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Real/full name:
Stefan Hüskens
47 (born Aug 1976)
Place of birth:
Germany (Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate)


As Stefan Hüskens:
Drums (2014-present)

2016 Deathibel (Single) Drums
2016 Servants of Death (EP) Drums
2016 Incoming Death Drums
2020 Botox Implosion (Single) Drums
2020 Knights Templar Stand (Single) Drums
2021 The Nameless Elite (Single) Drums
2021 Necroceros Drums

Carnal Ghoul

As Stefan "Tormentor" Hüskens:
Drums (2013-present)

2013 The Grotesque Vault (EP) Drums
2022 Back from the Vault Drums


Drums (2013-?)

Lunar Eclipse

As S. Hüskens:
Drums (2005-?)

2014 Lunar Eclipse (Single) Drums


Drums (2001-present)

2001 Heavy Metal Chainsaw Drums (as "Tormentharou")
2001 Warriors Ride on the Chariots (EP) Drums (as "Tormentharou")
2002 Live Zorugelion (Live album) Drums (as "Tormentharou")
2002 Live Drilling 2000 (The Official Bootleg) (Live album) Drums
2003 Heavy Metal Genocide - Live in Japan 2002 (Live album) Drums (as "Tormentharou")
2005 Heavy Metal NarokOsaka Chainsaw Massacre (Live album) Drums (as "Tormentharou")
2006 Metalucifer in U.S.A. 2003 (Video) Drums (as "Tormentharou")
2009 Heavy Metal Bulldozer (Teutonic Attack) Drums (as "Tormentharou")
2010 Live Tormentharou (Live album) Drums (as "Tormentharou")
2012 Bulldozing It True (Live album) Drums (as "Tormentharou")
2019 Live in Taiwan (Split) Drums
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Rotten Casket

As Stefan "Husky" Hüskens:
Drums (2020-present)

2022 First Nail in the Casket (EP) Drums
2023 Zombicron Drums



2019 Trinitas (EP) Drums
2022 Total Heresy Drums


Drums (2008-2009)

2009 Demons (EP) Drums


Drums (2004, 2012-2016)

2004 The Nameless Wraith / Morbid Death (Split) Drums, Percussion
2007 Decayed / Thugnor (Split) Drums
2010 13 Candles (Rehearsal 2005) (Demo) Drums
2012 The Ancient Brethren Drums
2014 Dark Pagan Ritual (Compilation) Drums (as "S.H.")
2015 Into the Depths of Hell Drums
2015 Lusitanian & Gallic Black Terror (Split) Drums
2016 The Burning of Heaven Drums


Drums (1996-2018)

1997 Stormbringer (EP) Drums
1998 Hellfire's Dominion Drums
1998 Ride on for Revenge (Single) Drums
1999 Ten Years of Total Desaster (Compilation) Drums
2000 Tyrants of the Netherworld Drums
2000 Desaster... in League with... Pentacle (Split) Drums
2001 Souls of Infernity (EP) Drums
2002 Divine Blasphemies Drums
2003 Live in Serbian Hell (Live album) Drums
2003 Live at the Party San Open Air (Video) Drums, Drums
2004 Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies (Live album) Drums, Drums
2005 Sabbatical Desasterminator (Split) Drums
2005 Angelwhore Drums
2006 Infernal Voices (EP) Drums
2007 Satan's Soldiers Syndicate Drums
2009 20 Years of Total Desaster (Compilation) Drums
2009 Anniversarius (Split) Drums
2010 Zombie Ritual / Devil's Sword (Single) Drums
2012 The Arts of Destruction Drums
2014 Live in Bamberg (Live album) Drums
2015 Imperial Anthems No. 17 (Split) Drums
2016 The Oath of an Iron Ritual Drums
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Metal Inquisitor

As Witchhammer:
Drums (1998-2000)

1998 Demo (Demo) Drums
1999 Seven Inches for the Second Attack (Single) Drums


Drums (2009-2010)

2010 Atomic Curse (EP) Drums


As Husky:
Drums (2018-2020)

2018 Partisan (EP) Drums
2019 Chosen by the Grace of God (EP) Drums
2019 Out of the Frontline Trench / Partisan (Compilation) Drums
2019 Out of the Frontline Trench (EP) Drums




Drums (1995)


2015 2015 (EP) Drums


1999 Thuringia Drums


2007 Heavy Metal Hunter (EP) Drums (tracks 9, 10)


2011 Metal Possession (EP) Drums (track 8)


As Husky:

2022 Ruin(s) (Single) Drums
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