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Steve Crow

Steve Crow

Real/full name:
Steve Crow
Place of origin:
United States


Steve is also an artist who creates band logos, primarily for brutal death metal bands.


Guitars (2004-present)

2005 Mass Burial (Demo) Guitars
2007 Desecrate the Vile Guitars
2008 Promo 2008 (Demo) Guitars
2011 Realms of the Ungodly Guitars
2015 Devil Feast (Split video) Guitars
2017 His Divine Shadow Guitars


2011 The Echo of Her Cracking Chest (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2013 When Mutation Becomes Homicidal Logo
2014 Dishonor Logo

Architect of Dissonance

2015 Realm of the Deviant Throne Logo (as "Malevolent Icons Logos")
2016 Vile Mechanical Origin of Human Virulency (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons Logos")


2017 Mass of Bloated Entrails (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Logo
2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Logo
2015 Remnants of Chaotic Apogee Logo


2014 No Victim (Demo) Logo
2015 No Victim (EP) Logo


2006 Demo 2006 (Demo) Logo
2007 Promo 2007 / Promo 2008 (Demo) Logo
2007 Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies Logo
2011 Promo 2011 (Demo) Logo
2012 Membro Cephalic Symbiosis (Split) Logo

Cerebral Incubation

2009 Asphyxiating on Excrement Logo
2012 Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2007 Desecrate the Vile Logo, Layout
2011 Realms of the Ungodly Layout, Logo
2017 His Divine Shadow Logo (band), Layout (CD)


2009 2009 Promo (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2010 Sunken Chambers of Nephilim Logo
2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Misery Layout, Logo design (as "Malevolent Icon Design")

Euphoric Defilement

2011 Promo 2011 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2013 Ascending to the Worms Logo, Layout
2015 Live in Stockton (Live album) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Promo 2016 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2016 Cruelty Vomit of Hatred Logo (album title)


2008 Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation Logo, Layout
2010 Awakening Pestilent Beings Logo, Photography (individual band members)


2011 Seas of Rotting Vomit (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Promo 2013-14 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Iconic Vivisect

2011 Promo 2011 (Demo) Cover art
2014 Monument of Depravity Logo

Implements of Hell

2017 Propitiatory Punishment (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Indigestible Suppuration

2013 Blood Union (Split) Logo (Indigestible Suppuration) (as "Malevolent Icons")

Infecting the Swarm

2014 Pathogenesis Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Internal Devour

2014 Aborted and Slaughtered (EP) Logo
2016 Doomed to Disembowelment Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Ominous Scriptures

2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Logo
2015 Devouring the Moans (Single) Logo
2015 Incarnation of the Unheavenly Logo

Pathological Sadism

2017 Cadaverously Enwormed in Putridity (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Raped by Pigs

2014 Squealing to the New World Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Shemale Dismemberment on 69 Pieces (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Sculpting Atrocity

2010 Sculpting Atrocity (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2010 Ambiguous Deity Obscurus Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2012 Infusing Oblivion E.P. (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Short Bus Pile Up

2009 Promo 2009 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2010 Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2014 Guttural Species Logo (as "Malevolent Icons Logos")

Swine Overlord

2012 Demo 2012 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2013 Blood Union (Split) Logo (Swine Overlord) (as "Malevolent Icons")
2013 Anthology of Abominations (EP) Logo
2014 Parables of Umbral Transcendence Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Entheogenesis Logo

Visceral Throne

2010 Demo 2010 (Demo) Cover art
2012 Omnipotent Asperity Logo
2015 Those Who Have Fallen Beyond the Grace of God (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
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