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Timo Kotipelto

Timo Kotipelto

Real/full name:
Timo Antero Kotipelto
51 (born Mar 15th, 1969)
Place of origin:
Finland (Lappajärvi, South Ostrobothnia)


He studied vocals at the pop/jazz conservatory in Helsinki, briefly singing for an amateur cover band named Filthy Asses. In summer of 1994, he applied to Stratovarius, who were looking for a singer at the time, and was accepted. His arrival corresponds closely with the band's rise to international fame. The first album he recorded with the band was Fourth Dimension, in 1995. Stratovarius has ...


Kotipelto is currently the longest standing member of Stratovarius, after the departure of Timo Tolkki.

Performs acoustic rock covers with Jani Liimatainen, as Kotipelto and Liimatainen.
They released an album, titled "Blackoustic", in 2012.

Cain's Offering

Vocals (lead) (2009-present)

2009 Gather the Faithful Vocals (lead)
2015 Stormcrow Vocals


Vocals (2001-2008)

2002 Waiting for the Dawn Vocals, Lyrics
2002 Beginning (Single) Vocals
2003 The New Found Power Campaign (Split) Vocals
2004 Reasons (Single) Vocals
2004 Coldness Vocals
2004 Take Me Away (Single) Vocals
2007 Sleep Well (Single) Vocals
2007 Serenity Vocals

Kotipelto & Liimatainen

Vocals, Guitars (2009-present)


Vocals (1994-2004, 2005-present)

1995 Fourth Dimension Vocals (lead)
1996 Father Time (Single) Vocals (tracks 1-3)
1996 Episode Vocals
1996 Will the Sun Rise? (Single) Vocals
1997 Black Diamond (Single) Vocals
1997 Visions Vocals
1997 The Kiss of Judas (Single) Vocals
1997 The Past and Now (Compilation) Vocals
1998 Visions of Europe (Live album) Vocals
1998 S.O.S. (Single) Vocals
1998 Destiny Vocals
1999 The Chosen Ones (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 1, 3, 6, 8, 10-11, 13-16)
2000 Infinite Vocals
2000 Hunting High and Low (Single) Vocals
2000 I Want Out / Hunting High and Low (Split) Vocals
2000 It's a Mystery (Single) Vocals
2000 A Million Light Years Away (Single) Vocals
2000 Infinite Visions (Video) Vocals
2001 Intermission (Compilation) Vocals
2002 Eagleheart (Single) Vocals
2003 Elements Pt. 1 Vocals
2003 I Walk to My Own Song (Single) Vocals
2003 Elements Pt. 2 Vocals
2005 Maniac Dance (Single) Vocals
2005 Stratovarius Vocals
2008 Revolution Renaissance (Demo) Vocals
2009 Deep Unknown (Single) Vocals
2009 Polaris Vocals (lead)
2010 Darkest Hours (EP) Vocals
2011 Elysium Vocals
2012 Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live in Tampere (Live album) Vocals
2012 Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live in Tampere (Video) Vocals
2013 Unbreakable (EP) Vocals
2013 Nemesis Vocals
2015 Eternal Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting (tracks 2, 6, 8)
2016 Best Of (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 1-6, 10-17, CD1; tracks 1-12, CD2; tracks 1-11, CD3)
2018 Unbreakable (Single) Vocals
2018 Enigma: Intermission II (Compilation) Vocals
(show all)

Filthy Asses


1991 Have No Fear (EP) Vocals


Vocals (2017)

2017 The Anniversary Song (Single) Vocals

Amberian Dawn

2012 Cold Kiss (Single) Vocals
2012 Circus Black Vocals (track 2)
2013 Re-Evolution Vocals (additional) (track 9)


2000 The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator Vocals (track 7)
2004 Universal Migrator Part I & II (Compilation) Vocals (CD2 track 7)


2019 Bändikouluun! Vocals (track 10)

Revolution Renaissance

2008 New Era Vocals (track 11)
2010 EP (EP) Vocals (tracks 6-8)

Sonata Arctica

2001 Silence Vocals (additional)
2012 I Have a Right (Single) Vocals (additional)
2012 Stones Grow Her Name Vocals (additional)
2013 Alone in Heaven (Single) Vocals (backing)


2017 The Second Big Bang Vocals [as Greibach the Mathematician] (tracks 2, 3, 12)


2017 Feliz Navidad (Single) Vocals (track 1)
2020 From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas) Vocals #16


1998 For the Glory of Nothing Vocals (backing) (tracks 2, 5)


2005 Tools of Destruction Vocals (backing)


1999 While the World Awaits Vocals (backing)


2001 Beyond Abilities Vocals (tracks 2, 6)
2005 Accept the Fact Vocals (tracks 2, 6)
2009 Japanese Hospitality Vocals (track 2)
2010 The Evil That Warmen Do (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 2, 3, 9)


2002 Waiting for the Dawn Producer, Engineering
2002 Beginning (Single) Recording, Producer
2004 Reasons (Single) Lyrics
2004 Coldness Producer, Lyrics
2007 Serenity Producer


1998 Visions of Europe (Live album) Design
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