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Tony Barela

Tony Barela

Real/full name:
Anthony Barela
20 (born May 17th, 1999)
Place of origin:
United States (Corona, California)

Anal Disembowelment

Guitars (2017-present)

Dismembered Engorgement

As Tony Slam:
Everything (2016-2018), Vocals, Guitars (2018-present)

2016 Slamming Slut Gore (EP) Everything
2016 Slamming Whores Promo (Demo) Everything
2016 Dismembered Cum Dumpster (EP) Everything
2016 Little Girl Intestinal Rape (Single) Everything
2016 Cum Defiled Whore (Single) Everything
2017 God's Demise (Single) Everything
2017 Swamp Smokers (Split) Everything
2017 You Got Your Aids From A Gay Brony (Single) Everything
2017 Engorging Mutilated Victims (Single) Everything
2017 Whore Evisceration (Single) Everything
2017 Disfigurement of Depravity (Single) Everything
2017 You Got Your Aids from a Gay Brony (Remastered) (Single) Everything
2017 Swamp Smoked Genitals (Split) Everything
2017 Stillborn Annihilation (Single) Everything
2017 Coprophagic Molestation (Single) Everything
2018 Your Mother Slams My Cock (EP) Everything
2018 Whore Evisceration Everything
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Guitars (2018-present)


As Tony $lam:
Everything (2018-present)

2018 Infantile Sodomy (EP) Everything
2018 Putrid Vaginal Discharge (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2018 Throne of Agony (Split) Everything
2019 Kill the Pedophile (Single) Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming
2019 Suck My Nuts (Single) Vocals, All Instruments
2019 Enforced Cranial Separation (Split) Everything

Lacerated Evisceration

Everything (2015-2016), Guitars (2016-present)


Vocals, Production (2017-present)

Syphilic Menstruation

Everything (2019-present)

Tony $lam


Vomit Scat


Infant Rape

As Tony $lam:
Vocals, All instruments (2018)

Vaginal Prolapse

Guitars (2017-2018)

Morgue Dismemberment

As Slamming Tony:

2016 Addicted to Torture (Single) Vocals


2018 Putrid Vaginal Discharge (Single) Producer (as "Tony $lam")
2019 Enforced Cranial Separation (Split) Recording
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