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Tomasz "Hal" Halicki

Tomasz "Hal" Halicki

Real/full name:
Tomasz Halicki
42 (born Dec 18th, 1976)
Place of origin:
Poland (Białystok)


Tomasz is also a graphic artist operating under the moniker Primeval Era Rising.

Contact: [email protected]

Abused Majesty

As Hal:
Vocals, Bass (2001-2011, 2014-present)

2004 Serpenthrone Vocals, Bass
2006 Crusade for Immortality (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2008 ...So Man Created God in His Own Image Vocals, Bass
2014 Somnambulism (EP) Bass, Vocals

Evil Machine

As Hal:
Guitars, Vocals (2004-present)

2013 War in Heaven Guitars, Vocals


As Hal:
Bass, Vocals (live) (2003-?)

2004 Before the Eden - Awaiting the Fire (EP) Bass
2006 Eden's Fire Bass
2008 After the Fire - Ashes (EP) Bass
2008 Cold Blood Messiah Bass


As Hal:
Bass (2011-present)

2014 Go to Hell (Single) Bass
2014 Tibi et Igni Bass
2015 Future of the Past II - Hell in the East Bass
2015 Before the Age of Chaos - Live 2015 (Live album) Bass
2016 Iron Times (EP) Bass
2016 The Empire Bass
2019 Thy Messenger (EP) Bass

Dead Infection

As Hal:
Bass, Vocals (2006-2011)

2008 Corpses of the Universe (EP) Bass, Vocals
2009 Heartburn Result / Yyyaaaaaah (Split) Bass, Vocals
2009 Furniture Obsession / Gore We Trust... (Split) Bass, Vocals


Bass, Vocals

2001 Alternative Emotions (Demo) Vocals


Vocals (1998-2001)

2000 Parallel Dimensions (Demo) Vocals (as "Halik")

Via Mistica

Bass, Vocals (harsh) (1998-2002)

1999 In Hora Mortis Nostre (Demo) Bass, Vocals (growls) (as "Halik")
2003 Testamentum (In Hora Mortis Nostre) Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Tomasz")


As Hal:

2012 Stairs to Nowhere Bass

Effect Murder

As Hal:

2010 Architects of Sense Vocals (track 7)


2008 XXV Bass (CD2, track 9)


2015 Corpus Hermeticum Vocals (track 3)

Abused Majesty

2001 Gods Are with Us (Demo) Layout, Cover art (as "Hal")
2004 Serpenthrone Graphics, Lyrics (as "Hal")
2006 Crusade for Immortality (Demo) Lyrics, Cover art, layout, Lyrics (as "Hal")
2014 Somnambulism (EP) Cover art (as "Hal")


2012 Alive... in Poland 2011 (Back After 22 Years) (Live album) Cover art, Layout


2008 The Last Days of Ouroboros Cover art
2014 Subterranean Antiquity Frontcover, layout
2014 Subterranean Antiquity Layout, Artwork, Layout

Dead Infection

1993 Surgical Disembowelment Cover art (as "Tomasz Halicki")
2001 Dead Singles Collection (Compilation) Design (as "Hal")
2008 Corpses of the Universe (EP) Artwork (as "Hal")
2009 Furniture Obsession / Gore We Trust... (Split) Cover art (as "Hal")
2014 Looking for Victims / The Idealist (Split) Frontcover (only Dead Infection part)

Evil Machine

2013 War in Heaven Design (as "Hal")


2004 Before the Eden - Awaiting the Fire (EP) Cover art, Layout (as "Hal")

Markiz de Sade

2010 Judasz 1985 (Compilation) Cover art
2010 Sen schizofrenika Cover art, Layout


2015 Necrolust (Demo) Graphics
2015 Necrolust (Demo) Graphics
2015 Live in Decay (Demo) Design
2015 Necrolust (Demo) Layout
2015 Necrolust (Demo) Graphics
2015 Future of the Past II - Hell in the East Layout, DTP (as "Tomasz Halicki")
2016 Iron Times (EP) Cover concept

Via Mistica

2003 Testamentum (In Hora Mortis Nostre) Cover art, Layout
2004 Fallen Angels Cover art, Layout
2006 Under My Eyelids Cover art, Layout (as "Hal")
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