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Tommy Johansson

Tommy Johansson

Real/full name:
Per Tommy Johansson
36 (born Oct 26th, 1987)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Boden, Norrbotten)

Charlie Shred

Drums (2011-?)

2012 Charlie Shred Drums (as "Tommy Reinxeed")

Golden Resurrection

As Tommy ReinXeed:
Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)

2010 Glory to My King Guitars, Keyboards, Orchestrations, Songwriting
2011 Pray for Japan (Single) Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2011 Man with a Mission Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (lead), Orchestrations
2013 One Voice for the Kingdom Guitars, Vocals (backing), Orchestrations


As Tommy ReinXeed:
Guitars (lead), Vocals (2019-present)

2019 Above the Sky Guitars (lead), Songwriting, Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboards
2020 A Christmas Carol Sleigh bells, Piano, Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1-9), Vocals (lead), Lyrics (tracks 2-8)
2021 Above the Sky in Tokyo (live) (Single) Guitars (lead), Vocals
2021 Metal United (Single) Guitars (lead), Vocals
2021 Glory of Christmas (Single) Guitars (lead), Vocals


As Tommy ReinXeed:
Drums (2008-2011)

Heroes of Vallentor

Guitars (2009)

2009 The Path to Victory (Demo) Songwriting (track 1), Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)


Guitars, Vocals

Majestic Vanguard

Vocals (2007)


Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (clean)

Memories of Old

Vocals (2020-2022)

2020 Some Day Soon (Single) Vocals
2020 The Zeramin Game Vocals


As Tommy ReinXeed:
Vocals, Guitars (2000-2019)

2008 The Light Vocals, All instruments, Songwriting, Lyrics
2009 Higher Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics
2010 Majestic Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard, Orchestration
2011 Swedish Hitz Goes Metal (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars
2011 1912 Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2012 Welcome to the Theater Vocals, Guitars (lead), Keyboards, Orchestration
2013 A New World Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Orchestration

Royal Jester



Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2016-2024)

2019 Bismarck (Single) Guitars
2019 Fields of Verdun (Single) Guitars
2019 The Great War Guitars, Songwriting (track 8)
2020 Angels Calling (Collaboration) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2020 The Attack of the Dead Men (Live in Moscow) (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2021 Livgardet (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2021 The Royal Guard (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2021 Steel Commanders (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2021 Christmas Truce (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2021 The Great Show (Video) Guitars
2021 20th Anniversary Show - Live at Wacken (Video) Guitars
2022 Soldier of Heaven (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2022 The War to End All Wars Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2022 Weapons of the Modern Age (EP) Guitars (lead) (track 2, 3, 5, 6), Vocals (backing)
2023 Heroes of the Great War (EP) Songwriting (tracks 1)
(show all)

Symphony of Tragedy

Guitars (lead), Vocals

2018 Heroes of the World (EP) Guitars (lead), Vocals


Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (clean)

Twilight Force

Vocals (2017)


2017 Land of Light Vocals (lead) (track 6)


2019 Land of Eternal Dreams Vocals (track 3)


As Tommy ReinXeed:

2014 Seasons Change Vocals (tracks 1, 2)


2020 Part Two: Reborn into Darkness (EP) Guitars (lead) (track 4)


2022 Flight from Destruction (Single) Guitars
2022 The Power of the Nightstar Guitars (lead) (track 3)


2018 Masters of the Multiverse Guitar solo (track 6)

Dream Ocean

2021 The Phantom of the Opera (Single) Vocals

Ethereal Dawn

As Tommy ReinXeed Johansson:

2015 The Moonlight of Gloom Bass, Vocals (backing)


2017 Time for a Change Vocals (tracks 5, 8, 12)


2020 Fist of the Seven Stars - Act 3: Nanto Chaos Guitars (lead) (tracks 8, 9), Vocals [as Shu] (tracks 8, 9)


2009 Chaos and Greed Vocals (backing)


As Tommy ReinXeed:

2016 Existentia Guitars (track 5), Vocals (additional) (track 5)


2012 Phantom Antichrist Vocals (choirs)


As Tommy Reinxeed:

2013 Lancer Keyboards (tracks 3, 4)

Meadows End

2019 The Grand Antiquation Guitars (lead) (track 1)

Memories of Old

2019 The Land of Xia (Single) Vocals
2019 Zeras Shadow (Single) Vocals


2016 Hope in Us Vocals (lead) (track 6)
2020 Wind from Silesian Land Vocals (track 11)


2010 My Demons (EP) Vocals
2012 Bag of Tricks Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Orchestrations, Drums, Programming, Vocals (backing) (as "Tommy ReinXeed")


2022 Call of the Wild Vocals (CD 2, track 9)
2022 Missa Cantorem II Vocals (track 9)

Red Eye Temple

2021 All for Love (Single) Vocals

Trick or Treat

2023 A Creepy Night Live (Live album) Vocals (track 14)
2023 When the Lights Fade Out (Santa's in Trouble) (Single) Vocals

Twilight Force

2019 Dawn of the Dragonstar Vocals (backing) (track 2)


2019 Well of Salvation (Single) Guitars (lead)


2015 Gladiator's Tale Vocals (lead) (track 7)
2018 Legend of the Starborn Vocals (track 4)


2023 Trolldoom (EP) Guitars (lead) (track 4)

Charlie Shred

2012 Charlie Shred Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Tommy Reinxeed")


2021 Viribus Unitis Songwriting (track 2)

Ethereal Dawn

2015 The Moonlight of Gloom Producer, Mixing

Golden Resurrection

2010 Glory to My King Recording
2011 Man with a Mission Producer, recording, mixing (as "Tommy Reinxeed")
2013 One Voice for the Kingdom Producer, Recording (as "Tommy ReinXeed")

Heroes of Vallentor

2009 The Path to Victory (Demo) Recording (drums), Mixing, Mastering
2014 Warriors Path, Part 1 Recording (lead guitars)


2013 Lancer Engineering, Recording (as "Tommy Reinxeed")


2019 Above the Sky Producer
2020 A Christmas Carol Recording

Morning Dwell

2014 Morning Dwell Engineering (as "Tommy ReinXeed")


2012 Bag of Tricks Producer (as "Tommy ReinXeed")


2008 The Light Producer
2009 Higher Producer, Recording, Mixing
2010 Majestic Producer, Recording, Mixing, Lyrics
2012 Welcome to the Theater Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Tommy ReinXeed")
2013 A New World Producer, Recording, Mixing, Lyrics (as "Tommy ReinXeed")

Royal Jester

2010 Night Is Young Lyrics (Track 3)
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