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Thiago Splatter

Thiago Splatter

Real/full name:
37 (born Jul 24th, 1985)
Place of birth:
Brazil (Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro)


Drums, Vocals

2004 Anguish of Torture (Demo) Vocals
2008 Unusual Sexual Methods...Using the Deformed Corpses (EP) Vocals

Blackmoon Eclipse

As Splatter:
Drums (2019-present)

2021 Lobos Drums

Bloody Lifeless Castle

As Splatter:

2020 Count of Shadows (EP) Drums



2021 Sickened Ritual of Flesh and Pus (Single) Drums
2021 Stinking like a Cemetery Grave (Demo) Drums


As T. Splatter:
Drums (2020-present)

2020 Spreading Disease and Plague to All Human Race (Demo) Drums
2020 Cataclysmic Oppositors Vomiting Iconoclastic Diseases Drums
2020 Bleeding Black (Single) Drums
2020 Rotten and Raw (Demo) Drums
2020 The Curse of the Black Blood Moon Drums
2021 .​.​.​Buried (EP) Drums
2021 The Temple ov Feretral Drums (as "Splatter")

Furunculo Anal

Vocals, Drums

2018 Ônibus da Suruba Vocals, Drums



2016 Kvlto Drums


As Splatter:
Drums (2015-present)

2016 Manto do Ceifador (EP) Drums
2017 Morte ao Mundo Drums
2019 Súplica às Moiras (EP) Drums


Drums, Vocals (backing) (2013-present)

2016 A Vez da Outra Face... Drums, Vocals (backing)

Licorgasmalcoolatra 39%

Drums, Vocals

2009 A Noite dos Baba Xotas (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2016 As Tequilas de Xereco Drums, Vocals

Lua de Plutão


2020 Halloweed (EP) Drums

Necrose Vaginal

Drums, Vocals

Obscure Relic


2020 Sons of Evil Power (Demo) Drums (as "Splatter")
2020 Sons of Evil Power (Demo) Drums (as "Splatter")
2020 First Black Communion (EP) Drums
2020 First Black Communion (EP) Drums
2020 Vultures Fly Near (Single) Drums (as "Splatter")
2020 Shields of Goathorns (Single) Drums (as "Splatter")
2020 Satan, Victorious! (Demo) Drums
2021 Black Sorcery Devotion Drums (as "Splatter")

Orgia Nuclear

2020 Arma Nuclear (Collaboration) Drums


Drums (2014-present)

Poem's Death

Drums (2014-present)

2019 Decade of Rebellion Drums


As T. Splatter:

2019 Promo 2019 A.B. (Demo) Drums
2019 Pombajira Drums

Power from Hell

As T. Splatter:
Drums (2018-present)

2019 Profound Evil Presence Drums
2022 Shadows Devouring Light Drums


As Splatter:

2020 Encased in Darkness Drums
2020 Ready to Chaos (EP) Drums

Twilight Burial


2008 Walking by Forest (Demo) Drums


As Splatter:
Drums (2009-present)

2009 Vida Longa ao Primitivo (EP) Drums
2012 Senhor de Tudo (The Satanist Sessions) (Demo) Drums (as "T. Splatter")
2013 Senhor de Tudo (EP) Drums
2014 Sob o Ciclo de Ouroboros (Split) Drums
2015 Decrepitude & Sabedoria Drums, Vocals (backing) (track 5)
2015 Osculum Obscenum (Split video) Drums
2016 Vida Longa ao Primitivo (Compilation) Drums
2016 Ao Vivo em Jandira (Live album) Drums
2017 Ao Vivo em Belo Horizonte (Live album) Drums
2017 Decrepitude & Sabedoria (Satanist Sessions) Drums
2017 Decrepitude e Sabedoria (Satanist Sessions) + Ao Vivo em Belo Horizonte (Compilation) Drums
2017 Velho / Amazarak (Split) Drums
2018 Ao Vivo em Divinópolis (Live album) Drums
2018 Live Black Magic Fest (Split) Drums
2019 O Retorno da Mesma Lua Drums
2020 Ao Vivo em Rio Negrinho (Live album) Drums
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Crunch Delights

Drums (2011-2014)


As Thiago:
Vocals (2005-?)

2005 Perverso Suíno (Demo) Vocals
2010 4-Way Brazilian Sexual Abuse (Split) Vocals

The Flame

Drums (2021-?)

2021 The First Sigh - Demo 2021 a.i. (Demo) Drums
2021 Fiery Advent (EP) Drums (as "TS")


Vocals (2012, 2017)

Imperador Belial

Drums (2011)

Orgia Nuclear

Drums (2019-?)


As Splatter:
Drums (2022-present)

Abyssal Forest

2019 Além da Grande Vasta Floresta (EP) Recording, Mixing

Bloody Lifeless Castle

2020 Count of Shadows (EP) Recording (as "Splatter")
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