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Stan-W Decker

Stan-W Decker

Real/full name:
Stanislas W. Decker
49 (born Aug 2nd, 1972)
Place of birth:
France (Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)


Decker is a French graphic designer specialized in album art covers, packagings and logotypes.


As Stan Decker:
Bass (2002-2014)

2006 The Third Way Bass
2013 Resilience Bass


2014 Ultimatum Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2016 Non Serviam Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2020 Bestial Artwork (as "Stan-W. Decker")

Aeterna Hystoria

2008 Legends of Ausphaal Artwork (re-release) (as "Stan Decker")


2017 Land of Light Cover art, Design
2017 When the Time Has Come (Single) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")

Allen - Lande

2014 The Great Divide Cover artwork, Layout

Allen / Olzon

2020 Worlds Apart Artwork, Layout

Animal Drive

2018 Bite! Cover art


2021 Pierres brûlées Artwork (as "Stan W. Decker")


2010 Auf alten Pfaden (Demo) Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2011 Project X (Compilation) Artwork, Art direction (as "Stan Decker")


2006 The Third Way Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2013 Resilience Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Baptiste Brun

2022 Origin Artwork, Logo


2011 Cracking the Sledge Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2013 War of Will Design, Artwork

Bel O Kan

2009 Birth of a Queen Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2013 Thousands of Conquerors Artwork, Logo


2016 Line of Fear Cover art

Black Bart

2018 Casnewydd-Bach Artwork

Bloody Times

2019 On a Mission Cover art (as "Stan Decker")


2021 Roots Artwork, Layout


2015 Purgatory Artwork, Layout (as "Stan Decker")
2018 The Offering Layout, Cover art (as "Stan Decker")

Born Again

2017 Strike with Power Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2018 True Heavy Nation Cover art
2022 Live Hard, Die Free (EP) Artwork

Chaos Legions

2008 Hanging Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Course of Fate

2020 Mindweaver Cover art, Layout (as "Stan W Decker")


2021 Mendekua Artwork

Dario Mollo's Crossbones

2016 Rock the Cradle Artwork (as "Stan W. Decker")

Death Decline

2015 Built for Sin Cover art, Art concept, Layout (as "Stan Decker")
2018 The Thousand Faces of Lies Cover art, Design, Artwork


2014 Metal Influences Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2008 Soulgrinders from the Stars Artwork, Layout (as "Stan Decker")


2019 Extreme Power Metal Cover art, Layout


2013 A Notion of Causality Art direction, Artwork
2018 An Illusive Progress Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Erratic Escape

2012 Erratic Escape Cover art (as "Stan Decker")

Eternal Idol

2016 The Unrevealed Secret Cover art, Layout
2020 Renaissance Artwork, Cover art


2019 The Gathering Cover art, Layout


2015 Children of Hate Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2013 Origin of Madness Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2020 Fighting Hard Cover art


1999 The Last World Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2011 Storms of Genocide Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2015 Dracula: Swing of Death Layout, Artwork
2018 Vlad the Impaler Cover art, Layout


2018 The Nature of the Beast Artwork, Layout

In Arkadia

2010 Wasteland Chronicles Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2019 Induction Artwork, Design

Iron Mask

2016 Diabolica Artwork

Ite Missa Est

2011 Ante Bellum Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2014 Worldwaste (EP) Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Jerome Khattar

2020 Resurrection (EP) Artwork, Design


2016 Heavy Rock Radio Artwork, Layout
2017 Life on Death Road Artwork, Layout
2019 Live on Death Road (Live album) Artwork, Layout
2020 Heavy Rock Radio II - Executing the Classics Artwork, Layout
2022 Over the Horizon Radar Cover art

Julien Damotte

2010 Trapped Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2018 Frozen Throne (Single) Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2018 The Frozen Throne Cover art (as "Stan W. Decker")


2013 Imido Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2014 Six pieds sur scène - Volume 1 (Live album) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2014 Six pieds sur scène - Volume 2 (Live album) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2015 Le baiser de la mort Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2015 Dont acte (Single) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2017 Trajets-dits Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Kiske / Somerville

2015 City of Heroes Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Kissin' Dynamite

2016 Generation Goodbye (Single) Artwork
2016 Generation Goodbye Artwork

Last in Line

2016 Heavy Crown Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2019 II Cover art (as "Stan Decker")

Level 10

2015 Chapter One Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Lione / Conti

2018 Lione / Conti Artwork, Layout


2017 Welcome Storm Cover art (as "Stan W. Decker")
2022 A Pledge to Darkness Cover art


2008 When the End Comes Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2012 The Time to Do Better Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Lord Shades

2011 The Rise of Meldral-Nok Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Lorraine Cross

2014 Lorraine Cross (Demo) Artwork, Logo (as "Stan Decker")
2016 Army of Shadows Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2020 Origin Artwork

Magic Kingdom

2015 Savage Requiem Artwork
2019 MetAlmighty Artwork


2017 Lawless Perdition Cover art (as "Stan W. Decker")


2014 Volte-face Artwork, Layout (as "Stan Decker")
2014 Volte-face Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2018 Machine Nation Cover art, Layout
2022 Le bal des ombres Cover art, Design


2021 Armageddon Artwork


2015 Keep Your Dream aLive (Live album) Artwork
2017 PumpKings Artwork, Layout (as "Stan Decker")

Masters of Disguise

2017 Alpha / Omega Cover art (as "Stan W. Decker")


2013 Condemned to Insanity Cover art (as "Stan Decker")


2018 L'ombre du sang Artwork

Mind Key

2019 MKIII - Aliens in Wonderland Artwork, Layout

Mind Whispers

2013 Cosmic Obedience Artwork (as "Stan W. Decker")
2019 Serpentarius Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2012 Fatal Attack (Single) Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2012 Rock the Night! (EP) Artwork (as "Stan W. Decker")
2013 Runaway (Single) Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2014 Crusaders (Single) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2014 Renegades Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2016 A Bridge Too Far (Single) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2016 Hair of the Dog Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2018 Hellhound Cover art, Artwork, Layout


2006 Marches for the Condemned (Demo) Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2014 ...the Metal Injection Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2015 Flames of Black Fire Cover art (as "Stan W. Decker")


2008 Maze of the Black Pharaoh (Demo) Layout, Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2010 Revenge and Supremacy (EP) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2013 The Fall of Omnius Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2017 La grande guerre de l'épice Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2021 From Agony to Transcendence Artwork (as "Stan W. Decker")

No Return

2008 Manipulated Mind Art direction (leaflet) (as "Stan Decker")

Now or Never

2016 II Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2018 Resilience Logo (as "Stan Decker")

Orion's Reign

2018 Scores of War Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2018 Around the World Cover art

Place Vendome

2013 Thunder in the Distance Cover art, Design, Layout
2017 Close to the Sun Artwork, Layout

Primal Fear

2017 Best of Fear (Compilation) Cover art, Layout
2018 Apocalypse Cover art (as "Stan W. Decker")
2021 I Will Be Gone (EP) Cover art


2014 Demo(n) Days (Compilation) Cover art (as "Stan W. Decker")


2015 A Century in the Curse of Time Artwork (as "Stanis-W Decker")
2017 A Kingdom to Disappear Artwork (as "Stanis-W Decker")
2020 A Silent Soul Screams Loud Artwork, Layout


2019 Chasing the Twilight Zone (Single) Cover art
2020 Wings of Rage Cover art (as "Stan W. Decker")
2021 Resurrection Day Cover art (as "Stan W. Decker")

Resurrection Kings

2016 Resurrection Kings Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2018 Vengeance Is ... Live (Live album) Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2013 Laws of Devastation Cover art (as "Stan Decker")

Rising Steel

2020 Fight Them All Cover art, Layout

Ross the Boss

2018 By Blood Sworn Artwork, Layout (as "Stan Decker")
2020 Born of Fire Cover art


2013 Tranches de vie Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2013 The Advent of Shadows Design, Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Serious Black

2016 Mirrorworld Artwork, Design
2020 Suite 226 Artwork (as "Stan W Decker")
2022 Vengeance Is Mine Artwork (as "Stan-W. Decker")


2016 Walls of Insanity Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2021 Steel Against Steel Artwork

Six Foot Six

2020 End of All Artwork


2019 They Never Say Die Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2020 Il tramonto delle ere (Single) Cover art
2020 Nemesis (Single) Cover art
2020 Starseeker (Single) Cover art
2020 Nemesis Cover art
2021 The 1.21 Gigawatts Club Cover art


2011 Pray for the Dead Artwork, Cover illustration (as "Stan Decker")
2014 Katharsis Cover art (as "Stan Decker")


2021 Phoenix Artwork

Spirits of Fire

2019 Spirits of Fire Artwork, Layout

Stolen Memories

2017 Paradox Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2013 Second Coming Artwork, Layout, Art direction, Logo (as "Stan-W D")
2013 No More Hell to Pay Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2015 Fallen Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2018 God Damn Evil Artwork, Layout (as "Stan W Decker")
2020 Even the Devil Believes Artwork

Sweet Oblivion

2019 Sweet Oblivion Artwork, Layout

The Ferrymen

2017 The Ferrymen Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
2019 A New Evil Artwork, Layout
2022 One More River to Cross Artwork

The Losts

2016 ...of Shades & Deadlands Cover art (as "Stan Decker")


2013 Possessed by Thrash Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2015 Night of the Sacrifice Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Tidal Dreams

2012 Once upon a Tide Cover art (as "Stan Decker")

Timo Tolkki's Avalon

2013 Enshrined in My Memory (Single) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2013 A World Without Us (Single) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2013 The Land of New Hope Artwork (as "Stan W. Decker")
2014 Angels of the Apocalypse Artwork, Layout (as "Stan Decker")
2019 Return to Eden Artwork, Layout
2021 The Enigma Birth Artwork

Tormented Vision

2010 Out for Blood (Single) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2010 Incite Hatred Artwork (as "Stan Decker")


2017 Heart of the Phoenix Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2018 Dinosaur Warfare - Legend of the Power Saurus (EP) Cover art (as "Stan Decker")
2020 Space Ninjas from Hell Cover art, Artwork
2022 Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War Cover art

Voodoo Hill

2015 Waterfall Artwork, Layout


2013 V8 Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Warlord U.K.

2013 We Die as One Cover art (as "Stan Decker")

Wings of Decay

2019 Crossroads Artwork


2015 The Hunt (EP) Artwork (as "Stan Decker")

Words of Farewell

2016 A Quiet World Booklet design, Cover art (as "Stan Decker")


2012 We Speak Artwork (as "Stan Decker")
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