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Tobias Forge

Tobias Forge

Real/full name:
Tobias Jens Forge
38 (born Mar 3rd, 1981)
Place of origin:
Sweden (Linköping)


An ongoing gag is his propensity for slightly altering his Ghost pseudonym every several years, with the band claiming each Papa Emeritus is a different vocalist and that the previous ones are deceased. From 2008 to 2012, he was known as Papa Emeritus. Then from 2012 to 2015, a "II" was added to the end of his name. Another 3 years had elapsed, during which he was "III". As of 2018, he is ...


As Cardinal Copia:
Vocals (2006-present)

2010 Elizabeth (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Bass (as "Papa Emeritus I")
2010 Opus Eponymous Vocals, Guitars, Bass (tracks 6, 9) (as "Papa Emeritus I")
2013 Secular Haze (Single) Vocals (as "Papa Emeritus II")
2013 Infestissumam Vocals, Guitars (as "Papa Emeritus II")
2013 Year Zero (Single) Vocals (as "Papa Emeritus II")
2013 If You Have Ghost (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass (as "Papa Emeritus II")
2015 Cirice (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (as "Papa Emeritus III")
2015 From the Pinnacle to the Pit (Single) Vocals (as "Papa Emeritus III")
2015 Majesty (Single) Vocals, Guitar (as "Papa Emeritus III")
2015 Meliora Vocals, Guitars (as "Papa Emeritus III")
2016 Square Hammer (Single) Vocals, Guitars (as "Papa Emeritus III")
2016 Popestar (EP) Vocals, Guitars (as "Papa Emeritus III")
2017 He Is (Single) Vocals (as "Papa Emeritus III")
2017 Ceremony and Devotion (Live album) Vocals (as "Papa Emeritus III")
2018 Rats (Single) Vocals
2018 Prequelle Guitars, Bass, Vocals
(show all)


As Mary Goore:
Guitars (2000-2002)

Magna Carta Cartel

Guitars, Bass, Vocals (2006-2008)

Onkel Kånkel



As Mary Goore:
Vocals, Guitars (1998-2004, 2010)

1999 Spawn of Pure Malevolence (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
1999 Hecatomb (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2001 Draped in Cerecloth (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2002 Dunkel besatthet (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2003 Live in Stockholm 21.03.2003 (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2004 Premature Burial (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2006 Epitome of Darkness Vocals, Guitars


Vocals, Guitars, Bass (2002-2007)


As Leviathan:
All instruments

1996 Metamorphis (Demo) Guitars, Bass


As Papa Emeritus III:

2018 House of Doom (Single) Vocals (additional)


As Mary Goore:

2002 Tombstone Tales / Second Ejaculation Vocals (track 8)


2010 Elizabeth (Single) Songwriting, Lyrics (as "A Ghoul Writer")
2010 Opus Eponymous Songwriting, Lyrics, Producer (as Gene Walker) (as "A Ghoul Writer")
2013 Secular Haze (Single) Songwriting, Lyrics (track 1) (as "A Ghoul Writer")
2013 Infestissumam Songwriting, Lyrics (as "A Ghoul Writer")
2013 Year Zero (Single) Songwriting, Lyrics (as "A Ghoul Writer")
2013 If You Have Ghost (EP) Songwriting, Lyrics (track 5) (as "A Ghoul Writer")
2015 Cirice (Single) Songwriting, Lyrics (as "A Ghoul Writer")
2015 Meliora Songwriting, Lyrics (as "A Ghoul Writer")
2016 Square Hammer (Single) Songwriting, Lyrics (as "A Ghoul Writer")
2016 Popestar (EP) Songwriting, Lyrics (as "A Ghoul Writer")


1999 Spawn of Pure Malevolence (Demo) Artwork, Layout
1999 Hecatomb (EP) Artwork (as "Mary Goore")
2001 Draped in Cerecloth (Demo) Artwork (as "Mary Goore")
2006 Epitome of Darkness Artwork, Design (as "Mary Goore")


1999 Reincarnated Souls of Hell (Demo) Lyrics (track 1) (as "Mary Goore")


2000 Demo 1 2000 (Demo) Logo
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