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Real/full name:
河塚篤史 (Kawatsuka Atsushi)
42 (born Oct 5th, 1976)
Place of origin:
Japan (Hokkaido)


In 2009 he left 陰陽座 (Onmyo-za) as official member, but still plays as support live member using his real name, Atsushi Kawatsuka.

Artist name in Japanese: 斗羅.

Concerto Moon

As Atsushi Kawatsuka:
Drums (2015-present)

2015 Between Life and Death Drums
2016 Between Life and Death Tour 2015 (Video) Drums
2017 Tears of Messiah Drums
2018 Prologue to Messiah Tour 2017 (Live album) Drums
2018 Prologue to Messiah Tour 2017 (Video) Drums
2019 Ouroboros Drums


Drums (1999-2009)

1999 亥の子唄 (Demo) Drums
1999 鬼哭転生 Drums
2000 桜花ノ理 (Single) Drums
2000 百鬼繚乱 Drums
2001 月に叢雲花に風 (Single) Drums
2002 煌神羅刹 Drums
2002 百鬼降臨伝 (Video) Drums
2002 封印廻濫 (EP) Drums
2002 妖花忍法帖 (Single) Drums
2003 鳳翼麟瞳 Drums
2003 鳳翼天翔 (Single) Drums
2003 赤熱演舞 (Live album) Drums
2003 白光乱舞 (Video) Drums
2003 (Single) Drums
2004 (Single) Drums
2004 夢幻泡影 Drums
2004 組曲「義経」~悪忌判官 (Single) Drums
2004 組曲「義経」~夢魔炎上 (Single) Drums
2004 組曲「義経」~来世邂逅 (Single) Drums
2005 我屍越行 (Video) Drums
2005 甲賀忍法帖 (Single) Drums
2005 臥龍點睛 Drums
2005 幽玄霊舞 (Video) Drums
2006 陰陽雷舞 (Live album) Drums
2006 珠玉宴舞 (Video) Drums
2007 黒衣の天女 (Single) Drums
2007 魔王戴天 Drums
2008 天下布舞 (Video) Drums
2008 紅葉 (Single) Drums
2008 魑魅魍魎 Drums
2009 相剋 / 慟哭 (Single) Drums
2009 金剛九尾 Drums
2010 式神雷舞 (Video) Drums
(show all)


Drums (2003)

Kinniku Shōjo Tai

Drums (2006-present)


As Atsushi Kawatsuka:
Drums (2009-2011)


As Atsushi Kawatsuka:

2009 蒼き独眼 (Single) Drums
2010 龍凰輪舞 (Video) Drums
2011 紺碧の双刃 (Single) Drums

Manipulated Slaves

2001 The Legendary Black Jade Engineering, Producer (as "Tery Tora")
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