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Tarek Maghary

Tarek Maghary

Real/full name:
Tarek Maghary
Place of birth:
Germany (Lauda)


Co-organizer of German "Keep it True" Festival.


As Tarek "Metal Son" Maghary:
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (2005-?)

2005 Fate Is Calling (Pt. I) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")


As Tarek "Metal Son" Maghary:
Vocals, Keyboards (1997-2008, 2011-2023), Guitars (1997-2003)

2000 Keep It True Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars (as "Tarek "Metal-Son" Maghary")
2002 Sword & Sorcery Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2003 Reign in Glory Vocals, Keyboards (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2004 Metal Law (Live album) Vocals, Keyboards (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2006 Sons of a New Millennium (EP) Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars (Track 5) (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2006 Hellforces Vocals, Keyboards (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2012 Shake the Ground (Video) Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
2013 Thunder Rider Vocals, Keyboards (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2013 Banners High Vocals (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2015 Generation Steel Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2017 Rebels Keyboards, Vocals
2019 Legends Vocals, Keyboards
2023 Back to Attack Vocals
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Vocals, Keyboards (2008-2011)

2009 Halloween (Single) Vocals (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2009 Metalforce Vocals, Keyboards


2006 Stardawn Vocals (choirs)


2004 Forces of Doom Guitar solo (track 9)

Ross the Boss

2008 New Metal Leader Keyboards (tracks 3, 9)

Atlantean Kodex

2007 The Hidden Folk / Two Stones (Split) Recording (drums)
2007 The Pnakotic Demos (Demo) Recording (drums)


2005 Fate Is Calling (Pt. I) Producer (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")

Final Breath

2002 Mind Explosion Recording (vocals)
2018 Of Death and Sin Recording (Drums)


2004 Trip to Nowhere Producer


2009 Capital Punishment Recording, Mixing


2000 Keep It True Lyrics (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2002 Sword & Sorcery Producer (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2003 Reign in Glory Recording (Track 11) (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2004 Metal Law (Live album) Producer, Recording (Studio)
2006 Sons of a New Millennium (EP) Producer (Track 5), Lyrics (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2006 Hellforces Lyrics (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2011 Own the Crown (Compilation) Producer (CD2 tracks 1-6)
2013 Thunder Rider Producer (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2013 Banners High Producer, Lyrics (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2015 Generation Steel Lyrics, Songwriting, Producer (as "Tarek "Metal Son" Maghary")
2017 Rebels Producer (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")
2019 Legends Guitars, Producer (as "Tarek "Metal Son" Maghary")
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Midnight Symphony

2006 My Secret (EP) Producer (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")

Ross the Boss

2008 New Metal Leader Recording (tracks 1-11) (as "Tarek "MS" Maghary")

The Mystery

2008 Soulcatcher Producer, Recording, Mixing
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