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Toby Driver

Toby Driver

Real/full name:
Toby Driver
45 (born Sep 29th, 1978)
Place of birth:
United States (Brooklyn, New York)


Runs Ice Level Music.


Designed the cover art for the album Sparks by Matthew Serra's band Wet Math.

Alora Crucible

Guitars, Arrangements (2021-present)


Vocals, Guitars (2010-present)

2011 Presences of Absences Guitars, Vocals



Kayo Dot

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Organ, Double bass, Cello, Clarinet, Tuba, Percussion (2003-present)

2003 Choirs of the Eye Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Double bass, Cello, Clarinet, Tuba
2006 Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Clarinet, Percussion
2006 Kayo Dot / Bloody Panda (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Clarinet, Rhodes Piano
2008 Blue Lambency Downward Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Clarinet (soprano), Malletophone, Gong
2009 Champions of Sound 2008 (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2010 Coyote Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2010 Live in Bonn (Live album) Vocals, Guitars, Bass (track 6)
2010 Stained Glass (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Glockenspiel
2012 Gamma Knife Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2013 Hubardo Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Organ, Percussion
2014 Kraków (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2014 Coffins on Io Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
2016 Plastic House on Base of Sky Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2019 Blasphemy Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Samples, Percussion
2020 Live at Reggie's, Chicago, March 21, 2014 (Live album) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
2021 Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike Synth, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Programming
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Everything (2020-present)

Piggy Black Cross

Producer, Songwriting (2019-present)

Snares of Sixes

Unknown (2020-present)

Tartar Lamb II

Bass, Vocals (2011-present)

Toby Driver

Everything (2005-present)


Bass, Guitars (baritone), Keyboards (2012-present)

2012 Selenelion Bass, Guitars (baritone), Keyboards
2013 The Missing Bass, Keyboards
2019 Sables Bass
2022 Vista of Deviant Anatomies Bass, Guitars, Synths, Tape manipulation, Drums, Drum programming

Gregor Samsa

Guitars, Clarinet, Vibraphone

Maudlin of the Well

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Cello, Keyboards, Percussion

1995 The Day That Knew No End / The Palace (Demo) Keys, Guitar, Clarinet
1996 Through Languid Veins (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Clarinet, Keyboards, Drums, Songwriting
1997 Sacred Spaces: Second, January 1997 (Demo) Guitar, Keys, Drums
1999 My Fruit PsychoBells... A Seed Combustible Lyrics (tracks 1, 5, 7), Vocals (backing), Keyboards, Guitars, Songwriting, Clarinet, Bass (as "Tobias D.")
2001 Leaving Your Body Map Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Cello, Guitar
2001 Bath Cello, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars (as "Tobias Driver")
2001 Secret Song (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Cello, Keyboards
2009 Part the Second Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Hand claps, Guitars (baritone), Lyrics

Tartar Lamb

Guitars, Bass, Synthetizers, Vocals (2006-2011)

Secret Chiefs 3


Bloody Panda

2011 Summon: Invocation Remixing (track 4)

Kayo Dot

2003 Choirs of the Eye Cover art, Producer
2006 Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue Artwork, Lyrics (track 2)
2006 Kayo Dot / Bloody Panda (Split) Artwork
2008 Blue Lambency Downward Artwork
2010 Coyote Artwork
2010 Stained Glass (EP) Artwork
2012 Gamma Knife Recording
2013 Hubardo Photography (band), Producer
2014 Coffins on Io Artwork
2019 Blasphemy Producer, Layout, Recording (additional)
2021 Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike Layout, Recording, Art direction, Mixing
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Maudlin of the Well

1996 Through Languid Veins (Demo) Artwork, Producer
1999 My Fruit PsychoBells... A Seed Combustible Engineering, Producer (as "Tobias")
2001 Bath Artwork
2001 Leaving Your Body Map Artwork
2001 Secret Song (Single) Artwork
2009 Part the Second Artwork, Producer


2008 Pyramids Remixing (2-1), Artwork
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