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Stefan Heilemann

Stefan Heilemann

Real/full name:
Stefan Heilemann
50 (born 1974)
Place of birth:
Germany (Bietigheim-Bissingen)


Photographer and visual artist residing in Stuttgart, Germany.

Leaves' Eyes

2009 Njord Vocals (backing) (track 1)


2015 The Boats of the Glen Carrig Photography
2023 The Coral Tombs Photography


2017 Revangels Cover art


2010 After the Storm Artwork, Cover art, Concept, Band Photos
2012 Die gottlosen Jahre (Video) Artwork, Photography (band), Cover concept
2013 Okkult Artwork, Photography, Cover concept
2017 Masters of Darkness (EP) Artwork, Photography
2018 Okkult II Artwork, Photography, Art concept
2022 Unspoken Names (Demo 1991) (Demo) Artwork
2023 Okkult III Artwork

Belle Morte

2021 Crime of Passion Cover art (as "Heilemania")

Beyond the Black

2018 Heart of the Hurricane Artwork, Photography (as "Heilemania")
2023 Beyond the Black Artwork, Photography (as "Heilemania")


2016 Nemesis Artwork
2020 The Raven's Shadow Cover art, Artwork
2022 Ad Astra Photography, Artwork


2020 Unbroken Photography, Artwork, Layout
2022 Inglorious Darkness Photography, Layout

Deep Sun

2016 Race Against Time Photography, Artwork
2019 Das Erbe der Welt Cover art
2022 Dreamland - Behind the Shades Artwork, Photography

Diabulus in Musica

2012 The Wanderer Artwork
2014 Argia Artwork
2016 Dirge for the Archons Artwork
2020 Euphonic Entropy Cover art (as "Heile")

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

2011 Moral & Wahnsinn Photography, Cover art, Layout (as "Heile")

Dimmu Borgir

2018 Eonian Photography (Shagrath's portrait)


2018 Fegefeuer Layout
2020 Leblos Layout


2009 Catharsis Artwork, Cover art, Photography


2009 The Classical Conspiracy - Live in Miskolc, Hungary (Live album) Art direction, Design
2009 Design Your Universe Artwork, Cover art, Art direction, Design, Photography
2012 Requiem for the Indifferent Covert art, Artwork, Photography (band), Art direction, Design (art), Logo
2013 Retrospect (10th Anniversary) (Video) Art direction, Design
2014 The Essence of Silence (Single) Artwork
2014 Unchain Utopia (Single) Artwork
2014 The Quantum Enigma Photography, Art direction, Design
2016 The Holographic Principle Design, Art direction, Photography (band)
2017 The Solace System (EP) Artwork
2020 Abyss of Time (EP) Artwork
2021 Omega Artwork
2021 Omega Alive (Live album) Artwork
2021 Omega Alive (Video) Artwork
2022 Live at Paradiso (Live album) Artwork
2022 The Final Lullaby (Single) Art direction
2022 The Great Tribulation (Single) Art direction
2022 The Alchemy Project (EP) Art direction
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Exit Eden

2024 Femmes Fatales Photography (as "Stephan Heilemann")

Farmer Boys

2018 Born Again Artwork (as "")


2023 Fegefeuer Photography
2024 Warriors Cover art


2019 Aurora Cover art, Design


2015 Южный крест Artwork, Design


2012 Silverthorn Cover art
2015 Haven Artwork, Layout
2018 The Shadow Theory Artwork
2020 I Am the Empire: Live from the 013 (Live album) Artwork (additional)


2012 Phantom Antichrist Photography (band)

Leaves' Eyes

2009 My Destiny (EP) Artwork, Photography (band)
2009 Njord Cover concept, Artwork, Photography
2010 At Heaven's End (EP) Artwork, Cover concept, Photography (band)
2011 Meredead Photography, Cover concept, Cover art
2011 Melusine (EP) Artwork, Cover concept, Photography (band)
2013 Symphonies of the Night Artwork, Photography (band)
2015 King of Kings Artwork, Photography (band)
2016 Fires in the North (EP) Artwork, Design concept, Photography (band)
2018 Sign of the Dragonhead Cover art (concept), Photography (band), Artwork
2019 Night of the Ravens (Single) Cover art
2019 Black Butterfly (EP) Cover art concept, Artwork, Photography
2020 The Last Viking Artwork, Cover art concept, Photography (band)
2024 Myths of Fate Cover art
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Legion of the Damned

2008 Cult of the Dead Photography
2010 Slaughtering... (Live album) Photography
2011 Descent into Chaos Photography
2014 Ravenous Plague Photography
2023 Poison Chalice Photography

Leng Tch'e

2017 Razorgrind Artwork, Layout

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody

2015 Rosenkreuz (The Rose and the Cross) (Single) Artwork
2015 Prometheus (Single) Artwork (as "Stefan "Heile" Heilemann")
2015 Prometheus (Symphonia Ignis Divinus) Cover art, Photography, Artwork
2016 Prometheus - The Dolby Atmos Experience / Cinematic and Live (Compilation) Artwork


2011 Quarterpast Artwork, Logo, Cover art
2014 Antagonise Artwork, Design
2018 Dhyana Photography (band), Art direction, Design
2018 Undercurrent (EP) Photography (band), Art direction, Design

Michael Schenker Fest

2018 Resurrection Photography, Artwork (as "Heilemania")


2011 The Metamorphosis Melody Photography, Artwork, Design
2018 The Aftermath Photography, Artwork (as "Heilemania")

Miracle Flair

2020 Synchronism Cover art

My Cold Embrace

2008 Hausgeist Cover art, Artwork, Photography


2012 Dogma Cover art, Artwork


2011 The Quiet Resistance Photography, Cover art, Artwork
2016 Uprise Photography, Artwork
2019 White Flag Photography (cover), Artwork

Orden Ogan

2021 Final Days Layout (as "Stefan "Heile" Heilemann")
2022 Final Days: Orden Ogan and Friends Layout (as "Stefan "Heile" Heilemann")


2011 Dirty Woman (Single) Cover art
2011 You Only Live Twice Photography, Layout, Cover art (as "Heilemania")
2012 We Come in Peace (Video) Artwork
2016 Coming Home Photography
2024 I Am Artwork, Photography, Layout

Primal Fear

2020 Metal Commando Layout (as "Heilemania")

Satanic Syndrome

2010 Ein Traum in Rot Cover art, Artwork, Photography


2011 Death & Legacy Cover art, Artwork, Photography

Sons of Seasons

2009 Gods of Vermin Artwork, Layout, Photography
2011 Magnisphyricon Artwork, Photography

Spoil Engine

2017 Stormsleeper Artwork (as "Heilemania")


2009 Geht durch die Wand Cover art, Photography (as "Heilemania")
2014 Schreit nach Vergeltung Cover art (as "Heilemania")


2011 Alloy Photography, Logo, Cover art
2018 Tectonic Photography, Artwork (as "Stefan "Heilemania" Heilemann")

Van Canto

2014 Dawn of the Brave Artwork, Photography
2016 Voices of Fire Photography
2021 To the Power of Eight Artwork


2016 Das Ende aller Lügen Artwork, Photography


2012 Neverworld's End Cover art, Layout, Artwork, Photography (band)
2014 Sacrificium Artwork, Layout, Photography (as "Heile")
2017 Theater of Dimensions Layout, Photography, Artwork (as "Heile")
2023 The Wonders Still Awaiting Editing (band photography) (as "Heile")
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