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Steve Crow

Steve Crow

Real/full name:
Steve Crow
39 (born May 29th, 1984)
Place of birth:
United States (Imperial Beach, California)


Steve is also an artist who creates band logos, primarily for brutal death metal bands.


Guitars (2004-present)

2005 Mass Burial (Demo) Guitars
2007 Desecrate the Vile Guitars
2008 Promo CD 2008 (Demo) Guitars
2011 Realms of the Ungodly Guitars
2015 Devil Feast (Split video) Guitars
2017 His Divine Shadow Guitars, Songwriting
2023 Daemonium Guitars, Lyrics, Songwriting


2017 R * fp . ne . fl . fi . fc . L = N (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2017 S / 2 0 0 4 S 3 (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Abhorrent Castigation

2012 Enthralled by Abysmal Delusion (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Throne of Existential Abandonment Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2011 The Echo of Her Cracking Chest (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2013 When Mutation Becomes Homicidal Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2013 Expulsed to the Worthless (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Dishonor Logo (band) (as "Malevolent Icons")
2017 Reign of Terror Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2019 The Echo of Her Cracking Chest (Anniversary Edition) (EP) Logo, Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2022 Mercy Denied Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Architect of Dissonance

2015 Realm of the Deviant Throne Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Vile Mechanical Origin of Human Virulency (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2008 Occult Cataclysm - The New Era Rises Layout (as "Malevolent Icons")


2017 Mass of Bloated Entrails (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2019 The Abhorrent Truth (Single) Logo
2020 Abhorrent Defacement of Purity Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Remnants of Chaotic Apogee Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2014 No Victim (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Catatonic Rigidity

2015 Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination (Split) Logo (Catatonic Rigidity) (as "Malevolent Icons")


2006 Demo 2006 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2007 Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2007 Promo 2007 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2011 Promo 2011 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2012 Membro Cephalic Symbiosis (Split) Logo (Cephalotripsy) (as "Malevolent Icons")

Cerebral Incubation

2009 Asphyxiating on Excrement Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2012 Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2017 Bifurcation of Primordial Slamateurs Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2005 Mass Burial (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2007 Desecrate the Vile Logo, Layout (as "Malevolent Icons")
2008 Promo CD 2008 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2011 Realms of the Ungodly Layout, Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Devil Feast (Split video) Logo (Condemned) (as "Malevolent Icons")
2017 His Divine Shadow Layout (CD), Logo (band) (as "Malevolent Icons")

Delusional Parasitosis

2013 Demo 2013 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2019 Apathy (EP) "Demential" Logo


2014 The Stench of Human Flesh (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Carrion Lord (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Carrion Lord 2015 (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2014 Radical Excruciation Concept (Demo) Logo
2015 Into Decimated Reality Logo
2016 Apocalyptic Human Extinction Logo
2016 Alianza criminal (Split) Logo (Devast)


2009 2009 Promo (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2010 Sunken Chambers of Nephilim Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Misery Layout, Logo (as "Malevolent Icon Design")
2019 The Decaying Light Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2021 Broken Under Your Symbol of Atonement (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2018 The Summoning (EP) Logo

Draconian Reign

2022 Necromantic (EP) Logo


2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Realm of Endless Massacre (Split) Logo (Embryectomy) (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Promo 2016 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Gluttonous Mastication of Embryonic Remnants Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2018 Absolution Through Sacred Extrication (Split) Logo (Embryectomy) (as "Malevolent Icons")


2017 Subsumed Atrocities (EP) Logo
2018 Gold and Rust (EP) Logo
2019 Transcend (EP) Logo
2024 The Dying Planet Weeps Logo

Entrails Eradicated

2010 Viralocity (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2014 The Emptiness of All Things Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Euphoric Defilement

2011 Promo 2011 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2013 Ascending to the Worms Logo, Layout (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Live in Stockton (Live album) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Promo 2016 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Evil God

2008 The Deeds of the Antichrist (Demo) Layout (as "Malevolent Icons Graphics")


2014 Sunken Blades (Single) Logo
2018 Kingdom of Desolation Logo

Extremely Rotten

2013 Grotesque Acts of Humanity Layout (as "Malevolent Icons")


2016 Cruelty Vomit of Hatred Logo (album title) (as "Malevolent Icons")


2006 Splatter Fecal Matter (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2008 Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation Logo, Layout (as "Malevolent Icons")
2010 Awakening Pestilent Beings Logo, Photography (individual band members) (as "Malevolent Icons")
2018 Divine Indigenous Sacrament Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2011 Seas of Rotting Vomit (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Promo 2013-14 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Guttural Secrete

2013 Nourishing the Spoil Layout (as "Malevolent Icons")

Human Cordyceps

2015 Eternal Ascendancy (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Iconic Vivisect

2011 Promo 2011 (Demo) Cover art, Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Monument of Depravity Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Implements of Hell

2017 Propitiatory Punishment (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2019 Sea of Necrophenomena Logo

In Demise

2020 Conjuring Dystopia (EP) Logo

Incinerating the Infidels

2019 The Undivided Trinity (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Indecent Excision

2013 Rise of the Paraphiliac Demigod (EP) Logo (inner) (as "Malevolent Icons")


2020 Rumination (Single) Logo
2021 Sudden Deformity (Single) Logo
2021 Immolated Sculptures Logo

Infecting the Swarm

2013 Reshaping Cellular Structures (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Pathogenesis Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Internal Devour

2014 Aborted and Slaughtered (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Transmutation 2014 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Doomed to Disembowelment Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Intracranial Parasite

2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Deviations Period of Inhumane Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Leprous Divinity

2014 Enslavement (EP) Logo

Obscured Secretions

2011 Demo 2011 (Demo) Logo

Ominous Scriptures

2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Devouring the Moans (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Incarnation of the Unheavenly Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2020 The Fall of the Celestial Throne Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Pathological Sadism

2017 Cadaverously Enwormed in Putridity (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2016 Until All Flesh Decays Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Post Mortal Possession

2018 Perpetual Descent Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2020 Gates of Lyssa (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2020 Labyrinth Within Lunacy (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2020 Catacombs of Bedlam Logo (band) (as "Malevolent Icons")
2021 Valley of the Starving Logo

Raped by Pigs

2014 Squealing to the New World Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Shemale Dismemberment on 69 Pieces (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Relics of Humanity

2013 Promo 2013 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Ominously Reigning upon the Intangible Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2017 Stench of Burning Heavens (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2018 Reigning and Paralyzing (Video) Logo
2018 Decade ov Desacralization (Compilation) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Rendered Helpless

2016 Habitual Genocide (Single) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Unstoppable Parasites Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2017 Entities of Transdimensional Emergence Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2018 Hammer Smashed Face (Single) Logo
2018 Into the Pit (Single) Logo
2018 Living Monstrosity (Single) Logo
2019 With Their Flesh He'll Create (Single) Logo
2019 The Covers Collection (Compilation) Logo
2020 Nefarious Devourment (Single) Logo
2023 Cerebral Contamination Logo

Sculpting Atrocity

2010 Sculpting Atrocity (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2010 Ambiguous Deity Obscurus Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2012 Infusing Oblivion E.P. (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Short Bus Pile Up

2009 Promo 2009 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2010 Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2022 Early Slamography (Compilation) Logo (as "Steve Crow / Malevolent Icons")


2019 Illusions of Lunacy (EP) Logo


2014 Guttural Species Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2018 Worldwide Slamicide (Split) Logo (Splattered) (as "Malevolent Icons")

Swine Overlord

2012 Demo 2012 (Demo) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2013 Blood Union (Split) Logo (Swine Overlord, Indigestible Suppuration) (as "Malevolent Icons")
2013 Anthology of Abominations (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2014 Parables of Umbral Transcendence Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2016 Entheogenesis Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

The White Indian

2013 Sexy Time (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")


2019 Demonic Vomiting (Single) Logo
2019 Demonic Vomiting (Demo) Logo


2009 Eviscerate the Paraplegic Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Memetic Pandemic Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Virulent Excision

2020 Drug-Induced Psychosis (EP) Logo
2020 Heinous Interstellar Malformations (Split) Logo (Virulent Excision)

Visceral Disgorge

2011 Ingesting Putridity Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2019 Architects of Warping Flesh (Single) Logo
2019 Necrotic Biogenesis (Single) Logo
2019 Fucked into Oblivion (Single) Logo
2019 Slithering Evisceration Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")

Visceral Throne

2010 Demo 2010 (Demo) Cover art, Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2012 Omnipotent Asperity Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
2015 Those Who Have Fallen Beyond the Grace of God (EP) Logo (as "Malevolent Icons")
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