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Tom Martin

Tom Martin

Real/full name:
Tom Martin
43 (born Apr 5th, 1976)
Place of origin:
United States (Amherst, Massachusetts)


Designed Bonded by Blood's logo.

Lich King

Vocals (2004-2015), Songwriting (2015-present)

2006 Necromantic Maelstrom (Demo) Vocals
2007 Necromantic Maelstrom Vocals
2008 Toxic Zombie Onslaught Vocals
2010 World Gone Dead Vocals
2011 Super Retro Thrash Vocals
2012 Born of the Bomb Vocals
2012 Crossover Songs Are Too Damn Short (Single) Vocals
2013 Lich King V: Stalemate (Single) Vocals
2014 Do-Over (EP) Vocals
2015 I Quit (Single) Vocals
2017 The Omniclasm Vocals
(show all)

Condition Critical

2016 Extermination Plan Vocals (track 4)

Smash Potater

2015 The Full Length Unknown (track 11)


2010 Deutschland (EP) Cover art

Bonded by Blood

2006 Four Pints of Blood (Demo) Cover art, Logo
2007 Extinguish the Weak (EP) Logo, Cover art
2008 Feed the Beast Cover art, Logo
2010 Exiled to Earth Logo
2012 The Aftermath Logo


2009 Brutallion Demo (Demo) Logo

Chemical Way

2013 U.F.NO! (EP) Cover art, Design


2014 Grab the Reins Artwork

Genetic Mutation

2011 Toxic Force Cover art


2009 Army of Darkness (Demo) Artwork
2011 A Necessary Evil (Demo) Logo
2013 Power Behind the Throne Logo
2014 Prepare for War (EP) Logo
2015 God from the Machine Logo


2011 Stalagmite of Ice Cover art
2012 Hypothermia (EP) Cover Art

Lich King

2006 Necromantic Maelstrom (Demo) Cover art
2007 Necromantic Maelstrom Cover art
2008 Toxic Zombie Onslaught Cover art
2010 World Gone Dead Producer, Artwork
2011 Super Retro Thrash Cover art
2012 Born of the Bomb Cover art
2012 Crossover Songs Are Too Damn Short (Single) Cover art
2014 Do-Over (EP) Cover art
2015 I Quit (Single) Cover art
2017 The Omniclasm Logo, Cover art

Mentally Defiled

2009 The Thrash Brigade Cover art (reissue)


2012 Mutagenocide (EP) Logo
2014 Devolve (EP) Logo
2015 Demo 2015 (Demo) Logo


2009 Laserdrome (EP) Cover art


2016 AVP EP (EP) Cover art


2015 Shantanu (EP) Cover art


2012 High on Metal Cover art
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