vocals, All instruments

2019 Abyssal Vocals, All instruments
2020 Abomination Vocals, All instruments


Bass, Drums (2002-2015), All instruments (2016-present), Vocals (2016-2018, 2019-present)

2002 To Lords Below (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2003 Καταρες ΧΞΣ a.k.a Katares 666 (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2015 Laceratum Terrae Sonitus (Split) Bass, Vocals
2015 Havoc Invocatum Bass, Vocals
2016 Carmina Infernalis All instruments, Vocals
2016 Knights of the Northern Black Empire (Split) Bass, Vocals
2016 Portals to Hell All instruments, Vocals
2018 Θάνατος All instruments, Vocals
2018 Here Be Demons Songwriting, All instruments, Lyrics (except track 4), Vocals
2019 Ineffable King of Darkness (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2019 No Bastard Saviour Lyrics (tracks 2, 4-8), Vocals, Songwriting (tracks 1-8), All instruments
2020 Death and the Philosopher Lyrics, Vocals, Songwriting, All instruments
2021 Caelesti Irrumator Lyrics, Vocals, Songwriting, All instruments
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Bass (2000), Drums (2000), All instruments (2001-2006)

2001 Impalement (Demo) Bass, Drums
2001 Erevos Bass, Drums
2001 The Dreams You Bleed In All instruments
2002 Death Marks the Final Standing Grounds All instruments
2004 Unreel the Abyss All instruments


All instruments (2002-2003)

2002 Moloch (Demo) All instruments


As Memos:
Bass (2000-2001)


2004 The Maggot Tide (EP) Producer, Recording, Mixing
2017 It Came from Beyond the Observable Everything
2018 The Nameless Void Everything
2018 Constellation Everything
2019 Art and Terror in the Arctic Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Lyrics, Artwork


2002 Moloch (Demo) Everything


2015 Havoc Invocatum Everything
2016 Carmina Infernalis Everything
2016 Portals to Hell Everything
2018 Here Be Demons Engineering, Recording, Mixing
2019 No Bastard Saviour Mixing, Engineering, Recording
2021 Caelesti Irrumator Engineering, Recording, Artwork (additional), Mixing
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