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Steve Fontano

Steve Fontano

Real/full name:
Stephen M. Fontano
Place of birth:
United States


Producer, mixing engineer, songwriter and arranger.

Tony MacAlpine

1990 Eyes of the World Programming (Drum, Keyboard), Tambourine, Vocals (backing)


1987 The Forgotten Scroll Engineering
1988 The Eyes of Time Engineering, Producer
1990 Area 54 Lyrics (tracks 4, 10), Engineering, Songwriting (tracks 4, 10), Producer


1996 Into the Eye of the Storm Engineering, Mixing (tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7)


1987 Speed Metal Symphony Engineering
1988 Go Off! Engineering, Producer


1985 Mystery of Illusion Engineering, Mixing
1986 Ruler of the Wasteland Mixing, Producer, Recording (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
1987 The 7th of Never Mixing, Recording (vocals), Engineering
1990 For Those Who Dare Engineering, Recording
2004 The 7th & The Voice (Compilation) Mixing (tracks 1-9), Recording (vocals) (tracks 1-9), Engineering (tracks 1-9)


1986 Praise the Loud Mixing
1990 Retrospect (Compilation) Mixing (tracks 5-7, 10)
1995 Best: World Gone Mad + Praise the Loud (Compilation) Mixing (tracks 10-18)
1999 2-4-1 (Compilation) Mixing (tracks 10-18)

Dali's Dilemma

1999 Manifesto for Futurism Engineering (drums)

David T. Chastain

1989 Within the Heat Recording (drums, bass), Mixing
1992 Movements Thru Time (Compilation) Mixing, Recording (drums, bass)

Dr. Mastermind

1986 Dr. Mastermind Engineering, Producer


1984 No Escape Engineering, Producer
1984 Demo 1984 (Demo) Producer, Engineering
1986 Under the Spell Engineering, Producer (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
2016 Under the Spell (Compilation) Engineering, Producer (as "Stephen M. Fontano")

James Murphy

1996 Convergence Engineering (drums, bass)

Jason Becker

1988 Perpetual Burn Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2008 Collection (Compilation) Producer

Joey Tafolla

1987 Out of the Sun Engineering
1991 Infra-Blue Mixing, Producer, Recording


1989 Shock Waves Recording (drums, vocals), Mixing


1985 Non-Stop Rock Mixing


1997 Ghetto Machine Recording


1986 Project: Driver Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")

Marty Friedman

1992 Scenes Producer (tracks 5-8), Engineering, Mixing
1994 Introduction Producer
1996 True Obsessions Mixing, Engineering, Producer
2002 Music for Speeding Engineering


1993 The Breed Beyond (Split) Producer (track 2), Mixing (track 2), Engineering (track 2)
1993 Spheres Mixing, Producer, Engineering

Phantom Blue

1989 Phantom Blue Producer, Engineering

Racer X

1986 Street Lethal Producer, Mixing (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
1987 Second Heat Producer, Engineering
1988 Extreme Volume (Live album) Mixing, Producer (additional)

Tony MacAlpine

1985 Edge of Insanity Engineering
1987 Maximum Security Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
1990 Eyes of the World Mixing, Producer, Engineering
1994 Premonition Engineering
1995 Evolution Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2006 Collection: The Shrapnel Years (Compilation) Producer


1984 Scratch and Scream Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")

Vicious Rumors

1985 Soldiers of the Night Producer, Mixing
1988 Digital Dictator Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1998 Cyberchrist Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Vinnie Moore

1986 Mind's Eye Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
2006 Collection (Compilation) Producer


1984 Animal (Fuck like a Beast) (Single) Engineering
1984 I Wanna Be Somebody (Single) Engineering (track 1) (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
1984 W.A.S.P. Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
1984 L.O.V.E. Machine promo (Single) Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
1984 L.O.V.E. Machine (Single) Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
1984 Sleeping (in the Fire) promo (Single) Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
1984 School Daze (Single) Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
2002 W.A.S.P. & The Last Command (Compilation) Engineering (as "Stephen M. Fontano")
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