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Tomi Joutsen

Tomi Joutsen

Real/full name:
Tomi Joutsen
48 (born Apr 30th, 1975)
Place of birth:
Finland (Lohja, Uusimaa)


Vocals (lead) (2004-present)

2006 The Neckbreakers Ball (Split) Vocals (lead)
2006 House of Sleep (Single) Vocals
2006 Eclipse Vocals (lead)
2006 The Smoke (Single) Vocals
2007 Silent Waters (Single) Vocals
2007 Silent Waters Vocals, Songwriting (track 11)
2009 Silver Bride (Single) Vocals
2009 Skyforger Vocals, Songwriting (track 10)
2009 From the Heaven of My Heart (Single) Vocals
2009 Martyr of the Free Word / From the Heaven of My Heart (Split) Vocals
2010 Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes (Video) Vocals
2010 Magic & Mayhem - Tales from the Early Years Vocals
2011 You I Need (Single) Vocals
2011 The Beginning of Times Vocals
2013 Hopeless Days (Single) Vocals
2013 The Wanderer (Single) Vocals
2013 Circle Vocals
2015 Death of a King (Single) Vocals
2015 Sacrifice (Single) Vocals
2015 Under the Red Cloud Vocals (lead)
2015 Tales from Lake Bodom (Split) Vocals
2017 An Evening with Friends at Huvila (Live album) Vocals
2018 Legacy of Time (Compilation) Vocals
2018 Honeyflow (Single) Vocals
2018 Queen of Time Vocals (lead)
2021 Brother and Sister (Single) Vocals (lead)
2021 Live at Helsinki Ice Hall (Live album) Vocals (lead)
2021 Daughter of Hate / House of Sleep (Single) Vocals
2022 On the Dark Waters (Single) Vocals (lead)
2022 Halo Vocals (lead)
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Dead Talks



Vocals (2017-present)

2017 Mirrors (Single) Vocals
2017 No Stars upon the Bridge Vocals


Vocals (2005-present)

2005 Last of the Stories of Long Past Glories Vocals (as "T. Joutsen")
2008 Sinisthra Promo 2008 (Demo) Vocals
2020 The Broad and Beaten Way Lyrics, Songwriting, Vocals

Corpse Molester Cult

Guitars, Vocals (backing)

2008 Corpse Molester Cult (Demo) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2015 Benedictus Perverticus (EP) Guitars, Vocals (backing)



Funeral Jacket

Vocals (1999-?)

1999 Rock You Vol 1. (Split) Vocals



1995 Käsi (Demo) Vocals (as "Tomi")
1997 Käsi (EP) Vocals


Vocals (2017)

2017 The Anniversary Song (Single) Vocals

Battle Beast

2017 Bringer of Pain Vocals (track 6)


2007 Carrion Vocals (tracks 2, 5, 6, 10, 11)

Hanging Garden

2017 I Am Become Vocals (track 2)

Lost Society

2020 Artificial (Single) Vocals (backing)
2020 No Absolution Vocals (backing) (tracks 4, 9)


2007 Pretty White Dress (Single) Vocals (backing)

October Falls

2013 The Plague of a Coming Age Vocals (clean) (tracks 5, 7)


2019 Verkligheten Vocals (track 11)


2016 Elokuutio Vocals (track 3)

Swallow the Sun

2007 Don't Fall Asleep (Single) Vocals (track 2)
2007 Hope Vocals (Track 9)


2009 Dirt Metal Vocals (track 5)

Total Devastation

2008 Honour the Disorder Vocals (track 3)


2007 Release Date Vocals (track 13)


1997 Käsi (EP) Photography (as "Tomi")
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