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Thomas Ewerhard

Thomas Ewerhard

Real/full name:
Thomas Ewerhard
52 (born 1971)
Place of birth:
Germany (Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia)


German graphic designer.

Breeding Fear


1993 Welcome (Demo) Vocals (as "Thomas")
1994 Braindead (Demo) Vocals (as "Thomas")
1996 The Chase Is On Vocals

After Forever

2007 Energize Me (Single) Design
2007 After Forever Artwork, Layout
2007 Equally Destructive (Single) Design

Am I Blood

1998 Agitation Cover art

Amon Amarth

1999 The Avenger Cover art, Layout
2001 The Crusher Cover art, Layout
2002 Versus the World Artwork
2004 Fate of Norns Cover art, Layout
2006 Wrath of the Norsemen (Video) Cover art, Design
2006 With Oden on Our Side Cover art, Design
2008 Twilight of the Thunder God Design, Layout
2009 Once Sent from the Golden Hall Layout
2010 Hymns to the Rising Sun (Compilation) Artwork
2011 Surtur Rising Design, Layout
2013 Under the Influence (EP) Design, Layout
2013 Deceiver of the Gods Artwork (packaging), Layout
2016 Jomsviking Layout, Artwork
2022 The Great Heathen Army Layout
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2010 Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes (Video) Design, Layout
2011 The Beginning of Times Layout


2017 The Edge of Innocence Cover art
2021 Primordium Artwork

Ari Koivunen

2008 Becoming Artwork, Design
2008 Tears Keep Falling (Single) Design

Arma Gathas

2010 Dead to This World Artwork, Layout, Logo

At Vance

2003 The Evil in You Cover art
2005 Chained Additional cover details
2007 VII Layout
2012 Facing Your Enemy Artwork, Layout


2007 Lost in Space (Part 2) (EP) Artwork, Layout
2007 Lost in Space (Part 1) (EP) Layout
2008 The Scarecrow Cover art, Layout
2008 The Metal Opera - Part I & II (Boxed set) Layout
2010 Two Originals (Boxed set) Layout
2010 Angel of Babylon Cover art, Layout
2010 The Wicked Symphony Cover art, Layout
2010 The Wicked Symphony & Angel of Babylon - Double Album Deluxe Edition (Boxed set) Layout
2011 The Flying Opera - Around the World in 20 Days - Live (Video) Cover art, Artwork
2013 The Mystery of Time (A Rock Epic) Design, Layout
2016 Ghostlights Cover art, Layout
2019 Moonglow Design
2022 A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society Layout
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Axel Rudi Pell

2021 Diamonds Unlocked II Artwork
2022 Lost XXIII Artwork
2023 The Ballads VI (Compilation) Cover art


2004 Actual Fantasy - Revisited Layout
2004 Into the Electric Castle (A Space Opera) Layout
2008 Timeline (Compilation) Layout
2013 The Theory of Everything Layout
2016 Actual Fantasy Revisited + 1996 Version (Compilation) Layout (additional) (2004 version)
2016 The Theater Equation (Video) Artwork, Design
2020 Transitus Logo


2003 Ballistic Logo design, Art concept, Artwork


2010 Insula Sacra Cover art

Betray My Secrets

1999 Betray My Secrets Cover art, Layout

Black Abyss

2012 Possessed Cover art

Black Majesty

2003 Sands of Time Sleeve design
2005 Silent Company Sleeve design
2007 Tomorrowland Sleeve design
2018 Children of the Abyss Cover art, Layout


2003 Soul Temptation Layout, Typesetting
2005 All Those Words (EP) Layout
2005 Liquid Monster Layout
2007 Hungry Layout, Logo
2007 Fire Walk with Me (Single) Layout
2008 Downburst Layout
2009 Memorial Roots Layout
2009 Just Highs No Lows (12 Years of Persistence) (Compilation) Layout, Design, Layout
2011 On the Spur of the Moment Layout, Design
2016 Scary Creatures Layout, Design

Burning Point

2003 Feeding the Flames Sleeve design


1998 Faithless Cover art


1998 Halls of Frozen North Cover art, Layout
2000 Eternal Winter's Prophecy Cover art
2002 Eskhata Cover art
2003 Chaos Born Layout, Artwork, Cover art
2005 Winternight Tragedies Artwork, Cover art


2002 Martyr's Melodies (EP) Cover art, Artwork

Circle II Circle

2003 Watching in Silence Cover art
2005 The Middle of Nowhere Cover art
2006 Burden of Truth Artwork, Design
2010 Consequence of Power Cover art

Cirith Ungol

2001 Servants of Chaos (Compilation) Design

Crack Up

1997 From the Ground Artwork

Cryonic Temple

2003 Blood, Guts & Glory Artwork
2005 In Thy Power Sleeve design

Crystal Ball

2003 Hellvetia Design
2005 Time Walker Cover art
2013 Anyone Can Be a Hero (Single) Artwork
2013 Dawnbreaker Artwork
2015 Liferider Cover art
2016 Déjà-Voodoo Artwork, Design
2018 Crystallizer Cover art
2019 2020 Cover art
2022 Crysteria Artwork (Background)


2000 For My King Cover art


1999 Arachnid Love (EP) Layout, Cover art


2001 Insanity Cover art, Layout
2002 Expanding Senses Cover art, Artwork


1999 Give Me Light Cover art, Layout, Design

Derek Sherinian

2003 Black Utopia Design
2020 The Phoenix Design


2001 The Antichrist Cover art, Layout


2003 Ill-Natured & Innoscent (Compilation) Layout

Digital Ruin

2000 Dwelling in the Out Cover art, Layout, Photography


1996 Seraphim (EP) Layout

Dimmu Borgir

1997 For all tid Layout
1997 For all tid Layout
2000 For all tid Layout
2001 Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia Layout


1997 Disbelief Layout
1998 Infected Cover art, Layout
2001 Worst Enemy Cover art
2002 Shine Cover art
2005 66Sick Artwork, Design
2010 Heal! (EP) Cover art

Dismal Euphony

1999 All Little Devils Cover art, Layout
2001 Python Zero Artwork (as "Thomas")


2005 Last Days of Utopia Design
2006 Stardawn Design


2007 O₃ A Trilogy - Part 2 Cover art
2008 O₃ A Trilogy - Part 3 Artwork, design


2004 One Step Beyond Design
2005 Resurrection Design

Eden's Curse

2007 Eden's Curse Artwork, Design
2008 Seven Deadly Sins - The Acoustic Sessions (EP) Artwork
2008 The Second Coming Design, Artwork
2011 Trinity Design, Artwork
2013 Symphony of Sin Artwork, Design
2015 Live with the Curse (Live album) Cover art
2016 Cardinal Artwork, Design
2017 Eden's Curse - Revisited Artwork


2004 A Livetime in Eden (Live album) Cover art
2004 Shine Cover art
2006 The Grand Design Cover Art, Design
2008 MyEarthDream Layout design


2001 Painting on the Wall (Single) Layout
2001 Mandrake Layout
2003 Burning Down the Opera (Live album) Design
2004 King of Fools (EP) Cover art, Layout
2004 Hellfire Club Cover art, Layout
2006 Rocket Ride Layout
2008 Tinnitus Sanctus Cover art, Layout
2009 Fucking with F*** - Live (Live album) Design
2011 Age of the Joker Layout
2014 Space Police (Defenders of the Crown) Design, Layout
2017 Monuments (Compilation) Design, Layout
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2004 Portrait of the Abyss Within Sleeve design
2006 Headquake Design
2006 Neighbourhell Sleeve design
2007 Blackenday Design (sleeve)
2008 Livequake (Live album) Cover art


2011 And She Says Gold Cover art, Design


1998 Break Cover art, Layout
2000 Juggling 9 or Dropping 10 Cover art
2002 Blink of an Eye Cover art, Layout
2004 Live at Last (Live album) Layout, Design
2005 Live at Last (Video) Layout, Design
2014 The Great Divide Layout, Artwork

Evidence One

2004 Tattooed Heart Design, Artwork
2007 The Sky Is the Limit Cover art


2003 The Sign of Tomorrow Design (sleeve)

Fates Warning

2016 Theories of Flight Design, Layout


2003 Godiva Design


2005 (N)Utopia Layout, Cover art

Gun Barrel

2003 Battle-Tested Design
2005 Bombard Your Soul Sleeve design


2000 Renegade Layout (as "Thomas")
2002 Hearts on Fire (Single) Layout
2002 Crimson Thunder Layout
2002 Hearts on Fire (Video) Layout
2003 One Crimson Night (Live album) Layout
2003 One Crimson Night (Video) Layout
2005 Blood Bound (Single) Layout
2005 Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken Layout
2006 Natural High (Single) Layout
2006 Threshold Layout
2007 Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years of Glory (Compilation) Artwork, Layout
2008 Masterpieces (Compilation) Layout
2008 Masterpieces (Compilation) Layout
2009 No Sacrifice, No Victory Layout
2014 (r)Evolution Layout
2016 Built to Last Layout
2022 Hammer of Dawn Layout
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Hate Squad

1997 Pzyco! Cover art


1998 Swallow Cover art, Layout


2012 Burning Sun (Single) Artwork


1999 Hypocrisy Cover art
2000 Into the Abyss Cover art, Layout
2001 Live & Clips (Video) Design
2001 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion (Compilation) Cover art, Layout
2002 Catch 22 Cover art, Layout
2004 The Arrival Cover art, Layout
2008 Catch 22 (V2.0.08) Cover art, Layout


2004 Hellucinate Design


2004 Silent Faces Sleeve design
2006 Inner Strength Sleeve design


2008 The Awakening (EP) Layout

Iron Mask

2011 Black as Death Design, Layout


2003 Break Out Design


2005 Walk in Mindfields Cover artwork

Jaded Heart

2005 Helluva Time Cover art, Artwork
2009 Perfect Insanity Cover art, Layout
2016 Guilty by Design Cover art, Design
2018 Devil's Gift Cover art, Design
2020 Stand Your Ground Artwork, Design

James LaBrie

2005 Elements of Persuasion Cover art
2010 Static Impulse Cover art
2022 Devil in Drag (Single) Cover art
2022 Beautiful Shade of Grey Artwork

Jon Oliva's Pain

2006 Straight-Jacket Memoirs (EP) Design
2006 Maniacal Renderings Front, back cover art
2008 Global Warning Artwork design
2010 Festival Cover art, Design


2006 The Duke Cover art, Layout
2007 Unlocking the Past Artwork, Design
2007 The Gathering (Compilation) Artwork, Design
2007 Live in America (Live album) Artwork
2008 Lonely Are the Brave Artwork
2009 Live in America (Video) Artwork
2009 Spirit Black Artwork


2001 Epic (The Poetry of War) Cover art, Layout
2002 Shadows & Dust Cover art, Layout
2004 Serenity in Fire Cover art, Layout


2017 Endless Pain Design
2017 Pleasure to Kill Design
2017 Extreme Aggression Design
2018 Coma of Souls Design
2018 Outcast Design
2018 Cause for Conflict Artwork
2018 Outcast Design
2019 Outcast Design


2017 Big Rocks Design, Artwork
2021 Adios Amigos Live @ Wacken (Live album) Design

Lacuna Coil

2002 Comalies Cover art, Layout

Mad Max

2013 Interceptor Cover art, Artwork, Design

Magic Kingdom

2004 Metallic Tragedy Sleeve design

Magnitude 9

1998 Chaos to Control Cover art, Layout
2001 Reality in Focus Cover art, Layout (as "Ewerhard")
2004 Decoding the Soul Cover art, Layout


1998 Excelsior! Cover art, Layout
1999 Angels of the Apocalypse Cover art


2002 Enlighten Me (EP) Layout
2003 Masterplan Cover art, Logo
2004 Back for My Life (EP) Layout
2005 Aeronautics Cover art, Layout
2007 Lost and Gone (EP) Artwork, Layout
2007 MK II Artwork, Design

Max Enix

2023 Far from Home Artwork


1998 Ten Miles High Cover art, Layout

Mob Rules

2005 Signs of the Time - Live (Live album) Artwork


2014 Retribution Layout


2009 Días de ceniza Cover art


2003 Office of Strategic Influence Cover art
2006 Free Design
2009 Blood Cover art

Pain of Salvation

2005 BE (Video) Artwork
2009 Ending Themes (On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation) (Video) Artwork
2009 The Second Death of Pain of Salvation (Live album) Artwork
2010 Road Salt One Cover art
2020 Panther Design

Pink Cream 69

2009 Live in Karlsruhe (Live album) Design

Planet X

2002 Moonbabies Layout


2000 Ice Cycles Layout

Poverty's No Crime

1999 Slave to the Mind Layout, Cover art
2001 One in a Million Layout, Cover art
2003 The Chemical Chaos Cover art, Layout

Primal Fear

2002 Black Sun Artwork
2004 Devil's Ground Layout

Prodigal Earth

2009 Zenith II Zero Design, Art direction


2008 Carved in Stone Artwork, Layout
2010 Strings to a Web Artwork, Cover art

Red Circuit

2006 Trance State Design, Logo, Artwork


2003 Night Visions Design

Ride the Sky

2007 New Protection Cover art, Layout, Logo


2004 State of Mind Cover art, Layout


2011 1079 Logo design


2005 Living on the Edge Artwork, Logo (as "Thomas Ewerhart")

Secret Sphere

2003 Scent of Human Desire Artwork, Layout

Section A

2003 The Seventh Sign Cover art, Layout


2006 Perception of Fear Cover art, Artwork
2008 The Nightmare Within Cover design, Artwork

Seven Tears

2007 In Every Frozen Tear Artwork, Layout

Shadow Gallery

2005 Room V Layout
2009 Digital Ghosts Layout


1999 Edge of Time Cover art, Layout

Sieges Even

2005 The Art of Navigating by the Stars Artwork, Layout
2007 Paramount Layout, Design

Silent Memorial

1999 Cosmic Handball Sleeve Design


2002 Suicide by My Side Cover art, Layout


1998 Aggressive Measures Cover art


2003 There Will Be Execution Cover art, Design


2000 Folkémon Layout (as "Thomas")

Sons of Apollo

2017 Psychotic Symphony Artwork, Layout
2019 Goodbye Divinity (Single) Artwork
2020 MMXX Artwork, Layout

Soul Secret

2017 Babel Artwork


2002 Under the Cross Cover art, Artwork, Layout
2018 Behind Closed Doors Artwork

Steel Prophet

2000 Messiah Layout
2000 Genesis (Compilation) Artwork (as "Thomas")
2001 Book of the Dead Layout, Artwork


2013 Paraíso Artwork
2015 The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime Artwork, Layout, Design

Symphony X

2001 Live on the Edge of Forever (Live album) Design, Layout
2002 The Odyssey Layout
2003 Twilight in Olympus Layout
2004 The Damnation Game Layout
2004 Symphony X Layout
2012 The Divine Wings of Tragedy Layout


2005 Godspeed Layout, Design
2007 Become Death Artwork, Layout


2006 The Beauty and the Beer Layout
2007 Best Case Scenario: 25 Years in Beers Cover art
2014 R.I.B. Layout, Design
2017 One Foot in the Grave Design
2022 Pavlov's Dawgs Design


2010 Upon Haunted Battlefields Logo
2013 Anteinferno Logo
2018 Coast of Gold Logo, T-symbol

The Crown

1998 Hell Is Here Cover art design
2000 Deathrace King Layout
2002 Crowned in Terror Cover art, Layout

The Gentle Storm

2015 The Diary Artwork, Layout

The Jelly Jam

2002 The Jelly Jam Layout
2004 The Jelly Jam 2 Graphics

Theatre of Tragedy

2002 Envision (Single) Artwork
2002 Assembly Artwork
2006 Storm (Single) Cover art (as "Thomas Ewerhand")
2006 Storm Cover art, Artwork
2009 Forever Is the World Cover art
2019 Remixed (Compilation) Cover art


2001 Secret of the Runes Cover art, Layout
2002 Live in Midgård (Live album) Cover art, Layout
2004 Lemuria Cover art
2004 Sirius B Cover art, Layout
2004 Lemuria / Sirius B (Compilation) Cover art
2006 Celebrators of Becoming (Video) Artwork, Design
2007 Gothic Kabbalah Design
2008 Live Gothic (Live album) Artwork
2009 The Miskolc Experience (Live album) Artwork
2010 Sitra Ahra Cover art, Layout
2012 Les fleurs du mal Layout, Photography
2013 Les Sucettes (Single) Artwork
2014 Adulruna Rediviva and Beyond (Video) Design, Artwork
2015 Garden of Evil (Video) Artwork, Design
2018 Beloved Antichrist Artwork, Design
2021 Leviathan Artwork, Layout
2022 Leviathan II Artwork, Design
(show all)


1997 Extinct Instinct Design
1998 Clone Cover & layout design
2001 Hypothetical Cover art, Design
2002 Critical Mass Artwork, Design
2004 Critical Energy (Live album) Layout, Cover art
2004 Critical Energy (Video) Layout, Cover art
2004 Subsurface Layout, Design
2007 The Ravages of Time (Compilation) Design, Artwork
2012 Psychedelicatessen Layout, Design


2002 Thunderstone Cover art, Logo, Layout
2004 The Burning Cover art, Layout, Realization
2005 Tools of Destruction Layout, Cover concept, Realization
2016 Apocalypse Again Design, Layout, Cover art


2001 Live in America (Live album) Design
2003 Live in Europe (Video) Design
2009 The Whirlwind Design, Layout
2014 Kaleidoscope Design, Layout
2021 The Absolute Universe Artwork


2009 DawnFall Cover art


2006 Sham of Perfection Sleeve design


2005 24/7 (EP) Cover art, Design
2007 The Wrong Side of Midnight (EP) Design
2012 U.D.O.: Celebrator (Rare Tracks) (Split) Layout, Design

Van Canto

2008 Hero Cover art

Vanden Plas

1997 The God Thing Additional Layout
2002 Beyond Daylight Artwork
2006 Christ Φ Artwork
2019 The Epic Works 1991-2015 (Boxed set) Design, Artwork


2011 Wolfskult Artwork


2003 Soulhunter Cover art


2008 Live: Sold Out (Video) Cover art

Warlock / Doro

2021 Warlock - Triumph and Agony (Live) (Live album) Design


2001 Metal Church Logo, Layout


2003 Odin Design
2005 Magic Circle Sleeve design

Woods of Wonders

2022 Lost Logo, Cover art
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