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Tommy T. Baron

Tommy T. Baron

Real/full name:
Thomas Vetterli
56 (born Jul 8th, 1967)
Place of birth:
Switzerland (Z├╝rich)


Ex-husband of Nina Treml.

69 Chambers

As Tommy Vetterli:
Guitars (2011-present)

2012 Torque Guitars
2018 Machine Guitars


Guitars (1985-1996, 2010-present)

1986 Death Cult (Demo) Guitars
1987 R.I.P. (Demo) Guitars
1987 R.I.P. Vocals (backing), Songwriting (tracks 1-10, 12, 13), Guitars
1988 Punishment for Decadence (Demo) Guitars
1988 Punishment for Decadence Guitars, Songwriting
1989 Last Entertainment (Single) Guitars
1989 Die by My Hand (Single) Guitars
1989 Purple Haze / Masked Jackal (Single) Guitars
1989 No More Color Guitars, Songwriting
1990 No More Color - Live in East Berlin (Video) Guitars
1990 Thrashing East (Split video) Guitars (as "Tommy")
1990 Doomsday News III - Thrashing East Live (Split) Guitars
1991 I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Single) Guitars
1991 About Life (Single) Guitars
1991 Mental Vortex Guitars, Songwriting
1993 Grin Songwriting, Guitars, Synthesizer
1995 Coroner (Compilation) Guitars
2016 Autopsy: The Years 1985-2014 in Pictures (Video) Guitars
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As Tommy Vetterli:

1995 Clockwork (Demo) Guitars
2017 Kill in Time (Compilation) Guitars


As Tommy Vetterli:
Guitars (1996-2001)

1997 Leave This World Behind (Single) Guitars
1997 Outcast Guitars, Programming, Songwriting (tracks 8, 10)
1999 Endorama (Single) Guitars
1999 Endorama / Code Red (Split) Guitars
1999 Voices of Transgression: A 90s Retrospective (Compilation) Guitars
1999 Endorama Guitars, Guitars (synthesizer), Programming, Songwriting (tracks 1-5, 7, 9, 10)
2000 Chosen Few (Single) Guitars
2019 Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998 (Live album) Guitars

Tar Pond


69 Chambers

As Tommy Vetterli:
Guitars (?-2011)


As Tommy Vetterli:

2016 Rotten Spiral Guitar solo (track 4)

69 Chambers

2009 War on the Inside Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2012 Torque Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2018 Machine Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2014 Wegweiser Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2018 Weltenwanderer Producer, Recording, Mixing

Acid Death

2019 Primal Energies Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")

Aka Profound

2005 Energy Is a Wild Flower Recording (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2008 New Goth Rock (EP) Recording (as "Tommy Vetterli")

Appearance of Nothing

2019 In Times of Darkness Recording (guitars) (as "Tommy Vetterli")

Atomic Symphony

2021 Nightfall (Single) Mixing, Recording (Drums, Vocals, Guitars)
2021 Enslaved (Single) Mixing
2022 Hybris Recording (drums, guitars, vocals), Mixing, Producer
2023 Phoenix (Single) Mixing, Producer, Recording (vocals, drums, guitars)
2023 Nemesis Producer, Mixing, Recording (vocals, drums, guitars)


2010 Underdogs Produced, Recorded, Mixed


2000 No Fear Recording, Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2020 Holodox Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")


1995 Coroner (Compilation) Engineering (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2016 Autopsy: The Years 1985-2014 in Pictures (Video) Mixing (DVD2), Producer (DVD2) (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2008 While Hope Remains Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2003 A Life Beyond the Shades of Time Mixing, Producer, Engineering (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2010 Everything Remains as It Never Was Producer, Engineering (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2012 Helvetios Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2012 The Early Years (Compilation) Engineering (CD1), Mixing (CD1), Producer (CD1) (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2014 Origins Recording (drums, bass, guitars, vocals, female vocals, violin, cello), Engineering (tin & low whistles, uillean pipes, bagipes, mandola, bardic harp, bodhran, soundscapes), Producer
2017 Evocation II - Pantheon Engineering, Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2019 Ategnatos Engineering, Recording (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2017 Ossidiana Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")

Furor Gallico

2019 Dusk of the Ages Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2001 Soul Cries Out (EP) Recording, Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2007 Plead Not Guilty Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2019 Infernum Producer, Recording
2023 Kratos (Single) Recording, Producer
2023 Xana (Single) Recording, Producer

Judgement Day

2014 Between G(o)od and (D)evil (Compilation) Recording, Engineering, Mixing (track 5) (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2013 Paralysis (Single) Producer
2013 Butterflies on Fire (Single) Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")


1999 Endorama Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2000 Chosen Few (Single) Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2006 Soul Collector Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2010 Stampede of the Damned Recording (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2015 Burning Empire Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")

Miracle Flair

2016 Angels Cast Shadows Mixing, Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2020 Synchronism Mixing, Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")


1996 Oracular Eyes Mixing, Mastering


2012 Deathlike Thrash 'n' Roll Guitar reamping (as "Thomas Vetterli")


2003 Neverland (Demo) Recording (vocals & guitar solos), Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2007 Schizophrenia Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")

Oath of Cranes

2022 Yama (Single) Engineering
2022 Rudra (Single) Engineering (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2023 Akasha (Single) Engineering (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2023 Puja (Single) Engineering (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2023 The Unsung Mantras Engineering
2023 Krodhana (Single) Engineering (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2002 Add Fuel to the Fire (EP) Recording, Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")
2005 Denying the Consequences Engineering, Mixing, Recording, Mixing, Recording, Engineering (as "Tommy Vetterli")


2016 Rotten Spiral Recording (drums, guitars, bass), Producer (as "Tommy Vetterli")

Taste of Tears

2011 Once Human Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterli")

Tuatha de Danann

2015 Dawn of a New Sun Mixing (as "Tommy Vetterly")
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