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Ted Jensen

Ted Jensen

Real/full name:
Ted Jensen
69 (born Sep 19th, 1954)
Place of birth:
United States (New Haven, Connecticut)


Ted Jensen is an American recording engineer. Jensen is the chief mastering engineer at Sterling Sound. He started his career as a mastering engineer in 1976 and is currently the most active Mastering Engineer in the industry. In total, he has mastered, engineered, or mixed more than 2400 albums from more than 1100 pop and rock musicians.


In 2003, he received a Grammy Award as master engineer of the Norah Jones album, Come Away with Me, which won Album of the Year.
In recent years he has come under scrutiny for being the mastering engineer behind some of the most poorly mastered albums in terms of dynamics, usually referred to as the Loudness Wars; this includes the albums Death Magnetic by Metallica, and Black Gives Way to Blue ...


2012 Submission for Liberty Mastering

Alice in Chains

2009 A Looking in View (Single) Mastering
2009 Black Gives Way to Blue Mastering
2009 Your Decision (Single) Mastering
2013 Stone (Single) Mastering
2013 The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here Mastering


2011 Sonic Mass Mastering


2010 Scarsache Mastering


2017 Lost Soul (Single) Mastering
2017 The Monster I Am (Single) Mastering
2017 Beyond the Silence of These Years Mastering
2019 Ghosts (Single) Mastering
2019 Walking Dead (Single) Mastering
2019 White Dragon Mastering


2007 Worlds Collide Mastering (tracks 1-4, 6-8, 12, 13)


2009 Years in the Darkness Mastering

Armored Dawn

2021 Stronger Together (Single) Mastering
2022 S.O.S. (Single) Mastering
2023 Brand New Way (Single) Mastering
2023 Brand New Way Mastering

As I Lay Dying

2007 An Ocean Between Us Mastering (as "Ten Jensen")
2010 The Powerless Rise Mastering
2011 Decas (EP) Mastering (tracks 1-8)
2012 Awakened Mastering
2019 Shaped by Fire Mastering


2022 Animetic Mastering

Aziola Cry

2021 The Ironic Divide Mastering


2009 Evangelion Mastering
2014 The Satanist Mastering
2014 Xiądz (EP) Mastering

Black Tide

2008 Light from Above Mastering


1984 Unlaced Mastering
2002 Unlaced / Get It While It's Hot (Compilation) Mastering (tracks 1-9)


2022 Iridescence of Darkness (Single) Mastering
2022 Two Oceans Meet (Single) Mastering
2022 A Technical Default (EP) Mastering


1990 Live (Live album) Mastering
1991 Saves Mastering


2019 World War X Mastering


2014 Otura Ka Mastering
2016 Lust for Blood (Single) Mastering
2016 Self Made Hell (Single) Mastering
2019 Fire Mastering


2003 The Impossibility of Reason Mastering
2005 Chimaira Mastering
2007 Resurrection Mastering
2009 The Infection Mastering


2015 Xeno Mastering


2007 The Hinderers Mastering

Death Angel

2010 Relentless Retribution Mastering
2013 The Dream Calls for Blood Mastering
2016 The Evil Divide Mastering
2019 Humanicide Mastering
2020 Under Pressure (EP) Mastering
2021 The Bastard Tracks (Live album) Mastering


2022 Cancer Culture Mastering

Ded Chaplin

1990 Ded Chaplin 1st Mastering

Dee Snider

2016 We Are the Ones Mastering

Deep Purple

1997 Live at the Olympia '96 (Live album) Mastering


2014 The Human Contradiction Mastering
2016 Lunar Prelude (EP) Mastering
2016 Moonbathers Mastering
2017 A Decade of Delain - Live at Paradiso (Video) Mastering

Devil You Know

2014 Seven Years Alone (Single) Mastering
2014 The Beauty of Destruction Mastering


2005 Hold Back the Day (Single) Mastering
2005 The Fury of Our Maker's Hand Mastering


2012 Dumb (EP) Mastering

Domine Nation

2013 Titans' Rise Mastering


1995 Machine II Machine Mastering


1995 Lifer (Single) Mastering
1995 Stone the Crow (Single) Mastering
1995 NOLA Mastering
1996 Rehab (Single) Mastering
2002 Ghosts Along the Mississippi (Single) Mastering
2002 Beautifully Depressed (Single) Mastering
2002 Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow... Mastering

Dream Theater

1992 Images and Words Mastering
1993 Live at the Marquee (Live album) Mastering
1994 The Silent Man (Single) Mastering
1994 Wach auf! (Split) Mastering
1994 Awake Mastering
1994 Lie (Single) Mastering
1995 A Change of Seasons (EP) Mastering
2011 Original Album Series (Boxed set) Mastering
2011 A Dramatic Turn of Events Mastering
2013 Dream Theater Mastering
2016 The Astonishing Mastering
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1986 Too Many Skeletons Mastering

Fear Factory

1997 Remanufacture (Compilation) Mastering
1998 Obsolete Mastering
2003 Hatefiles (Compilation) Mastering
2004 Soul of a New Machine Remastering
2004 Soul of a New Machine Remastering
2005 Demanufacture Remastering
2005 Demanufacture Remastering
2006 Demanufacture Remastering


2022 Boombox Mastering (as "Ted Jenson")


2008 Reincarnation Mastering


2013 Secular Haze (Single) Mastering
2013 Infestissumam Mastering
2013 If You Have Ghost (EP) Mastering (track 5)
2021 Hunter's Moon (Single) Mastering
2022 Hunter's Moon (Split) Mastering
2023 Phantomime (EP) Mastering


2016 Magma Mastering
2021 Fortitude Mastering

Grief of War

2009 Worship Mastering


2020 Risin' Up (Single) Mastering
2021 Woman in White (Single) Mastering
2021 Streetlight Buzz (Single) Mastering
2021 Two's Up (Single) Mastering
2021 Misdirection (Single) Mastering
2021 Square One Mastering
2021 Square One Mastering


1997 Aftertaste Mastering
2004 Size Matters Mastering


1989 Taking My Breath Away (Single) Mastering
1989 Right Between the Eyes Mastering

In Flames

2019 I, the Mask Mastering
2020 Clayman 2020 (EP) Mastering
2020 Clayman Remastering
2022 State of Slow Decay (Single) Mastering
2022 The Great Deceiver (Single) Mastering
2022 Foregone Pt. 1 (Single) Mastering
2023 Foregone Mastering


2020 Order of the Mind Mastering

Iron Maiden

1989 Maiden England (Video) Mastering (2013 DVD & CD re-releases)
2013 Maiden England '88 (Live album) Mastering

Killswitch Engage

2006 As Daylight Dies Mastering
2009 Killswitch Engage Mastering
2016 Incarnate Mastering
2016 Beyond the Flames: Home Video Part II (Video) Mastering

Kobra and the Lotus

2014 High Priestess Mastering
2017 Prevail I Mastering (as "Ted Jenson")
2018 Prevail II Mastering
2019 Evolution Mastering


2014 Mistakes (Single) Mastering


2009 Hordes of Chaos Mastering
2012 Phantom Antichrist (Single) Mastering
2012 Phantom Antichrist Mastering
2012 Civilization Collapse (Single) Mastering


2010 Hoodoo Mastering

Lacuna Coil

2009 Shallow Life Mastering

Lamb of God

2020 666 - World Divided / Checkmate (Split) Mastering
2020 Lamb of God Mastering
2022 Omens Mastering
2023 Evidence (Single) Mastering


1987 Hurricane Eyes Mastering

Machine Head

1997 The More Things Change... Mastering
1999 The Burning Red Mastering
2000 Year of the Dragon: Tour Diary Japan (Compilation) Remastering (tracks 2, 4, 5-8)
2001 Supercharger Mastering
2011 Unto the Locust Mastering
2014 Bloodstone & Diamonds Mastering
2018 Catharsis Mastering
2020 Civil Unrest (Single) Mastering
2021 The Blackening (2021 Special Edition) Remastering
2022 Of Kingdom and Crown Mastering


2016 New Justice Mastering


2011 Black Tongue (Single) Mastering
2011 Curl of the Burl (Single) Mastering
2011 The Hunter Mastering
2014 Once More 'Round the Sun Mastering
2017 Cold Dark Place (EP) Mastering (tracks 1, 2, 4)
2021 Hushed and Grim Mastering


2001 The World Needs a Hero Remastering (reissue)
2004 The System Has Failed Remastering (reissue)
2010 Sudden Death (Single) Mastering
2011 Never Dead (Single) Mastering
2011 Public Enemy No. 1 (Single) Mastering
2011 Th1rt3en Mastering
2013 Super Collider Mastering
2016 Dystopia Mastering
2019 Warheads on Foreheads (Compilation) Mastering
2022 We'll Be Back (Single) Mastering
2022 The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead! Mastering
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Metal Allegiance

2015 Metal Allegiance Mastering
2016 Fallen Heroes (EP) Mastering


2006 The Videos 1989-2004 (Video) Mastering (stereo)
2008 The Day That Never Comes (Single) Mastering
2008 My Apocalypse (Single) Mastering
2008 Cyanide (Single) Mastering
2008 The Judas Kiss (Single) Mastering
2008 Death Magnetic Mastering
2008 All Nightmare Long (Single) Mastering
2009 Broken, Beat & Scarred (Single) Mastering
2009 The Metallica Collection (Boxed set) Mastering


2008 Destructive Device Mastering
2011 365 Mastering
2011 With Bare Hands Mastering

Misery Kills

2011 Evil Is Crowned Mastering

Miss May I

2014 Rise of the Lion Mastering

Mutiny Within

2010 Mutiny Within Mastering


2023 Raven Bones (Single) Mastering
2023 Hollow World Mastering


1995 Wrecking Your Neck Live (Live album) Mastering


2022 Celestial Labyrinth (EP) Mastering


1994 Planet Caravan (Single) Mastering
1994 5 Minutes Alone (Single) Mastering
1994 Hostile Moments 12" (EP) Mastering (Track 1)
1994 Driven Downunder (Boxed set) Mastering
1994 I'm Broken / Slaughtered (Single) Mastering
1994 Far Beyond Driven Mastering
1996 The Great Southern Trendkill Mastering
1997 Official Live: 101 Proof (Live album) Mastering
2010 1990-2000: A Decade of Domination (Compilation) Mastering
2011 Original Album Series (Boxed set) Mastering


1981 Metal Priestess (EP) Mastering


2010 Caravan (Single) Mastering


2007 Road to Bloodshed Mastering


2011 Call to Arms Mastering


2001 Nation Mastering

Shadows Fall

2007 Threads of Life Mastering


1990 Hard Way Mastering


2017 Not from Here Mastering


2017 Berdreyminn Mastering


2021 Phoenix Mastering


2002 3 Mastering
2004 Prophecy Mastering
2005 Dark Ages Mastering
2008 Conquer Mastering
2013 Bloodshed (Single) Mastering
2013 Savages Mastering


2012 King Animal Mastering


2005 Reborn Mastering

Svet Kant

2018 A Gaze Indifferent to Your Suffering (Single) Mastering
2018 The Cogs of Envy (Single) Mastering
2019 The Visage Unbiased Mastering

Taking Dawn

2010 Time to Burn Mastering

Thy Art Is Murder

2015 Holy War Mastering


2020 The Coven Mastering


2006 The Crusade Mastering
2008 Shogun Mastering
2011 In Waves Mastering
2013 Vengeance Falls Mastering
2020 What the Dead Men Say Mastering
2021 In the Court of the Dragon Mastering

Twisted Sister

1987 Love Is for Suckers (Single) Mastering
1987 Madonna / Twisted Sister (Split) Mastering (side B)
1987 Love Is for Suckers Mastering
1992 Big Hits and Nasty Cuts: The Best of Twisted Sister (Compilation) Remastering


2008 Lost in the Sound of Separation Mastering
2010 Ø (Disambiguation) Mastering
2011 Paper Lung / Past and Future Ruins (Split) Mastering
2018 Erase Me Mastering
2022 Voyeurist Mastering
2022 Hallelujah (Single) Mastering


2012 Unisonic Mastering


2023 A Feast on Sorrow Mastering


1995 Oxygen Mastering


1985 Victory Remastering


2022 Let the World Burn (EP) Mastering


2014 Our Endless War Mastering
2019 The Valley Mastering
2021 Kin Mastering

Within Temptation

2011 Faster (Single) Mastering
2011 The Unforgiving Mastering
2014 Hydra Mastering
2023 Ritual (Single) Mastering
2023 Bleed Out Mastering
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