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Steve Sylvester

Steve Sylvester

Real/full name:
Stefano Silvestri
59 (born Aug 28th, 1960)
Place of origin:
Italy (Pesaro)


Founder of Lucifer Rising Records.

Steve Sylvester also appeared in the fourth season episode "666" of Italian TV series L'Ispettore Coliandro.

He's vegan since years now, and has been vegetarian since at least 1998-1999.

Death SS

Vocals (lead) (1977-1982, 1987-2008, 2012-present)

1981 The Horned God of the Witches (Demo) Vocals (as "Steve Sylvester, The Vampire")
1982 Demo II (Demo) Vocals (lead)
1987 The Story of Death SS Vol. 2 (Demo) Vocals (lead)
1987 The Story of Death SS 1977-1984 (Compilation) Vocals (lead) (tracks 1-5)
1988 Death of Steve Sylvester Vocals (lead)
1989 Vampire (Single) Vocals (lead)
1989 Black Mass Vocals (lead)
1990 Kings of Evil (Single) Vocals (lead)
1990 In the Darkness / The Mandrake Root (Single) Vocals (lead)
1991 Where Have You Gone? (Single) Vocals (lead)
1991 Heavy Demons / Baphomet (Single) Vocals (lead)
1991 Heavy Demons Vocals (lead)
1992 The Cursed Concert (Live album) Vocals (lead)
1993 Straight to Hell (Single) Vocals (lead)
1993 The Cursed Show (Video) Vocals (lead)
1996 Chains of Death (Single) Vocals (lead)
1997 Come to the Sabbath (Single) Vocals (lead)
1997 Guardian Angel (Single) Vocals (lead)
1997 Do What Thou Wilt Vocals
1998 Il ritorno degli occulti (Live album) Vocals (lead)
1998 Baron Samedi (Single) Vocals (lead)
1999 Scarlet Woman (Single) Vocals (lead)
2000 Lady of Babylon (Single) Vocals (lead)
2000 Hi-Tech Jesus (Single) Vocals (lead)
2000 Panic Vocals
2001 Transilvania (Single) Vocals (lead)
2001 Let the Sabbath Begin (Single) Vocals (lead)
2002 Humanomalies Vocals (lead)
2003 Sinful Dove (Single) Vocals (lead)
2003 Pain (Single) Vocals (lead)
2004 The Horned God of the Witches (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2005 Give 'Em Hell (Single) Vocals (lead)
2006 Live 1990 - The Complete Black Mass Show (Live album) Vocals (lead)
2006 The 7th Seal Vocals (lead)
2007 Transylvania / Trick or Treat (Single) Vocals (lead)
2009 Live 2008 I - Gods of Metal (Live album) Vocals (lead)
2010 Der Golem (Single) Vocals (lead)
2012 The Darkest Night (EP) Vocals (lead)
2013 Resurrection Vocals (lead), Lyrics
2014 Jingle Hells (Split) Vocals (lead)
2018 Rock 'n' Roll Armageddon Vocals (lead)
2019 Hell on Earth / The Sleep of Reason (Single) Vocals (lead)
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Sancta Sanctorum

Vocals (2007-?)

2010 The Shining Darkness Vocals
2011 Black Sun (EP) Vocals

Opus Dei

Vocals (2007-2010)


Vocals (1975-1977)

Steve Sylvester

Vocals (1993-1998)

1993 Free Man Vocals (lead)
1996 Broken Soul (Single) Vocals
1998 Mad Messiah Vocals (lead)
1998 Love Has Torn Me Apart (Single) Vocals


Vocals (2010-?)

Cultus Sanguine

2000 War Vol. III (Split) Vocals (track 1)


1997 Champion Eternal Vocals (backing)


2006 The Seductive Dwarf (EP) Vocals


2017 Reborn from the Ashes (EP) Narration (track 1)


2001 Masters of Magic Songs 1 & 9


2008 Dad Is Dead Vocals (lead) (track 13)


2015 Third Witness Vocals (track 8)


2007 Cicatriz Black Vocals


2003 King of Dreams Vocals (Track 5)


1999 Supreme Art of War Vocals (clean), Vocals (choirs) (track 6)


2015 Amygdala Vocals (track 6)


2009 Sleepless Unknown (track 9)

Death SS

1988 Death of Steve Sylvester Producer
1989 Black Mass Producer, Concept, Design
1990 Kings of Evil (Single) Producer
1991 Heavy Demons Producer
1992 The Cursed Concert (Live album) Cover art, Co-Producer
1997 Do What Thou Wilt Producer, Design, Art direction
1998 Baron Samedi (Single) Producer
2002 Humanomalies Artwork
2009 Live 2008 I - Gods of Metal (Live album) Producer
2013 Panic / Tallow Doll (Single) Lyrics, Artwork
2013 Death of Steve Sylvester Remastering
2013 Resurrection Producer
2013 The Story of Death SS 1977-1984 (Compilation) Artwork
2014 Jingle Hells (Split) Producer
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Sancta Sanctorum

2010 The Shining Darkness Producer, Artwork
2011 Black Sun (EP) Artwork, Producer

Steve Sylvester

1993 Free Man Producer, Cover concept, Design
1996 Broken Soul (Single) Producer
1998 Mad Messiah Producer
1998 Love Has Torn Me Apart (Single) Producer
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