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Stephen Marcussen

Stephen Marcussen

Real/full name:
Stephen Marcussen
Place of birth:


Mastering engineer at Marcussen Mastering, Hollywood, California. Also worked for Precision Lacquer from 1979-1999 & at A&M Mastering Studios in 1999.


1996 Predator Mastering

Akira Takasaki

1996 Mastering

Alice in Chains

1995 Alice in Chains Mastering
1995 Grind (Single) Mastering
1996 Over Now (Single) Mastering
1996 Heaven Beside You (Part 2) (Single) Mastering
1996 Heaven Beside You (Part 1) (Single) Mastering
1996 MTV Unplugged (Live album) Mastering
1997 Again (Single) Mastering
1999 Get Born Again (Single) Mastering
1999 Music Bank (Compilation) Mastering
2000 Live (Live album) Mastering
2001 Greatest Hits (Compilation) Mastering
2006 The Essential Alice in Chains (Compilation) Mastering
2008 Discover (Compilation) Mastering
2011 Original Album Classics (Boxed set) Mastering
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2007 Memphis Mastering

Black Label Society

2003 The Blessed Hellride Mastering
2004 Hangover Music Vol. VI Mastering
2005 Mafia Mastering

Black Rain

2013 It Begins Mastering

Black Sabbath

2013 13 Mastering


1987 Fire Works Mastering

Bow Wow

1990 Mountain Top Mastering

Brutal Truth

1994 Need to Control Mastering


1993 Thrall-Demonsweatlive (EP) Mastering
1994 Until You Call on the Dark (Single) Mastering
1994 Danzig: 4p Mastering
1995 Cantspeak (Single) Mastering
1995 I Don't Mind the Pain (Single) Mastering

Dee Snider

2012 Dee Does Broadway Mastering


1994 Ella USA Mastering


1990 Objection Overruled (Single) Mastering
1990 The Lunatic Parade (Single) Mastering
1990 Impact Is Imminent Mastering


1987 Here It Comes (Single) Mastering
1987 E・Z・O Mastering

Fear Factory

2005 Transgression Mastering
2006 Transgression (Single) Mastering


2005 Ohmwork Mastering

Heaven & Hell

2009 Bible Black (Single) Mastering
2009 The Devil You Know Mastering
2009 Eating the Cannibals (Single) Mastering
2009 Follow the Tears (Single) Mastering


1993 Windmill (Single) Mastering
1993 When the Sinner (Single) Mastering
1993 Chameleon Mastering
1993 I Don't Wanna Cry No More (Single) Mastering
1993 Step Out of Hell (Single) Mastering


1984 Icon Mastering
2009 Axe Killer Warrior's Set: Icon + Night of the Crime (Compilation) Mastering


1997 Eye of the Hurricane Mastering, Engineering
2000 Crunch Mastering (as "Steven Marcussen")

In Flames

2008 The Mirror's Truth (EP) Mastering
2008 A Sense of Purpose Mastering

Jerry Cantrell

1996 Leave Me Alone (Single) Mastering
1998 Cut You In (Single) Mastering
1998 Boggy Depot Mastering
1998 My Song (Single) Mastering


1988 Heart Attack Mastering

Mari Hamada

1987 In the Precious Age Mastering (as "Stephan Marcussen")
1988 Love Never Turns Against Mastering
1989 Return to Myself Mastering
1990 Colors Mastering
1991 Tomorrow Mastering
1993 Anti-Heroine Mastering
1998 Philosophia Mastering (as "Stephan Marcussen")
2000 Blanche Mastering


1988 So Far, So Good... So What! Mastering
1993 Megabox Single Collection (Boxed set) Mastering
1997 The Originals (Boxed set) Mastering
2000 Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years (Compilation) Mastering
2004 Hell Wasn't Built in a Day: The Complete Remasters (Boxed set) Mastering
2005 Greatest Hits: Back to the Start (Compilation) Mastering


1993 Houdini Mastering
1996 Stag Mastering


1992 Vision (EP) Mastering
1994 Splinter Down (EP) Mastering
1994 The Next Room Mastering


2011 Lähellä/Etäällä (Single) Mastering


1995 Life Until Deaf Mastering
1997 Who We Are Mastering

Ozzy Osbourne

1993 Live & Loud (Live album) Mastering
1993 Live & Loud (Video) Mastering
2001 Gets Me Through (Single) Mastering
2001 Down to Earth Mastering
2002 Blizzard of Ozz Remastering
2002 Diary of a Madman Remastering
2002 Live at Budokan (Live album) Mastering
2002 Live at Budokan (Video) Mastering
2002 Dreamer (Single) Mastering


1993 Fact Mastering

Pink Cream 69

1991 One Size Fits All Mastering
1995 Change Mastering


1989 Absolute Power Mastering


1994 Promised Land Mastering
1997 Hear in the Now Frontier Mastering (as "Steve Marcussen")


2004 Feedback (EP) Mastering
2013 The Studio Albums 1989-2007 (Boxed set) Mastering


1999 Eye II Eye (Single) Mastering
1999 10 Light Years Away (Single) Mastering
1999 To Be No. 1 (Single) Mastering
1999 Eye II Eye Mastering (as "Steven Marcussen")

Sex Machineguns

2001 Barbe-Q★マイケル Mastering
2008 Cameron Mastering

Skid Row

1992 B-Side Ourselves (EP) Mastering


1994 Divine Intervention Mastering
1995 Serenity in Murder (EP) Mastering
1996 I Hate You (Single) Mastering
1996 Undisputed Attitude Mastering
1996 Abolish Government (Split) Mastering


1994 Wach auf! (Split) Mastering
1994 Low Mastering

Wicker Man

1995 Wicker Man Mastering

X Japan

1995 Longing ~跡切れた Melody~ (Single) Mastering
1996 Dahlia Mastering
2011 Jade (Single) Mastering
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