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Real/full name:
Janne Pitkänen
50 (born 1973)
Place of birth:


Pitkänen, known as ToxicAngel, works mainly on album cover illustrations, posters and custom artworks both in digital form and by pencil drawing.


2013 Parasites of Paradise Artwork


2014 Last of Us Artwork


2005 The Inquisition Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")


2002 Venomous Artwork


2008 World of Silence Cover, Inlay, Logo design
2017 World of Silence MMXVII Cover art, Inlay


2005 Midday Moon Cover art
2009 Tomorrow's Daylight Cover art (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")
2013 Verge Artwork (as "Janne "Toxicangel" Pitkänen")


2009 Vendetta Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")


2005 Starfall Artwork


2003 Ocean's Heart Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")


2002 Time of Despair Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")

Groke's Clan

2008 Skullduggery (Demo) Logo (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")


2008 The King of Hell Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2010 Glory of Chaos Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")


2010 Hirmuliskojen yö Cover art (as "Janne "Toxic Angel" Pitkänen")
2010 Hirmuliskojen pikkujoululevy (EP) Cover art (as "Janne "Toxic Angel" Pitkänen")
2013 Vihreä vallankumous Cover art Colouring (as "Janne Pitkanen")
2016 La revolución verde Cover art Colouring (as "Janne Pitkanen")


2005 Second Symptom (EP) Cover art


2002 The Discipline of Steel (Demo) Cover art
2003 Born Under the Northern Lights (Demo) Cover art
2004 Winter in June (EP) Logo
2005 The Spirit of Ukko Cover art, Logos, Layout (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")
2006 Reformation Cover art (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen.")


2007 Serenity Cover art, Layout

Lazy Bonez

2015 Alive Cover art, Layout (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")


2009 The Past Prelude Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")


2004 Kuolema tekee taiteilijan (Single) Artwork, Layout
2005 Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish (Compilation) Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2007 Amaranth (Single) Artwork, Layout
2007 Amaranth (Compilation) Layout, Artwork
2008 Dark Passion Play - Instrumental version Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2008 Bye Bye Beautiful (Single) Artwork, Layout
2008 The Islander (Single) Artwork
2009 Made in Hong Kong (and in Various Other Places) (Live album) Artwork, Layout (as "Toxic Angel")
2011 Storytime (Single) Layout, Artwork
2011 Imaginaerum Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2012 The Crow, the Owl and the Dove (Single) Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2012 Trials of Imaginaerum (EP) Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2012 Imaginaerum - The Score Layout, Artwork
2013 Showtime, Storytime (Live album) Cover art (as "Janne "Toxic Angel" Pitkänen")
2013 Showtime, Storytime (Video) Cover art (as "Janne "Toxic Angel" Pitkänen")
2015 Élan (Single) Cover art, Layout
2015 Endless Forms Most Beautiful Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2015 Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Single) Cover art, Layout (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")
2016 Vehicle of Spirit (Video) Cover art, Layout (as "Janne "Toxic Angel" Pitkänen")
2019 Decades: Live in Buenos Aires (Live album) Artwork
2019 Decades: Live in Buenos Aires (Video) Artwork
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2002 Dreams of Endless War Artwork, Logo (as "Tree-Dwelling Goblin Janne Pitkänen")

Olympos Mons

2004 Conquistador Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")


2008 Wrong Way to Salvation Cover art (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")

Sonata Arctica

2001 Silence Logo concept (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2002 Songs of Silence - Live in Tokyo (Live album) Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2003 Winterheart's Guild Artwork (as "Janne "Puussa Asuva" Pitkänen")
2003 Takatalvi (EP) Cover art
2004 Don't Say a Word (EP) Cover art (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")
2004 Reckoning Night Artwork (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")
2004 Shamandalie (Single) Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2005 The End of This Chapter (Compilation) Artwork (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")
2006 Replica 2006 (Single) Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2007 Unia Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2009 The Days of Grays Artwork
2014 Pariah's Child Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2015 Christmas Spirits (Single) Cover art, Layout (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")
2016 The Ninth Hour Layout, Cover art (as "Janne "ToxicAngel" Pitkänen")
2018 The Harvests (2007-2017) (Compilation) Photography (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2019 Talviyö Layout (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2022 Acoustic Adventures (Volume One) Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2022 Acoustic Adventures (Volume Two) Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
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2003 Suffer Our Pleasures Artwork
2006 Crows Fly Black Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
2008 Undead Indeed (Live album) Cover art concept
2008 Undead Indeed (Video) Cover art concept
2010 Gravity of Light Cover art (as "Janne "Toxic Angel" Pitkänen")
2011 The Spell of Iron MMXI Layout, Cover art (as "Janne Pitkänen")

Tuomas Holopainen

2014 The Life and Times of Scrooge Layout (as "Janne Pitkänen")

Twilight Ophera

2003 The End of Halcyon Age Cover art (as "Toxic Angel")


2003 Delirium Veil Artwork, Logo


2008 Hwainoo Logo


2001 Beyond Abilities Artwork (as "Janne Pitkänen")
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