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Real/full name:
Παναγιώτης Ματεμτζής
49 (born 1973)
Place of birth:
Greece (Limnos)


Formerly known as Mentor.


Bass (1993-present), Guitars (1995-present), Vocals (clean), Vocals (backing) (1996-present), Kanonaki (2010-present), Lyra, Bells, Singing bowl (2015)

1993 Promo '93 (Demo) Bass (as "Mentor")
1994 Suicidogenic / Sinn (Split) Bass (as "Mentor")
1994 Eumenides (EP) Bass (as "Mentor")
1996 Προς Κάβειρους (To Cavirs) (EP) Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing) (as "Mentor")
1997 Προς Κάβειρους (To Cavirs) Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing) (as "Mentor")
1999 Epoptia Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing) (as "Mentor")
2003 Δαίμων (Split) Guitars, Bass (as "Thertonax a.k.a. Mentor")
2005 Arai Guitars, Vocals (backing) (track 9)
2008 Ophiolatreia Guitars, Vocals (clean)
2010 To Uranus (EP) Guitars (tracks 1, 2, 3), Bass (tracks 4, 5, 6), Vocals (clean) (tracks 1, 2) (as "Thertonax a.k.a. Mentor")
2010 Athenian Echoes over Paris (Video) Guitars (as "Thertonax")
2011 Grunwald / Τιτανομαχία (Split) Guitars, Kanonaki
2012 Ισόθεος Guitars, Kanonaki
2012 Emissaries of a Profane Advent (Split) Guitars, Kanonaki
2014 Νυχτός τελετήσιν: 20 Years of Recordings (Compilation) Guitars, Bass, Kanonaki, Vocals (clean, backing)
2016 Πάτερ Ήλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα Guitars, Lyra, Bells, Singing bowl, Vocals (additional) (tracks 3, 6), Lyrics, Songwriting
2017 Εξιλασμός Guitars (lead, rhythm), Lyrics, Songwriting
2019 Αδράστεια Guitars (lead, rhythm, acoustic)
2020 Kawir / Yoth Iria ‎ (Split) Rhythm & Lead Guitars
2022 War of the Giants (EP) Guitars (lead)
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Guitars (2007-present)

Bestiis Dare


2019 Odio (EP) Guitars

Nocturnal Death

As Necromaniac:
Bass (1989-1992), Guitars (1989)

1989 Enthroned Death (Demo) Bass
1991 Live Demo 1991 (Demo) Bass
1992 Rehearsal 1992 (Demo) Bass


As Necromaniac:
Bass (1992)

1992 Sleeping Under Tartarus (EP) Bass



Nar Mataron

1999 Kosmos (EP) Guitars, Bass (track 4)


2003 Onyx Vocals (track 1)


2015 Under the Unholy Command Elysian vibrations (track 1)


1993 Promo '93 (Demo) Songwriting
1994 Suicidogenic / Sinn (Split) Songwriting (as "Mentor")
1994 Eumenides (EP) Songwriting (as "Mentor")
2016 Πάτερ Ήλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα Photography
2019 Αδράστεια Lyrics, Songwriting

Nar Mataron

1999 Kosmos (EP) Songwriting (track 4)


1995 Walpurgisnacht Songwriting (as "Mentor")
1997 Genesis of Apocryphal Desire (Compilation) Songwriting (track 10) (as "Mentor")
2004 Walpurgisnacht / His Majesty at the Swamp / The Lament of Gods (Compilation) Songwriting (disk 1) (as "Mentor")
2012 Genesis of the Unaltered Evil (Compilation) Songwriting (disk 2: track 7) (as "Mentor")
2020 Glorification Under the Latin Moon (Live album) Songwriting (tracks 3, 15) (as "Mentor")

Void Prayer

2021 Nidernes / Void Prayer (Split) Lyrics
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