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Travis Smith

Travis Smith

Real/full name:
Travis Smith
53 (born Feb 26th, 1970)
Place of birth:
United States (San Diego, California)


American illustrator and designer who often produces cover art for metal artists. He runs Seempieces Design Studio.

After All

2022 Eos Cover art

Age of Silence

2004 Acceleration Layout, Graphic design, Artwork
2005 Complications (EP) Graphic design, Layout


2011 Portraits of Suffering (EP) Artwork


2012 Complex Shapes Artwork


2019 Apoptosis Artwork
2022 Damnum Artwork, Layout

Altars of Grief

2018 Iris Artwork, Layout


2006 House of Sleep (Single) Art direction
2006 Eclipse Artwork, Art direction
2007 Silent Waters (Single) Cover art
2007 Silent Waters Cover art, Art direction
2009 Silver Bride (Single) Artwork
2009 Skyforger Cover art
2010 Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes (Video) Artwork
2011 The Beginning of Times Cover art
2016 Separated (Single) Art direction


2009 Beneath It All Artwork


2001 Resonance (Compilation) Cover art
2001 A Fine Day to Exit Artwork
2002 Resonance 2 (Compilation) Cover art
2003 A Natural Disaster Artwork
2004 Were You There? (Video) Artwork
2006 A Moment in Time (Video) Cover art
2015 Resonance 1 & 2 (Compilation) Artwork
2017 The Optimist Artwork


2009 On Serpentine Roads Cover art


2013 Every Sun Is Fragile Artwork, Design


2019 Descender Artwork
2019 Avandra II Demo (Demo) Artwork


2002 Perpetual Twilight Cover art

Barren Earth

2010 Curse of the Red River Cover art
2015 On Lonely Towers Layout, Cover art


2000 Black Emotions Cover art
2002 Souls Highway Cover art


2002 Resurrection Through Carnage Artwork, Design
2008 The Wacken Carnage (Live album) Artwork, Art direction, Cover art, Design
2011 Bloodbath over Bloodstock (Video) Artwork, Art direction, Cover art, Design
2022 Survival of the Sickest Artwork, Layout

Buckshot Facelift

2014 Living Ghosts of the North Shore (EP) Artwork
2016 Buck at the Moon (EP) Artwork
2017 Ulcer Island Cover art, Layout


2003 The Dying Daylights Layout, Cover art


2004 In an Outrage Artwork


2000 Kings of the World Artwork

Code Black

2004 Penetration Cover Art

Cold Colours

2005 The Burden of Hope Artwork, Layout


2017 Chapter 3: Parasomnia Layout for vinyl
2017 Chapter 1: Delirium Layout for vinyl
2017 Chapter 2: Numquam Layout for vinyl


2020 My Temple of Pride (Single) Cover art
2020 Hiding from the World (Single) Cover art
2020 Hiding from the World Artwork

Control Denied

1999 The Fragile Art of Existence Artwork, Logo, Art direction, Design


2010 Re-Traced (EP) Artwork
2011 Carbon-Based Anatomy (EP) Design
2014 Kindly Bent to Free Us Layout

Dark Fortress

2004 Stab Wounds Cover art
2006 Seance Artwork, Layout


2001 .308 Antichrist (EP) Artwork


2011 Wounds Cover art, Artwork
2015 Decline Artwork


1996 Marching into Oblivion Photography, Artwork
1999 Heart of Darkness Layout, Cover art, Artwork

Daylight Dies

2002 No Reply Photography, Layout
2008 A Portrait in White (Single) Layout, Design
2008 Lost to the Living Layout

Dead Industry

2000 Taking the Fall Design, Art direction, Layout, Artwork

Deadsoul Tribe

2002 Deadsoul Tribe Design, Layout, Illustration
2003 A Murder of Crows Artwork, Cover art
2004 The January Tree Layout, Photography (cover)
2005 The Dead Word Artwork
2007 A Lullaby for the Devil Cover art


2022 It Artwork


2000 The NATO Project (Split) Cover art


2009 The Prophecy Artwork

Demons & Wizards

1999 Demons & Wizards Artwork, Logo, Design, Layout
2005 Touched by the Crimson King Artwork (Inking, Coloring), Logo
2020 III Logo


2010 Counting Our Scars Artwork, Layout

Devil You Know

2014 Seven Years Alone (Single) Artwork
2014 The Beauty of Destruction Artwork, Design
2015 Stay of Execution (Single) Cover art
2015 They Bleed Red Artwork, Design

Devin Townsend

2001 Terria Cover art, Artwork, Layout
2007 Ziltoid the Omniscient Artwork
2020 Guitar Improvisation #1 (EP) Artwork
2020 Order of Magnitude: Empath Live Volume 1 (Live album) Artwork
2021 Acoustically Inclined (Live in Leeds) (Live album) Design (as "Trav")
2021 Galactic Quarantine (Live album) Layout (as "Trav")
2021 The Puzzle Artwork, Design
2021 Snuggles (Beautiful Dream) Artwork, Design
2022 Dreampiece (EP) Cover art
2022 Moonpeople (Single) Cover art
2022 Call of the Void (Single) Cover art
2022 Lightwork Artwork
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Devin Townsend Project

2009 Addicted Cover art, Layout
2011 Ghost Artwork
2012 By a Thread: Live in London 2011 (Video) Layout
2013 The Retinal Circus (Live album) Artwork, Layout
2013 The Retinal Circus (Video) Artwork, Layout


2023 Life Cover art

Diamond Head

2019 The Coffin Train Artwork, Layout

Divine Noise Attack

2006 Torn Apart (EP) Artwork


2008 Karma (EP) Design, Logo


2003 Where Lovers Mourn Cover art, Layout
2005 Arcane Rain Fell Cover art, Layout
2006 The Burning Halo Cover art, Layout, Design


2001 Rapture Art direction, Design, Layout, Artwork
2005 Black Wings of Destiny Artwork

Dreaming Dead

2009 Within One Artwork
2012 Midnightmares Artwork


2005 The Last Moment Artwork


2006 Spirit Cover art
2010 Everything Remains as It Never Was Artwork, Cover Photo, Back Cover Photo
2012 The Early Years (Compilation) Artwork
2019 Ategnatos Artwork
2019 Live at Masters of Rock (Live album) Artwork
2022 Aidus (Single) Artwork


2001 Heathenreel Design, Layout, Cover concept


2017 The Complete Works (Boxed set) Layout, Design

Enola Gay

1999 Strange Encounter Artwork (as "Trav Smith")


2004 DiEversity Cover art, Design


2008 Dead Calm Chaos Artwork, Layout, Cover art


2013 Extol Artwork

Fifth Reason

2001 Within or Without Artwork, Design, Layout

Fleshgod Apocalypse

2019 Sugar (Single) Artwork
2019 Carnivorous Lamb (Single) Cover art
2019 Veleno Layout, Cover art
2020 The Day We'll Be Gone (Single) Artwork
2020 No (Single) Artwork

Flotsam and Jetsam

2005 Dreams of Death Cover art
2006 Live in Japan (Video) Cover art
2010 The Cold Cover Art

For My Pain...

2003 Fallen Artwork, Design
2004 Killing Romance (Single) Cover art, Design

Forgotten Tears

2011 Words to End Cover art, Artwork

God Forbid

2003 Better Days (EP) Cover art
2004 Gone Forever Cover art
2005 IV: Constitution of Treason Cover art
2006 To the Fallen Hero (Single) Cover art

Grey Skies Fallen

2010 Along Came Life (EP) Artwork
2012 Introspective (EP) Cover art
2014 The Many Sides of Truth Artwork, Layout
2020 Cold Dead Lands Cover art


2009 Nostalgia Artwork, Layout

Halcyon Way

2010 Building the Towers Artwork
2011 IndoctriNation (EP) Artwork
2014 Conquer Artwork, Layout
2018 Bloody but Unbowed Artwork


2010 The Evolution of Chaos Layout, Design, Artwork
2020 Empire of the Blind Artwork


2023 Shatter and Fall Artwork

Iced Earth

1991 Night of the Stormrider Artwork
1998 Something Wicked This Way Comes Artwork
1999 Alive in Athens (Live album) Artwork
2001 Horror Show Artwork, Layout
2001 Dark Genesis (Boxed set) Layout, Design, Artwork
2002 Tribute to the Gods Artwork, Layout, Design
2004 The Glorious Burden Layout
2005 Gettysburg (1863) (Video) Layout, Artwork, Design
2006 Alive in Athens (Video) Artwork
2008 Enter the Realm of the Gods (Compilation) Cover art


2011 The Unconsciousness of Living Artwork, Cover art

In Mourning

2010 Monolith Layout, Artwork, Cover art


2014 The Calm Hunter Cover art, Layout

Jag Panzer

2000 Thane to the Throne Cover art
2001 Mechanized Warfare Artwork
2023 The Hallowed Layout

Jasun Tipton

2005 Seduction Layout


2021 Kataan (EP) Artwork, Layout


1999 Tonight's Decision Artwork, Design, Layout, Photography
2001 Last Fair Deal Gone Down Photography, Design
2001 Tonight's Music (Single) Cover art, Photography
2003 Viva Emptiness Art direction, Artwork, Design
2005 The Black Sessions (Compilation) Cover art, Artwork
2006 My Twin (EP) Artwork, Design
2006 The Great Cold Distance Artwork, Design
2006 Deliberation (EP) Artwork
2007 July (EP) Artwork
2007 Live Consternation (Live album) Art direction, Artwork, Design
2009 Night Is the New Day Artwork, Design
2012 Dead End Kings Cover art, Design
2012 Dead End Kings Artwork
2013 Last Fair Day Gone Night (Live album) Cover art, Design
2013 Dethroned & Uncrowned Artwork, Design
2014 Kocytean (Compilation) Artwork
2015 Sanctitude (Live album) Artwork, Design
2016 The Fall of Hearts Artwork
2020 Dead Air (Live album) Artwork, Design
2021 Mnemosynean (Compilation) Artwork
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2003 Labyrinth Artwork

Lacrimas Profundere

2002 Fall, I Will Follow Layout, Photography


2013 Atomic Ark Artwork
2015 Live at P60 (Live album) Artwork
2015 Oniric Metal Artwork

Lamb of God / Megadeth

2022 Wake Up Dead (Collaboration) Cover art

Las Cruces

1998 Ringmaster Artwork


1999 Burning Lake (Demo) Cover art


2004 The Delores Lesion Photography, Design, Art direction, Artwork

Living Sacrifice

2002 Conceived in Fire Cover art
2013 Ghost Thief Cover art

Malevolent Creation

2000 Manifestation (Compilation) Artwork
2000 Envenomed Artwork
2002 The Will to Kill Artwork (inner textures), Cover art
2008 The Will to Kill + Warkult (Compilation) Artwork (inner textures), Cover art


2006 Martriden (EP) Cover art


2004 Upon the World Artwork

Memory Garden

2004 Marion (Single) Cover art, Layout


2002 Everblack Artwork, Layout, Design
2006 The Hours That Remain Artwork


2009 Blod-draum (Compilation) Cover art, Layout


2007 V: Hävitetty Cover art, Layout
2014 Heritage: 1995-2008 - The Collected Works (Boxed set) Layout

Morta Skuld

2011 Through the Eyes of Death (Compilation) Artwork

My Darkest Hate

2004 At War Cover art


2001 Man vs. Machine Artwork, Layout


2013 Aus schwärzester Nacht Artwork
2015 Staub und Schatten Artwork
2017 Tiefenrausch Artwork


2007 Harvest Artwork


1999 Dreaming Neon Black Cover art, Photography
2000 Dead Heart in a Dead World Artwork, Design, Layout
2003 Enemies of Reality Layout, Cover art
2010 The Obsidian Conspiracy Artwork, Layout

Next to None

2017 Phases Artwork


2014 Retribution Artwork


2014 Metatheosis Layout

Northern Oak

2010 Monuments Cover art

Novembers Doom

2000 The Knowing Cover art
2002 To Welcome the Fade Artwork
2007 The Novella Reservoir Artwork
2014 Bled White Artwork


2001 Novembrine Waltz Artwork, Layout
2006 Materia Artwork
2007 The Blue Artwork
2016 Ursa Artwork, Layout
2016 Annoluce (EP) Artwork, Layout


2021 The Pattern Cover art, Artwork

October Tide

2010 A Thin Shell Layout, Artwork


1999 Still Life Cover art, Photography
2001 Blackwater Park Cover art
2002 Deliverance Photography, Design
2003 Damnation Design, Artwork, Photography
2003 Lamentations - Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire (Video) Photography, Artwork
2005 Ghost Reveries Artwork, Layout, Art direction
2006 Lamentations - Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire (Live album) Artwork
2007 The Roundhouse Tapes (Live album) Artwork, Layout
2008 Watershed Artwork
2008 The Roundhouse Tapes (Video) Artwork, Layout, Artwork
2008 Burden (Single) Cover art
2010 In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall (Video) Artwork
2011 The Throat of Winter (Single) Artwork
2011 Heritage Artwork
2014 Pale Communion Artwork, Design
2015 Deliverance & Damnation (Compilation) Artwork, Design, Photography
2016 Will o the Wisp (Single) Artwork
2016 The Wilde Flowers (Single) Cover art
2016 Sorceress Design, Cover art
2018 Ghost of Perdition (live) (Single) Art Cover
2018 Garden of the Titans: Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Video) Artwork, Design
2019 In Cauda Venenum Artwork, Design (as "Seempieces")
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1999 Necroshine Artwork
2000 Bloodletting Design, Layout
2002 Wrecking Everything - Live (Live album) Design
2003 Killbox 13 Artwork, Design, Layout
2005 ReliXIV Cover art, Layout
2007 Immortalis Cover art, Layout
2010 Ironbound (Single) Cover art
2010 Ironbound Cover art, Layout
2012 The Electric Age Cover art, Layout
2012 6 Songs (EP) Cover art
2013 Live from OZ (Live album) Cover art
2014 White Devil Armory Cover art, Layout
2017 The Grinding Wheel Cover art, Layout
2018 Live in Overhausen (Live album) Design, Layout
2019 The Wings of War Cover art, Layout
2023 Scorched Layout, Cover art
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2008 Cynic Paradise Cover art


2019 Anamnesis (EP) Artwork


1997 Horizons Artwork


2013 Spiritual Migration Cover art
2014 Core Artwork (editing)
2017 Aathma Artwork

Power of Omens

2003 Rooms of Anguish Artwork, Layout


2009 Human Machine (EP) Artwork


1998 Cloned (EP) Layout, Design, Artwork
2002 Trinity Artwork
2006 Continuum Layout, Artwork
2012 Catalyst Design, Layout, Artwork


2010 Psychosis (EP) Layout, Cover art
2012 By Our Hand (EP) Layout, Artwork

Psychotic Waltz

1996 Bleeding Artwork, Design
2004 Mosquito Cover art
2020 The God-Shaped Void Artwork


2014 The Early Years (Boxed set) Layout


2003 Redemption Artwork, Layout
2005 The Fullness of Time Artwork
2007 The Origins of Ruin Cover art
2009 Snowfall on Judgment Day Cover art
2011 This Mortal Coil Cover art
2014 Live from the Pit (Live album) Cover art, Layout
2016 The Art of Loss Artwork
2018 Long Night's Journey into Day Art direction, Design
2020 Alive in Color (Live album) Artwork, Layout
2023 I Am the Storm Artwork


2003 Out of Myself Artwork, Design
2004 Out of Myself Artwork, Design, Layout
2005 Conceiving You (Single) Cover art
2005 Second Life Syndrome Cover art, Photography, Layout
2007 Out of Myself Artwork, Design, Layout
2007 02 Panic Room (Single) Cover art
2007 Rapid Eye Movement Cover art, Artwork
2008 Out of Myself Artwork, Design, Layout
2008 Schizophrenic Prayer (Single) Cover art
2008 Reality Dream (Live album) Cover art
2009 Anno Domini High Definition Artwork
2010 Reality Dream (Video) Cover art
2011 Memories in My Head (EP) Artwork
2011 Reality Dream Trilogy (Boxed set) Cover art
2013 Shrine of New Generation Slaves Artwork, Design, Layout
2015 Love, Fear and the Time Machine Artwork
2016 Eye of the Soundscape (Compilation) Layout, Artwork, Design
2017 Lost 'n' Found: Live in Tilburg (Live album) Cover art
2018 Wasteland Artwork
2019 Acoustic Session (EP) Artwork
2020 Wasteland Tour 2018-2020 (Live album) Cover art
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1997 Elements of Anger Cover art, Layout
2006 Out for Blood Artwork, Layout
2023 The Shadow Inside Cover art


2008 From Wretched Blood Cover art


2014 The Year the Sun Died Artwork, Design

Savage Messiah

2017 Hands of Fate Cover art

Sceau de l'Ange

2011 Phénomènes Cover art


1999 Nemesis Artwork, Cover art

Secret Sphere

2001 A Time Never Come Cover art, Design

Shadow Demon

2004 Shadow Demon (Demo) Artwork


2022 Here Below (Single) Artwork
2022 Black Bile Artwork


1997 Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded Artwork
1998 Eyesore (EP) Cover art, Illustrations, Cover Typography
1999 Disembody: The New Flesh Logo, Design, Artwork
2002 Revolting Room Design, Artwork, Layout


2002 Natural Born Chaos Cover art

Solitude Aeturnus

1998 Adagio Artwork, Design
2006 Alone Artwork

Soul Embraced

2002 This Is My Blood Artwork
2008 Dead Alive Artwork
2013 Mythos Artwork


2010 Rise of the Fallen (Single) Layout
2010 Omen Layout


2006 Re-Activate Cover art


2017 Second to None Artwork

Still It Cries

1998 Still It Cries (Demo) Cover art

Strapping Young Lad

2003 Strapping Young Lad Artwork
2005 Alien Artwork (consultant)
2006 The New Black Layout, Design
2013 The Complete Works (Boxed set) Artwork

Subterranean Masquerade

2004 Temporary Psychotic State (EP) Illustration, Layout
2005 Suspended Animation Dreams Artwork, Illustration, Layout
2015 The Great Bazaar Artwork
2017 Vagabond Artwork


1998 Despise the Sun (EP) Layout, Artwork, Design, Cover concept
2019 Despise the Sun (EP) Artwork (Revised)


2005 Godspeed Artwork


2006 Henkäys ikuisuudesta Cover art
2006 You Would Have Loved This (Single) Artwork
2017 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Single) Artwork
2017 O Tannenbaum (Single) Artwork
2017 From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas) Artwork
2017 Feliz Navidad (Single) Artwork


2009 Sovereign Artwork, Layout

The Advent Equation

2020 Remnants of Oblivion Artwork
2023 A Sudden Perception (Single) Artwork

The Bronx Casket Co.

2005 Hellectric Artwork (additional)
2011 Antihero Artwork, Layout

The Defaced

2003 Karma in Black Cover art

The Wake

2017 Earth's Necropolis Cover art
2020 Born in 84, Died in the 84th Year (EP) Cover Design


2005 IV Artwork, Cover art


2012 Antiseptic Bloodbath Artwork, Layout

Trail of Tears

2000 Profoundemonium Cover art (design), Layout
2009 Bloodstained Endurance Cover art, Design, Layout

Trance of Mine

2004 Reflections Artwork, Layout, Design

Twelfth Gate

2003 Summoning Artwork, Art Direction, Logo


2006 Sham of Perfection Cover art, Logo design
2012 Anima Artwork, Logo

Under Threat

2022 Impermanence Artwork, Design (as "Seempieces")


2008 The March Artwork


2018 Earthly Wounds (EP) Artwork
2021 Secrypts of the Egochasm Artwork


2015 Living Madness (Live album) Artwork
2017 Warpaint Artwork


2019 A Passage for Lost Years Artwork
2020 Reves (Single) Artwork


2018 Barricade Cover art


2014 Invicta Logo

Voice of Ruin

2017 Purge and Purify Cover art, Layout
2023 Cold Epiphany Cover art

Warrel Dane

2008 Praises to the War Machine Artwork
2018 Disconnection System (Single) Artwork
2018 As Fast as the Others (Single) Artwork
2018 Shadow Work Artwork

Watch Them Die

2003 Watch Them Die Artwork [Cover]


2002 Reflections of the I Design, Layout
2004 The Imaginary Direction of Time Artwork, Design
2007 Prominence and Demise Artwork, Layout

Winters Bane

1997 Girth Layout, Illustrations, Design


2013 The Inheritance Cover art


2014 Blessed He with Boils Layout (vinyl)
2014 Incultus (EP) Layout (vinyl)

Zero Hour

2001 The Towers of Avarice Artwork, Design, Layout
2003 Metamorphosis Artwork
2005 A Fragile Mind Cover art
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