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Spiros Antoniou

Spiros Antoniou

Real/full name:
Σπυρίδων Αντωνίου
49 (born Oct 24th, 1973)
Place of birth:
Greece (Athens, Attica)


Older brother of Christos Antoniou.


Bass, Vocals (harsh) (1990-2003, 2007-present)

1991 Forgotten Path (Demo) Bass, Vocals (as "Spiros")
1991 Temple of the Lost Race (EP) Bass, Vocals
1993 Morpheus Awakes (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1994 Mystic Places of Dawn Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Spiros")
1995 Έσοπτρον Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Spiros")
1997 Ophidian Wheel Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Spiros")
1998 The Eldest Cosmonaut (EP) Bass, Vocals (harsh)
1998 A Fallen Temple Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Spiros")
1999 Revolution DNA Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Spiros A.")
2003 Sumerian Daemons Songwriting (tracks 2, 3, 7, 9, 10), Bass, Samples, Vocals (harsh) (as "Set'h")
2008 Communion Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2010 The Vampire from Nazareth (Single) Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2011 The Great Mass Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2014 Order of Dracul (Single) Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2014 Titan Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2014 Live in Toulouse (Live album) Bass, Vocals (harsh)
2015 Temple of the Lost Race / Forgotten Path (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (harsh)
2017 Codex Omega Bass, Vocals (harsh)
2017 Entering Astral Realms (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (harsh)
2020 Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX (Live album) Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2022 Modern Primitive Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Seth Siro Anton")
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Bass, Vocals (harsh) (1998-2003)

2000 Chaostar Vocals
2000 The Underworld (Demo) Bass, Vocals (harsh) (as "Spiros "Seth" Antoniou")
2001 Threnody Bass, Vocals
2007 Underworld (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (harsh) (tracks 1-5)

The Devilworx


Thou Art Lord

Vocals (2002)

2002 DV8 Vocals


Bass (1992-1993)


As Seth Siro Anton:

2018 Terrorvision (Single) Vocals
2018 Terrorvision Vocals (track 2)


2002 Quod Superius Sicut Inferius Vocals (track 5)


As Seth Siro Anton:

2012 Psychosynthesis Vocals (track 5)

Ex Deo

As Seth Siro Anton:

2012 Caligvla Vocals (track 5)

Karma Violens

2011 Dormancy Vocals

Swan Christy

As Spiros:

1999 Today Died Yesterday Vocals (track 8)

Tomorrow's Rain

2020 Hollow Vocals (track 7)

Abused Majesty

2008 ...So Man Created God in His Own Image Cover art, Artwork (as "Seth")


2003 Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood Layout (as "Set<dEsign")


2011 Echoes of Brutality Design, Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2005 A Woman's Diary - Chapter I Artwork, Photography (as "")

Angelo Perlepes' Mystery

2001 Fatal Passion Artwork, Layout (as "Set('h)")

Aran Angmar

2023 Atavism & Dying Stars Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2016 Kelem Artwork


2000 Rise from Within Cover art
2002 Quod Superius Sicut Inferius Layout (as "Set")

Before the Fall

2011 Antibody Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2012 Emerge Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2006 Pestapokalypse VI Cover art (as "Mr. Seth Siro Anton")
2014 Conjuring the Dead Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2017 Totenritual Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2022 The Devils Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Black Inhale

2016 A Doctrine of Vultures Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Blackest Dawn

2007 Fear of the Apocalypse Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Blood Erection

2011 Unceasing Bleeding (EP) Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2004 Greetings from Hell Photography (as "Set('h)")


2012 Punishment Unfolds Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Bob Katsionis

2004 Imaginary Force Photography (as "Set<>")

Burning Skies

2004 Murder by Means of Existence Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2015 Beneath Abyss Artwork, Photography (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2003 Shadow Hearts Cover art (as "Seth")


2000 Chaostar Artwork, Layout
2001 Threnody Artwork, Layout, Photography (as "Set(h)")
2004 The Scarlet Queen Cover art (as "Seth Design")
2007 Underworld (Compilation) Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Chris Caffery

2004 Faces Cover art, Design, Photography (as "Set<>design")
2007 Pins and Needles Artwork (as "Seth")

Cipher System

2004 Central Tunnel 8 Art direction, Artwork, Layout (as "Seth")
2011 Communicate the Storms Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anto")


2018 Re:Conception (Single) Artwork, Cover art
2018 My Dark Symphony (EP) Artwork, Cover art
2020 Waywardly Broken (Single) Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anthon")
2020 State of Deception Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anthon")


2013 Post Mortem Nihil Est Artwork
2017 Black Nova Artwork (as "Seth Spiro Anton")

Dagor Dagorath

2009 Yetzer Ha'ra Artwork, Graphics (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Dark Deceiver

2012 Divide et Impera Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Dark Nova

2005 Sivilla Photography, Layout (as "Seth")

Datura Curse

2011 Reason(s) (EP) Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Daylight Misery

2013 The Great Absence Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2013 Duality Chaos (EP) Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2006 Organic Hallucinosis Cover art, Design (as "Seth")

Defect Designer

2015 Ageing Accelerator Artwork, Photography


2004 Legions of the Sick Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2011 New Death Celebrity Artwork, Layout


2007 Ninewinged Serpent Cover art, Artwork (additional) (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2008 God to the Illfated Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Doctor Butcher

2005 Doctor Butcher Artwork, Layout


2011 A Rose for the Apocalypse Artwork, Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Dream Evil

2006 United Cover art, Layout, Design (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2011 Cabale Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2017 The Same Difference (Single) Cover art
2017 Looking for the Divine (Single) Cover art
2017 A Step Beyond Divinity Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2003 Intensity Layout, Photography (as "Seth")

Ex Deo

2012 Caligvla Cover art, Layout (as "Spiros "Seth" Antoniou")
2021 The Thirteen Years of Nero Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2007 The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Flowing Tears

2008 Thy Kingdom Gone Layout, Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Fragile Vastness

2002 Excerpts... Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

George Kollias

2015 Invictus Photography (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Grimness 69

2010 The Bridge Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Heaven Shall Burn

2004 Antigone Cover art, Artwork (as "Set('H)dEsign")

Heavy Demons

2015 Twice Cover art


2013 Hunt Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


1998 Animal Design
2002 Deus Diabolus Inversus Layout, Photography, Artwork
2005 In the Garden of the Unearthly Delights (Compilation) Artwork (as "Seth")


2009 When Believers Preach Their Hangman’s Dogma Design, Layout, Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2016 Flesh, Humiliation and Irreligious Deviance Artwork

Inactive Messiah

2004 Inactive Messiah Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2006 Be My Drug Artwork
2016 Dark Masterpiece Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2004 Silent Faces Photography (as "Set(h)")

Insanity Reigns Supreme

2009 Occultus Insanus Damnatus Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2015 Unorthodox Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2008 Black Swan Photography (as "Seth Anton Siro")


2010 Poetry for the Poisoned Cover art, Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2011 Stronger than Frost Art direction, Cover art, Layout

Leash Law

2004 Dogface Cover art, Layout (as "Seth Design")

Lost Soul

2005 Chaostream Cover art, Design (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Luna Field

2005 Diva Layout (as "Seth")

Machine Head

2022 Of Kingdom and Crown Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Marty Friedman

2018 One Bad M.F. Live!! (Live album) Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Meden Agan

2011 Erevos Aenaon Artwork, Photography (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2008 Night Eternal Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2008 Lusitanian Metal (Video) Artwork
2012 Alpha Noir Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2015 Breathe (Until We Are No More) (Single) Cover art
2015 Extinct Cover art, Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2015 Ungod Cover art

Morning After

2003 Beneath the Real Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Mors in Tabula

2006 Blemish Artwork

Naer Mataron

2000 Skotos Aenaon Art direction (as "Seth")
2003 River at Dash Scalding Photography, Artwork (as "Seth")


2000 IV: Malice Cover art, Layout (as "SET (Spiros Antoniou)")

Negative Creeps

2002 In Uterus Rebirth Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2019 Conjure the Storm Cover art


2003 I Am Jesus Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2004 Lyssa - Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments Cover art (as "Set")


2005 Descent into Chaos Cover art
2010 Vengeance Descending (Compilation) Cover Art


2004 Just a Burn Photography (Inlay photos) (as "Seth")


2012 At the Gate of Sethu Artwork, Cover art, Photography (special effects) (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2016 Haeresis Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2012 Erga Omnes Artwork


2002 Sins of the Flesh Photography, Artwork, Layout, Digital imaging (as "Set'h")

Oceans of Sadness

2008 The Arrogance of Ignorance Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Of the Archaengel

2011 The Extraphysicallia Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Old Man's Child

2005 Vermin Cover art, Layout, Artwork (as "Seth")

On Thorns I Lay

1999 Crystal Tears Artwork (as "SET")
2000 Future Narcotic Artwork (as "Spiros Antoniou SET")
2002 Angeldust Photography, Artwork, Layout (as "Set('h)")
2003 Egocentric Art direction, Design, Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Once Human

2015 The Life I Remember Artwork
2017 Evolution Artwork
2022 Scar Weaver Artwork

Order of the Ebon Hand

2005 XV: The Devil Artwork (as "")

Paradise Lost

2005 Forever After (Single) Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2005 Paradise Lost Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2007 The Enemy (Single) Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2007 In Requiem Artwork
2008 The Anatomy of Melancholy (Live album) Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2008 The Anatomy of Melancholy (Video) Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Phantom Lord

2002 Circle of the Wasted Artwork, Layout, Photography (as "Set<>")


2008 Chronicles of Men Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2013 Psychocentesis Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


1996 The Very Best of Pain (EP) Cover art (as "Spiros")


2003 Cosmic Chaos (Demo) Photography (as "S. Antoniou")

Rise of Avernus

2013 L'appel du vide Artwork, Cover art
2018 Eigengrau Artwork

Rotting Christ

2000 Khronos Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2002 Genesis Photography (as "Set'h")
2004 Sanctus Diavolos Cover art, Photography (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2007 Theogonia Photography (as "Seth Design")
2009 Non Serviam - A 20 Year Apocryphal Story (Video) Photography (band) (as "Seth")


2007 Road to Bloodshed Artwork, Layout (as "Seth Siro Anton")


1995 Έσοπτρον Cover art (as "Spiros")
1997 Ophidian Wheel Cover art
1998 The Eldest Cosmonaut (EP) Cover art
1998 A Fallen Temple Cover art
1999 Revolution DNA Artwork, Cover art (as "Set")
2000 Forgotten Paths (The Early Days) (Compilation) Cover art
2003 Sumerian Daemons Artwork, Layout, Design
2008 Communion Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2010 The Vampire from Nazareth (Single) Artwork
2011 The Great Mass Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2014 Order of Dracul (Single) Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2014 Titan Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2017 Codex Omega Artwork
2017 Entering Astral Realms (Compilation) Artwork
2022 Modern Primitive Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
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2007 Words Untold & Dreams Unlived Cover art (as "Seth")
2013 War of Ages Artwork


2008 Pain Syndicate Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2012 Dethrone the Architect Artwork (as "Seth")


2007 Sworn to a Great Divide Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Solium Fatalis

2013 Solium Fatalis Artwork, Logo, Layout

Sorrows Path

2010 The Rough Path of Nihilism Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2018 The Deep Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2003 Breeding the Grotesque Photography (band)
2007 Non Stop Killing Photography (band)

Spanking Hour

2013 Divination Artwork

Spoil Engine

2009 Antimatter Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Subliminal Fear

2016 Escape from Leviathan Artwork, Design (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Swan Christy

1999 Today Died Yesterday Cover art, Art direction (as "Set")


2009 The Pulse of Awakening Artwork, Cover art
2012 God Is an Automaton Layout, Artwork

Tellus Terror

2014 EZ Life DV8 Logo, Cover art, Artwork

The Bereaved

2004 Darkened Silhouette Cover art (as "")

The Duskfall

2002 Frailty Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2003 Source Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2005 Lifetime Supply of Guilt Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

The Elysian Fields

2001 12 Ablaze Artwork, Layout (as "Seth")

The Foreshadowing

2007 Days of Nothing Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")
2010 Oionos Artwork (as "Seth Siron Anton")
2016 Seven Heads, Ten Horns Cover art (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Thou Art Lord

2002 DV8 Photography, Layout (as "Set'h")


2010 Mortuus Machina Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2006 Impressions in Blood Cover art, Layout

Valet Parn

2011 Riddle Figure Photography (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2004 Crowsreign Cover art (as "Seth")


2013 Entrance Artwork

Wake Arkane

2012 The Black Season Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")

Winter of Life

2009 Mother Madness Artwork (as ""Seth" Siro Anton")


2001 Power Within Artwork, Layout
2003 Nightbreed Artwork, Layout (as "set<>dEsign")


2023 Odium Artwork (as "Seth Siro Anton")


2011 Monument Artwork


2006 Rendered in Vain (Demo) Cover art (as "Seth")
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